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From Humble Origins to Fashionable Statement Medium

by:QiMeng     2020-05-12
The t-shirt as you know it today came from humble origins. It was an undergarment before, as veterans returning from World War II wore it. Today, you can find plain white to full-coloured printed t-shirts used differently, from the traditional undergarment to part of a high fashion ensemble or a medium of protest. Indeed, the t-shirt has come a long way. The Versatility of the Design The t-shirt is probably one of the most versatile clothing designs ever made. You can wear it as an undergarment or you can wear it smart casual over pants and leather shoes. You can pair it with a polo, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale or even a suit's jacket. You can grab any one of your favourite full-coloured printed t-shirts and wear it solo and it can look just fine. There is no place this piece of clothing will find itself out of place. This is so long as you match the design with the surroundings. This is why you can find t-shirts just about anywhere, from construction sites to top corporate boardrooms. Your Thoughts, Worn A popular activity with t-shirts involves printing different statements on it. This can range from the funny to the serious. This turns full-coloured printed t-shirts into something like a wearable billboard, displaying something you want to state without having to say anything at all. The t-shirt can be a fashion icon and a part of protest movements. Signs that contain politically charged statements are rarely paid any attention by passers-by. A t-shirt with a slogan, though, is something cool. People do not often read placards, but they read t-shirts. If your slogan is catchy enough, they could even wear them, spreading your message. A Medium for Advertising Other than being a medium of personal expression, corporations and organizations know a t-shirt can act as a walking advertising medium. You can fill it with the catchphrase or any important symbolisms; have the wearer walk where there are people and watch as your message gets to more people quickly. It has also kept the business of t-shirt printing in the UK alive and well. Corporations and organizations also use t-shirts to advertise themselves. Staffers usually receive a t-shirt that has the company or institutional logo. They use plain or full-coloured printed t-shirts depending on the character of what is being represented or the campaign being promoted by the apparel. Organizational shirts, like those from the World Wildlife Fund or National Geographic, are always favourites for the associative value. They are usually stylish, too, which helps guarantee their regular wear by owners. These ensure that the t-shirt remains a relevant piece of fashion more than six decades since its modern incarnation came out. Whether as a plain white piece of apparel or a product of t-shirt printing in the UK, this single piece of t-shaped apparel will continue to remain relevant in the near future.
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