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from america\'s patriotic shirts that tiger woods burned to keep himself warm to europe\'s suede jackets... there have been some major fashion errors throughout ryder cup history

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
Ryder Cup\'s 42 th edition officially began, scoring its first goal on Friday morning at Le Golf National in France.
Americans have a slight affection for retaining the crown won in haztin two years ago, but their recent run away from home shows that Europe may regain its bragging rights.
Justin Ross and Jon Ram will play Brooks copperka and Tony Fino in the first of four games on Friday, after Captain Thomas Björn and Jim
While both teams want to make their presentations on the pitch over the next three days, some teams in history have left a lot of what they need on their gear.
In the course of the game\'s history, some teams wear some terrible costumes.
Here, the sports Post records some of the worst clues for the glorious history of the Ryder Cup. USA -
In this country, the club\'s Americans did not try to hide their patriotism, but in 1999, the team\'s jerseys raised their love for the country to a new level.
There are many photos of the former American Ryder Cup team on their jersey.
Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and Davis Loff III were photographed roaring as they helped Americans celebrate
13 victories at the Country Club in Brooklyn, Massachusetts.
For Europe, the last day is definitely a day worth forgetting.
They entered the final round with a 10-6 lead, and it took only 4 points on the last day to keep the championship, but let it slide to the re-rising us.
While this shirt has a special memory for some, Tiger Woods wants to forget it soon.
He once told ESPN that I burned it in the fireplace at Christmas.
Too ugly.
It provides more warmth for the house. \'USA -
2004 atomakland Hills Country Club mickelson and Woods are partners in two games in 2004 and to be fair, things are not going well.
For the first time, they were beaten by Colin Montgomery and padilaig Harrington and then won against Darren Clark and Lee Westwood.
Maybe the worst thing about their partnership is the suits they wear.
Compared to the golf course, at Twickenham\'s home, the United States is wearing a blue polo shirt with white stripes and gray trousers.
Woods accompanied him in a gray cardigan, but he didn\'t seem to have an impression of the dress.
The Americans also fell to nine-
18 weeks lost at the Oakland Hills Country Club, the biggest team in European history. Europe -
In the same year, 2004 victorious Europeans landed at Heathrow Airport in brutal costumes.
The champions of Bernhard Lange certainly cannot be missed in the arrivals hall as they take photos in a mustard suede jacket, gray trousers and brown casual shoes.
Sergio Garcia, Paul Casey, Lee Westwood, and Ian Bolt are all members of the group who will be playing this year, while former captains Clark and Paul MaiUSA -
Two years later, at K Club inKildare\'s K Club, 2006 of Americans apparently did not learn the lesson of fashion.
You can see Chris Di Marco and colleague Tiger Woods shaking hands at Green Stadium on the 18 th and wearing some terrible jump shots that are more suitable for men over the age of 40.
Mainly Brown, the jumper has white pattern stripes on the whole body, and a white Ryder Cup trophy is sewn in the middle.
It seems that the United States has not learned from their mistakes on the pitch, because they have suffered another serious failure and lost 18 games this time. 9½. USA -
2010 after a relatively low-key event in 2008, in any case, the poor taste of Americans in the fashion field was highlighted in the Celtic Manor in 2010.
Bubba Watson is a member of the Welsh Corey Pavin team and on the day after the action he can show below their horrible Lavender lover.
The bad away state in the US is still going on, but they did create an impressive performance and lost 14 games with a weak edge
13 The winner of the European Championship was defeated by Hunter Mahan. Europe -
In 2010, 2010 also left a lot of things in Celtic\'s ManorThe hosts, as their costumes were made with a simple black and white color scheme.
Brother of Italy (L)
Eduardo Molinari, while preparing for the competition, did not find it too funny about their clothes of the day.
There is a strange gray pattern on the right hand side of the polo shirt, while the right chest has a random black line that goes right through the button.
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