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by:QiMeng     2019-09-26
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 20/9/2018 (269 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
The plan has changed. Twenty-
Five minutes before we were scheduled to meet at a coffee shop in the exchange area, antero Lindblad called to say he was a little late and asked if we could be at St.
Mary\'s Road goes at the same time.
Just over an hour later, lindbard in loose clothes
Fitted black jeans and patterned gray shirt, a selection handbag of a well-weather president, with posters, brochures and brochures hanging on the left shoulder, stroll through the lounge in Saint Lucia\'s pizza.
He apologized for his lateness and explained that he had received the last --
A call from a colleague of the Manitoba Sports Association, who wants him to distribute printed material in Norwood and St. Boniface area —
Therefore, changes in the language environment
Hold a weekend event in Fox.
Lindblad is not a courier. it\'s far away.
For the countless promoters, PR people and event coordinators in the town, he is called \"poster man \".
\"From 1996, soft-spoken 55-year-
Old\'s main source of income is to post a variety of slogans, from rock concerts to charity events to science fiction.
Five to six days a week, six to seven hours a day, he either rides a bike or takes a bus --
He never drove-
Cross to one end or the other of the city and stop to put down posters and so on in public libraries, restaurants and music stores or pin them on public bulletin boards.
Of course, his work is unconventional.
But it paid the bill.
Since he sold quite a large collection of toys and comics in the late 1990 s, he owned an apartment in the Polo Park area-
In addition, it provides him with the opportunity to watch three or four movies a week (
\"I think you can put me in there, I\'m kind of like a movie lover,\" he said, listing Edward the scissor as his whole --Favorite movie time.
\"I\'m not going to do the same job day in and day out, and sometimes it feels like I\'m doing three or four different jobs a week, depending on where I go to town on any particular day, asked what was most attractive to his livelihood, lindbrad said.
\"In addition, I can arrange my own time;
Normally I stay at home until around noon waiting for the phone to ring and then go out for rounds.
Lindbrad grew up on a young street in the West End.
He dreams of becoming a television camera operator, moving from Hugh John McDonald\'s school to Tec Voc in grade 9 for a business broadcast course.
Unable to find a job in his chosen field, after graduating from high school, he found a job as a store clerk at Pyramid Records.
The pyramid record, he said, was where he began to be interested in posters.
Soon after he started working there, his boss bought a lot of movie posters
Close to 5,000.
For the next six months, his assigned duty is to sort them out and sort by genre.
On 1989, when he changed his job and worked in a second-hand comic shop, he announced that the first Winnipeg Jazz Festival will be held in and outside the exchange area from June.
Since his days were free, he got in touch with the organizing committee to ask if they needed volunteers.
Soon he was assigned to distribute posters in the city center to promote the festival\'s evening concert series.
A few months later, Lindblad received a call from a duck unlimited employee who got his name from a contact at the Jazz Festival.
\"They have a bunch of posters that need to be posted on the activities of the oak hammock swamp, she said, and they are happy to pay me,\" lindbrad confesses his price --
25 cents per poster
Still so today.
\"The next thing I know is that they gave my name to another person who gave it to someone else.
Soon I put up posters for Ticketmaster, ballet, symphony orchestra, Prairie theater exchange.
It\'s almost my only job since the comic store closed in 1996.
\"According to Article 6.
Flyers and posters in the city of Winnipeg Attachment 3 (No. 1076/75)
No one shall post, erect, place or post any notice, poster or other paper or device, designed to attract public attention to any private premises or any privately owned buildings, fences, walls, barricades, hoarding or construction without the permission of the owner or occupants.
\"In addition, the poster should not be placed on the direction mark, nor should it be displayed for 14 consecutive days or more than 24 hours after the advertising campaign.
\"I do get people shouting from the car from time to time \'Hey, will you take it down at some point?
\"Or \'you\'re not allowed to put it there, \'but I\'m very familiar with the way the law works,\" he said . \".
To a large extent, he makes use of public bulletin boards located in places such as hospitals and universities, or outdoor panels located in the village of Osbourne, the trading area and the city center.
He avoided the metal pole.
If you see a mouse
He said that it was not he who put the poster on the pole.
Mainly because he was not interested in \"wrapping my arm around a dirty pole and trying to tape things in place.
If I start doing this, I will ruin my clothes in a week.
Lindbard said: \"In an era where you can gather information about any event under the sun through your mobile phone, it is noteworthy how posters continue to be a valuable advertising tool.
For example, when he posts a poster on a message board in the community center, two or three people read on his shoulder, or peek in his bag to see what\'s on the horizon.
\"Or, if this is a cool poster for the band they like, they sometimes ask me if I have extra posters that they can keep for themselves, which I totally understand;
For posters I didn\'t post, I did the same thing, \"he said, adding that one of the benefits of the work was receiving free tickets for concerts or plays from time to time.
According to his statistics, during his career, Lin Ballard has posted nearly 1 million posters in the city.
What is even more impressive is that during that time, due to illness, he only missed two days of work and listed paper cutting as one of his main job hazards.
How long can he hold on?
Well, considering that his career didn\'t bring a long list of benefits
\"There is no pension or dental plan, which is for sure-\" he said with a smile --\"
He thinks he is a good man at least in the next few years.
\"I don\'t like the winter in Winnipeg at all except this, there is not much pressure, and I also have a little exercise.
I think we will see what\'s going on. \"david.
Sanderson @ freepressmb.
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