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from carnivals to the tennis courts, creativity abounds on day 2 of fashion week

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
Share their vision for spring with local designers
2016 style in summer, some of the seasonal entertainment that is notable is the main creative inspiration.
Here are the second day highlights of Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week.
Bottom of the Sea: Mermaid inspires the mysterious aquatic life of Haird digoya as a real life
World inspiration for Helder Diego\'s latest series.
Used to be called BLAK.
I, the women\'s clothing brand directed by Helder Aguiar and Diego forth, tried to portray the evolution of the mermaid in spring --summer line.
The collection symbolises the scale with sparkling sequins, transitioning from colorful tones in the ocean to black and silver.
The main form of the line-
Fitted clothing covers denim tops from mesh, trailblazer, long-
Long-sleeved T-shirts, pleated jumpsuit and shorts, and of course a mermaid dress. (
Media Canada/Marta Iwanek)
\"For us, we have always been inspired by strong women,\" said Fox . \".
\"From day one, our woman has always been a person who loves herself and is confident in herself, and she will wear our clothes and be 100 confident.
Ride Ticket: Hailey Elsa opens the steps of \"Curious Carnival\": The carnival has come to the T-stage.
Hayley Elsaesser has brought a twist to the amusement park for those whimsical, colorful pieces that have become the hallmark of her brand. After a pink-
Hair Model Rolling four along the runway
Wheeler did not slow down on this fun house tour in order to open up the show, which elsaer called the \"carnival of curiosity \".
\"Creative designers bring her theme and super
Bright patterns are printed on shirts, jumpers, jackets, skirts and dresses, with \"Admit One\" tickets, poodles, and even death on bumper cars. (
Media Canada/Marta Iwanek)
This line is overwhelmed by the bold bright colors of the rainbow
The stripes are separated into metal filled with electric purple and green tones.
Elsaesser says she likes the opportunity to bring a sense of lightness to her design.
\"I just think a lot of fashion industries like to take themselves too seriously,\" she said backstage after the fashion show.
\"Fashion and clothes should be interesting.
When you put something on it will change you . . . . . . This is what I like to do with my clothes.
Games, sets, Games: The tennis time of BUSTLEBustle provides services for tennis
With its typical cheeky style of sportswear.
Sports headbands and hand-shot models show a subtle and more open nod to the sport.
In addition to the delicate color decoration on top pockets and trousers, there are also colors --
Wet image of the field scene shown on T-shirts and zip-front jackets.
There are a lot of sportswear including hoodie, shorts and jerseys.
What is more fun in the tennis theme?
Graphic T-shirt with the slogan \"Love makes no sense to players. \"(
Media Canada/Marta Iwanek)
After leaving the Toronto Fashion Week tent for a few seasons, Lucian Mattis went out of his way to provide a personalized feel as he returned to the runway.
\"I want it to be a collection of individuality rather than changing the same look in a different way, so it\'s really my main focus,\" he said in the background after spring --Summer show.
\"I have done a lot of experiments with textiles.
I made all the prints.
So everything is in-house. \"(
Media Canada/Marta Iwanek)
Matis brings ingenious and exquisite craftsmanship to lush, ultra-luxurious production lines
Women\'s dresses and dresses, from embroidered flowers to beading on Watercolorslike prints.
Pearl occupies a prominent position in the designer\'s series, and is used most prominently in a performance --Floor parking-
A skimming dress of a train wrapped in a string of glowing beads.
Fashion week lasts until Friday.
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