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from ketchup to copper coffins, here are some of the bizarre tariffs canada slaps on the rest of the world

by:QiMeng     2019-09-20
Tariffs have recently been restored a little bit.
Americans hit us with steel and aluminum tariffs, and on Canadian day we imposed retaliatory tariffs on all goods from Canada.
Overall, it\'s a painful job for a country that\'s usually fanatically supportedfree trade.
Canada is one of the countries with the lowest tariffs.
Countries on Earth
But in this 1.
The federal government is still on a lengthy and Byzantine court-style list of secret taxes on everything from coffee machines to high heels to coffins.
Below, take a quick look at one of the country\'s most confusing government documents.
Oak flooring is subject to 3.
The tariff is 5 cents, but the maple floor is free.
The price of an umbrella is 7 cents, but 7 cents.
If there is a telescopic shaft, it is 5%.
The record player is free, but 5 cents if the cd is played.
Discount running shoes are 18 points, but high-
Manolos is only 11 cents.
A DingTalk gun starts timing at 3.
But that number has risen to six.
Sell 5 cents if a pack or two.
Every drug in the world can be imported to Canada free of charge, except for the specific type of gel used in medical examinations.
Almost everything made of copper is a tariff.
Free in Canada except copper coffins (9. 5. per cent).
Imagine if the GST works like this: a pack of chewing gum will be taxed 4 cents while tic tacs will be inexplicably taxed 6 cents and jawbreakers will be taxedfree.
It would be comforting to assume that there are some grand plans behind the crazy tariff schedule, but in reality it\'s just a mess.
\"Once you really start working on tariffs, there is usually very little logic,\" said Adam Taylor, former federal trade negotiator and now head of global export operations at consulting firms.
The tariff schedule is a bit like the criminal code: a large, constantly revised document with a bunch of outdated content that no one wants to delete.
Until 2016, the criminal code still contained crimes related to \"cheating --
This is still an offense.
Similarly, many of the odd inconsistency in the tariff table is left over from the era when the federal government sees it as a major source of income.
Duties on oak flooring may be higher than on maple flooring, as it was a good way to close the budget gap back in the 1950 s.
Some tariffs may also be left over for a long time.
Forgotten trade dispute
If Canada is currently fighting trade with the United StatesS.
For example, future generations may wonder why we impose punitive tariffs on the United States. made ketchup.
The most common tariff rate in Canada is zero.
In existing products, however, they are usually between 6 and 18 cents.
But once it gets into the \"dairy\" and \"bird eggs\" sections, the tariffs become crazy towns.
The price of skim milk is 241.
The price of whole milk is 292. 5 per cent.
Cheese curd is 245. 5 per cent.
The \"dairy price difference\" takes the cake at a price of 313. 5 per cent.
These are \"over-access\" rates, which means that if importers exceed a very small annual quota for imported dairy products and eggs, this is the price they have to pay.
This, of course, is due to supply management, the government of Canada\'s system of restricting the supply of dairy products and eggs, with the aim of artificially raising prices and protecting producers from competition.
Of course, these should be prohibitive tariffs, and they are very uncoordinated with anything else in the tariff schedule.
Moreover, unlike almost all other tariffs, countries will not be exempted if they have free trade agreements with Canada.
Germany, the UK and the US can sell us almost anything unless it comes out of cattle or chickens.
Not only does the church not pay property taxes, but imports are getting cheaper.
On the whole, if it can be proved that the product is specially used for religious purposes, then the product will receive a high tariff discount.
A common shawl is subject to a nine-point tariff, but a prayer shawl is free.
Most of the shoes are subject to a duty of 18 cents, but the shoes of the \"priest or church\" only pay £ 7. 5 per cent.
At the border, a standard leather suitcase will be subject to a duty of 11 cents, but the \"right case for Church Bells\" is free.
In fact, render to Caesar.
Another strange tariff
Sports equipment is free.
Steel toe boots are subject to 20 cents tariff
The highest non
Agricultural rates throughout the schedule.
