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game, set, match: the hottest high-fashion tennis looks in history

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
The CNNThis photography article, written by Monica Ainley, is part of a series of features that celebrate today\'s French style in the context of the 2016 French Open competition. See more here.
What about a jet, Anna Wintour?
What do you have in common with setting up a slim Gibbons theme and a quirky Wes Anderson character?
Of course, tennis clothes are really fashionable.
The tennis look, with its classic images and crisp mini skirts, has always been a fascinating and quirky hit.
With the international rise of the trend of \"Sports Leisure ---
Luxury sportswear you want to wear all day-
Recently, tennis has become a reference for street choice in Paris.
Conservative to cool: How tennis style is formed \"wearing sportswear on the street is not always as natural to the French as it is to the North and South Americans, so this trend is only really popular now. \"Said pecdezon.
\"In Europe, we have seen a comprehensive development of a healthy lifestyle.
A new generation is catching up and embracing the idea that beauty is more than just appearance.
Exercise comes from a greater desire to show that you are also taking care of yourself and balancing your lifestyle, diet and fitness options;
Accept the most beautiful idea of a woman in a comfortable time.
\"Will your next luxury purchase be 3D? printed?
That\'s why Louis Vuitton has embraced the new technology with Kanye West and Celine\'s phoebphilo, Paris fashion blogger and journalist Camille Charriere, who are believed to have brought back Adidas\'s
\"As part of my daily wear, I have always been keen to refer to sportswear, especially tennis . \"
Charriere was filmed.
\"Stan Smith is everywhere now, so I turn to other favorite references like tennis clothes and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
\"French designers like Jacquemus and Lacoste do the best,\" she added . \".
Paris stylist and super blogger Camille charrey
Roll out tennis sneaker trends with Celine creative director Phoebe Philo and Kanye West.
Now she has to take Lacoste back to the streets.
\"As part of everyday wear, I always like the reference sportswear very much because it is obviously comfortable. . .
Looks great.
I\'m wearing a polo shirt again.
\"It\'s commendable: as the French Open starts this week, Camille chairier\'s eyes will focus on fashion\'s favorite sport.
Roland has an unusual space for creativity.
Garros, players can wear colored costumes that are not always allowed on the pitch.
At Wimbledon, players may wear only one color at the neckline.
The tone of the season was designed by the Paris designer at the side of the court. For Spring-
Hermes fell 2016 in summer
The waist silk dress and short jumpsuit, in a typical French style, reinterpret the costumes of female players in 1920.
From the old defender to the new generation, the young design star of Paris, Simon Porter jequins, drew inspiration from the summer of childhood in southern France, known for his fun deconstructed tennis outfit in white socks and sneakers.
©Bertrand at the turn of the century
France\'s established sportswear brand Lacoste provides a strong reference to the brand\'s tradition for its SS16 T-series.
Creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista matching the graphic, functional, modular look with ribbons, which is about to come for the Rio Olympics
Lacester is also a historical partner of Roland.
For more than 40 years, Garros has introduced a textile production line for the tournament every year.
Cooperation this season
The brand capsule series pays tribute to brand founder Rene Lacoste, who is Roland\'s five singles and doubles champion
The stadium is now built for Garros.
The series also celebrates the timeless elegance of the 1920 tennis champion.
However, if this is not enough motivation, the choice of more versatile tennis fashion is also increasing recently.
Stella McCartney and Adidas are one of several partner companies that are dedicated to making stylish sportswear in which you can play.
Danish tennis star Caroline wozniach will be in Roland-
This year is Garros.
Featuring floral patterns and sports designs, the series uses Climacool technology to maintain the player\'s temperature level.
Disband clothing and LED screens: Brazilian designer Pedro lucenko, the innovative brand of Hussein charayan, has also made new adjustments to Nike\'s tennis options.
His sports design was inspired by the high fashion of 1960s, while adopting modern Dri-
Fit the mesh technology and remove the sweat from the skin.
Polo Ralph Lauren, a trailblazer in fashionable American sportswear, continues to create the Wimbledon series, which was played by every baseball girl, straight-line athlete and referee in London in July.
With so many top designers back in the game, the fashion world will definitely keep scoring this week.
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