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gap, wal-mart clothing costs rise on ‘terrifying’ cotton prices

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
Gap Inc. , J. C. Penney Co. and other U. S.
As cotton prices soar, retailers may have to pay up to 30% of clothing to Chinese suppliers.
\"It\'s a bit scary dealing with cotton suppliers right now,\" said Vicky Wu, sales manager at Suzhou United Enterprise Co. , Ltd.
A meeting held in Jiangsu province
Calculate apparel manufacturers for Gap and J. C.
Penny was among the clients.
China\'s cotton futures prices have risen more than 70% this year, and reached record levels in the early days of the global economy out of recession, where people can spend more on clothing.
China, the world\'s largest fiber user and importer, is expected to lag behind demand by 12 years, bringing inventory to its lowest level since 1995, according to US media reportsS.
Ministry of Agriculture.
\"American consumers are better used to rising prices on Wal-Mart shelves --
Jessica Luo of Shanghai said: \"Wal-Mart and other retailers
Managing director of China Market Research Group.
\"Not only are cotton costs rising, but real estate and labor costs soaring, and Chinese manufacturers are also being squeezed.
John Ermatinger, president of Gap Asia, declined to say whether it would raise prices.
\"We will pay attention to our competition,\" he said in a game in November . \".
Interview in Shanghai.
\"We will focus on our consumers.
That\'s how we finalize the price.
Shandong Zaozhuang Tianlong Knitting Co. , Ltd.
That makes Polo Ralph LaurenT-
Sales manager Fred nonsense, Le Coq sport tif Holding SA\'s shirts and sportswear are up 70% from a year ago.
\"If cotton continues to rise like this, we will need to raise the price by 30% before the Spring Festival next year, otherwise we will lose money. ”T-
Shirt prices rose, shipping 80 million yuan of clothing to Europe, North America and Japan each year and raising T-
It sells shirts to Ralph Lauren from $3 to $4.
July, he said.
In an interview, Wu said Unitedtex sells shirts and jackets worth $24 million a year to close the gap, and plans to increase the price of products listed in April by 5% to 30%.
The supplier plans to increase capacity to meet the needs of retailers, she said.
Peter Rizzo of Sydney said: \"If prices fluctuate like they are now, it is difficult to budget the input cost --\"
General manager based in Australian FCStone Pty.
\"This raises awareness among Chinese textile manufacturers about the risks --
Management tools. ’’Cotton-
The price of silk fabrics rose about 70% to about $2.
Manufacturing executives Wu and nonsense, a yard since July, are now quoted every day.
\"We can now give the customer a price, but it only works for a week,\" Tianlong\'s nonsense . \".
Due to fluctuations in cotton prices, some manufacturers have not accepted orders for next yearC.
Myron Ullman, chief executive of Penney, said in November. 12.
\"If cotton goes up 50% or 70%, or wherever it falls, everyone in our industry will feel the impact on prices, but our goal is to have a competitive advantage, especially at the key price points that customers expect us to maintain. \"
China\'s demand for cotton exceeds domestic production by 3.
According to the China Cotton Association, cotton production from 2009 to 2010 was 6 million metric tons, expanding the supply deficit. 27.
It is predicted that China\'s cotton production will account for 41% of global production, but in the year beginning in August, China\'s cotton production may lag behind demand of 17 million bales.
1. according to the US Department of Agriculture.
According to Bloomberg calculations and data on the National Cotton Commission website, this is enough to make a pair of jeans for everyone in China and India.
Wu of Unitedtex says garment manufacturers are starting to lose money on some orders.
\"Even if we knew that this order would lose money, we would still do so, hoping to make up for the loss in the next transaction,\" she said . \".
According to Wu and Hu, the gross profit margin of clothing retailer suppliers is between 10 and 20%, and the net profit margin is usually between 3% and 5%.
Zhejiang province-
According to Ningbo shidanu group, its clothing for about $30 million men and women, Hennes & Mauritz\'s AB, rose nearly 20% per year from July: sales manager Fiona Xu.
Seduno also offers products for Adidas, Inditex SA\'s Zara and Nike.
As the cost of cotton increases, Umbro Plc will continue to raise prices, Xu said.
Spokesman Jenni Tapper said: \"H & M has been monitoring cotton prices and other costs
Hoel is reluctant to comment on whether prices will rise.
Katja Schreiber, a spokeswoman for Adidas, said Adidas believes cotton prices \"have limited impact \".
Zhejiang dau Clothing Co. , Ltd.
Shipping $4 million to WalmartWal-Mart Stores Ltd.
Last year, prices rose from $7 to $9 a piece.
In August, sales manager Bella Weng said. Wal-
Wal-Mart spokesman Kevin Gardner declined to comment. Zhejiang-
Earlier this month, she said at the Canton Fair booth that the Datu at headquarters plans to raise prices further by 20% to 30%, full of polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and jumpers, which she said were all made for Wal-Mart. Mart.
\"Even if the yuan appreciates, we have been maintaining fairly well,\" Tianlong said . \".
\"Cotton prices are more unpredictable.
We face the real test.
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