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for the serious shopper : charming enclave of stores along the boulevard in encino offers a wide and varied collection of wares. it also sports well-dressed patrons.

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
You may not know that De Oro Square is one of the arrogant places to shop on Ventura Avenue.
After a serious shopping time, head east to Louise Avenue and turn left into the charming store enclave.
Please note: most shoppers at this Encino mall tend to dress up. 10:30 a. m.
: Stop at bagels Nosh to buy fuel. 11 a. m.
: Look forward to covering many areas inside Julie, a shop designed by designers such as owner Julie Alpert and La Tina black root and platinum filled with trendy and casual
Separate Sueded artificial silk, long, long, crochet cotton vests and a wide variety of au courant, ankles
Grazing floral chiffon skirts, evening dresses, elegant costumes and fine jewelry bring customers back to buy more.
One of Alpert\'s custom necklaces, with lace tops ranging in price from $35 to $1,500, features an impressive Australian Opal.
17159 Ventura Avenue, Encino (810)501-1148. 11:30 a. m.
: When you get to the door of Bea for swimming and sports, you may wish you didn\'t have a big meal at Bagel Nosh, but sucked your stomach in. Familiar brand-name one-and two-
Swimwear prices for brands such as La Blanca, Baja Blue, Roxanne, Citrus, too hot Brazil, De Weese, Gottex range from $45 to $100.
17159 Ventura Avenue, Encino (818)981-3138.
Noon: Items in Sara underwear boutique--
Including the only La Perla French intimate costume collection in the Valley-
Make Victoria\'s Secret offerings look like bargains. basement wares.
Unfortunately, the budget
Consciously, the price tag is also unparalleled.
Delicate and sexy Chantal Thomas Coco
Excluding taxes, Brown lace bras and matching bikinis cost $230.
This shop does offer a free bra change service that is rarely seen in most underwear stores.
There are also impressive dowry options
Worthy robe and gown set and sexy lace bodiceto-
Large size found up to 38 D
The artificial limbs of women undergoing mastectomy are also customized
Made here from $195.
The men in your boudoir also have whimsical pyjamas, boxer shorts and plenty of beauty.
17211 Ventura Avenue, Encino (818)990-1270.
Frandori\'s understated elegance echoes Emanuel Ungaro\'s refreshing professional sportswear and a number of other designer\'s secondary collections.
Everything from the Alfred jeans to the elegant black tie and momof-the-
Bride dress.
The price ranges from $40 to $2,000.
Everything is so beautifully hung and elegantly displayed that your heart will be sore from what\'s in the closet --over.
17215 Ventura Avenue, Encino (818)789-5523. 12:15 p. m.
Next door, a door leads to three stores. -
Tight action, supplier of active wear and tear;
Marianette and Cartouche with unique jewelry, where unusual gifts can be found.
In Cartouche, there are \"Oh\" and \"aah\" on the natural lines of herbs and flowers\"
Bath products and 1-of-a-kind hats.
Unusual lamp made of silver
The plated teapot decorated in quaint tones costs $295. A non-
The holding mode is $75.
Tight Move--
And share the same address and phone number--is Marianette.
This counter has a wide range of accessories including sterling silver and turquoise-of-a-kind jewelry.
Most of the inventory ranges from $30 to $60, but the various hats featuring antique imitation stones are $22 to $32. There are a lot of funky woven leather bracelets in one basket for $10 each.
Dance studio and event clothing mall Tight Moves offers a wide range of casual and sports clothing.
CityLights San Francisco is a famous sportswear collection.
Soft jacket, skin
Tight leotards and custom sweat pants under a variety of soft lighting and simple basic tones.
Prices range from $30 to $60.
In a nearby studio, no.
The membership exercise program for children and adults is $7. 50 to $8.
50, including sharp step by step, muscle adjustment, stretching and tone, low
Aerobics, creative dance lessons for children and jazz for children.
17223 Ventura Avenue, tight moves and puppets. (818)783-2331.
Cartouche, 17223 Ventura Avenue. (818)783-4446. 12:45 p. m. : Men--
And women in their lives. -
Will find wardrobe ideas and mouth-watering outfits at Mel Fox, where customers collect stylish suits for NBC\'s \"Seinfeld\" cast, \"Home Improvement of ABC\" and \"Beverly Hills 90210\" of Fox.
Starting from the upper floor of the store, we are committed to casual weekend clothing.
Ralph Lauren\'s Polo shirt is embedded in their own solid wall.
Almost all shades, textures and patterns dazzle the eyes.
There are Lauren trench coats to match, khaki cloth and corduroy cloth pants of various colors, sizes and suppliers, and even a few wool cashmere trousers.
Hugo Boss sports coat ($425)
Is committed to the flank area of \"cheap fashion\" goods, such as Calvin Klein\'s strong white T-shirts ($32. )
There are also many suits mainly from Italian designers.
The store has a collection of Mani collections by George Armani, Hugo Boss and Zanella et al.
There are some interesting accessories scattered in the store, such as the Cole Hahn sling featuring George Washington\'s mug (
The real Washington Dollar is priced at $110. )
17207 Ventura Avenue, Encino (818)995-1264. 1:15 p. m.
: End your conspicuous consumption in the afternoon at flairr, a trendy clothing boutique and adjacent body smell shop, a perfume mall recently relocated from Sherman Oaks, specially customized
Scented products, $3 per two cups
A 16-ounce bottle of lotion for $15. ounce size.
Custom perfumes and gifts are also available.
17201 Ventura Avenue, (818)905-6744.
Revel in the incredible knack for finding affordable cuts by the owner of Flair Cissy Wechter --
The price people are willing to pay is edge fashion.
The spacious striped cotton top costs $42 to $54.
The Sociline features a spacious vest, coat and trousers set that is very fresh-
Looks like a fashion show in New York.
Beautifully cut jacket ($164)and trousers ($95)
Seasonal ivory and black faux silk crepes are reminiscent of a more expensive designer style.
Another advantage: the small but notable variety of girls\' fashion.
17237 Ventura Avenue, Encino (818)986-
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