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gallery: halloween colour palette lends itself to your fall wardrobe

by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
Among the many charms
Candy, candy, candy
Halloween also brings the dilemma of clothing.
We can\'t help you with costume ideas, but the colors of the spooky night can be used as a color palette to bring a little style to your fall wardrobe.
Nike Air Force One is a military-
Inspiration upgrade of the original Air Force 1.
They are made of ballistic nylon and full
The durability of the textured leather and is equipped with a corner tongue to help maintain the elements and has two ankle straps as support.
17, 30 street 17 is less than $240. S. W. , 403-228-9199.
This fleece from Tres Bien really shows the colors of autumn and Halloween.
It has a zipper so it can be worn over as
The shirt is still worn by itself.
While it looks very warm and comfortable, it\'s actually made of cotton, which means it\'s easy to clean and won\'t itch you.
Leo boutique worth $375, 810b 16 th Street. S. W. , 403-410-
9236, leoboutique. com.
This classic Ralph Lauren polo hat is made of water-washed cotton and brokein look. The six-
The panel is designed with an embroidered polo logo on the back and on the slider buckle.
403-$50 Market Mall Bay-255-
6121, and four other Calgary locations, thebay. com. This dusty-
The Orange hoodie of Velva Sheen was made in the United StatesS. of 8-oz cotton.
Two small front bags make it stand out from a typical front bag.
North American Quality Supplier worth $130, 10 1207 Street. S. E. , 403-910-9913.
Halloween is the ideal time to try lipstick.
New coral for MAC
Electroplating is an orange metal that has a good gloss when dry and is perfect for this season.
Only pay $25 online at maccosmonics. com.
Carhartt toque is no longer a staple for businessmen.
This bright orange number is a vibrant addition to any winter outfit that will keep your head warm in addition to fashion.
Gravity Pope $40 on 1126 Street. S. W. , 403-209-
0961, gravitypope. com.
This one is from Wilfred (Aritzia’s in-house brand)
Whether you\'re playing a trick, it will keep you comfortable. or-
Go to the Halloween party.
Aritzia $85,403-core shopping center-441-
0234 and three other places in Calgary, aritzia. com.
Alltimers is a skateboarding company located outside New York City, and its interesting design can be found not only on skateboarding, but also on clothing.
Start T-
This shirt is characterized by Leonardo da Vinci\'s vitruvia with the brand\'s classic martini logo printed on it.
Skateboarding and snowboarding at 738 Avenue cost $50. S. W. , 403-270-
3719, source board. ca. Friday Sock Co.
Headquartered in Calgary.
It does not match (by intention)
Socks made in Italy.
These cute cat numbers add to the popularity of a character and color in a subtle way.
Buy a pair online or sign up for a month\'s sock subscription.
The price on Friday is $16. co.
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