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getting the look just right

by:QiMeng     2019-09-29
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 19/11/2018 (227 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Manitoba\'s drama project shows Mary\'s wedding, a drama commemorating the end of the armistice of the First World War, and Joseph abizia on the north side plays an important role behind the scenes.
The drama Story, directed by Sarah stible, took place in Western Canada, during the Edward period of 1910 and World War I, telling about Mary\'s relationship with Charlie and her wedding dreams with Charlie.
Mary is from a British immigrant family who falls in love with a young farmer whose romance unfolds through dreamy memories.
The drama commemorates historical events such as the First World War, the armistice, and the Battle of molewood, and shows how they shape the lives of Canadians.
The synopsis may give the audience an idea of what the show is about, but to really set the tone, you need a cast of actors in costumes.
Abetria is a costume designer and is responsible for one of the many people who incorporate colors into the set and define the story environment.
\"Part of my job is to evoke the right time for the show, which is close to 1920 in Edward\'s time,\" abizia explained . \".
\"Charlie and Mary met in their 1910 s, but now Mary had this dream before her wedding in 1920.
Part of my job is to create the look and fantastic quality for the clothing.
\"Abhiya took the time to study archival photos of farmers in Ontario to determine what Charlie looked like.
The starting point is the popular collar --
At that time, there were fewer shirts and suspenders worn by rural workers.
For Mary, 28year-
The old designer looks for photos of pajamas from 1910 and 1920, which are the basis of the dress he designed for the character.
\"Design tells us what the time period is.
The set design is a space that does not really evoke a time period, so the costume has to tell us which time period.
\"This is the most important job in the costume design of the show,\" he explained . \".
\"It\'s also to evoke the dreamy qualities we want to portray on the show.
\"In addition to having good budget management, clothing designers need to consider what fabrics can be used to make clothing, which becomes particularly tricky when drama is set in different times.
For example, for Mary\'s pajamas, the challenge is to find a pattern that gives the dress the right outline during this period.
Similarly, Charlie\'s pants are not easy to buy.
Abhiya explained that pants from that time were usually high
Waist, it\'s hard to find this style of men\'s pants now.
Preparing clothing includes making clothing, buying new clothing, spending hours at a local thrift store looking for unique clothing that can be customized and integrated into the show, or renting from an antique store.
\"It depends on the clothing itself.
Designing a costume design from scratch is always a privilege, but sometimes you have to come up with a solution based on your project and the resources available.
Mary\'s wedding lasted until November.
Rachel Brown Theatre (
211 banating Avenue. ).
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