But when it comes to boots for skiing and snowboarding, they can be brought to state obligations --free.
The same is true of golf clubs, cricket sticks, hockey sticks and other things that have no other imaginable purpose than for sports.
The idea is to encourage Canadians to exercise, and this is the case with free trade in sports.
However, it can be said that a great deal of inequality has been sown in the tariff schedule. A $35,000-a-
This year, if the woodcutter buys an axe for his job, he will pay a tariff of 6 cents.
But a savvy lawyer who bought equipment for a mountain vacation bought all his stuff.
End ice shaft tariff-free.
Sports fishermen may also find that the tariff table does not see their hobby as a real sport, which can be irritating.
Canada is open to trade with the British imperial association.
However, there are some odd little categories that we decided to take the boots to Australia and New Zealand.
This includes soap, jelly, licorice and letters placed on the side of the House to indicate the address.
Adam Taylor suspects that these are issues left over from NAFTA negotiations in 1980.
We may have lowered our tariffs with the United States. S.
And Mexico, at the same time, to further improve the agreement by proposing them to our Commonwealth brothers and sisters.
A stroll through the tariff schedule will soon find completely legitimate dilemmas needed to protect dairy and egg cartels from competition.
Thousands of foods contain milk and eggs, and each requires tracking, monitoring and control by the Canada Border Service.
Ice cream, cake mixture, pizza, egg rolls, certain dietary supplements, and even certain types of animal feed, cannot reasonably enter Canada unless within strict governmentmandated quota.
At the same time, even if they benefit from some of the UK\'s highest tariffs --
Worldwide, Canada\'s dairy industry is also able to benefit from free global trade.
\"Milking machines\" and \"dairy machinery\" are not subject to any import restrictions in Canada.
The most amazing aspect of the tariff schedule is that it has successfully classified each trade --
Products known to human beings.
The document on page 1,500 covers everything from \"boring machines\" to \"bells or buzz\" used to repair logging trucks.
The most strange tariff is 3825. 20. 00”, the 6.
5 cents tax on \"sewage sludge.
\"It is clear that it does not mean fertilizer. It’s a catch-
All the terms of the various stages of human waste, eventually appearing in urban sewage treatment facilities.
As of the time of publication, the National Post was unable to identify any Canadian importer specializing in foreign sewage sludge.
By the way, medical waste like dirty bandages or used needles can be imported into Canada for customs duties-free.
The highest tariff on imported goods in Canada (
Except for agricultural products)are clothing.
From bra to T-shirt, almost everything in your closet
At the border, shirts and raincoats were charged 18 cents.
In addition, since major garment manufacturers such as India, Vietnam and Bangladesh do not have a free trade agreement with Canada, clothing tariffs are very common.
There are two ways to see this.
On the one hand, tariffs protect domestic clothiers like Canada geese and Arc\'teryx from low tariffswage, foreign-made knockoffs.
On the other hand, Canada is imposing hidden taxes on basic necessities while curbing export trade in some of the world\'s poorest countries.
In addition, clothing tariffs are a big cash cow for the federal government.
\"Canada imposes hundreds of millions of dollars of tariffs on clothing products every year,\" said Mike Moffat, a customs scholar at Western University.
\"These are ultimately paid by consumers.
Indignant People may argue that the tariff schedule is just a catalogue of who has the government\'s ears most.
When Adam Taylor is in trade in Ottawa, his situation puts him on the front line of dealing with lobbyists.
Former director of Liberal Studies
The Union of Canadian taxpayers with ideas, assuming he is also safe against preferential tariffs.
\"I have never heard of anyone lobbying to keep tariffs,\" he said, though . \".
In fact, he found that the opposite is true: when big companies press around in Canada\'s global affairs, they usually try to cancel tariffs. The all-
For example, a strong Canadian telecom sector may have some say in ensuring that tariff schedules provide free passes to China and South Korea
Smart phones.
One obvious overall exception to all this, however, is supply management.
Without pulling at least a few strings in Ottawa, one would not enjoy a 300 tariff for decades.
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