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gift ideas for the machinery lover in your family this christmas

by:QiMeng     2019-09-29
When I was a kid, I had a British tractor collection that was comparable to Ryan Tubridy\'s Late Toy Show studio.
Our poor mother was forever tripped over the mini baler, plow and slurry machine as it took us hours to plow the living room carpet, bundle the hay in the hall, or sprinkle mud on the kitchen floor.
She was happy once it kept us quiet.
You name the job;
We have this machine.
Christmas usually brings a particularly generous bonus as the fleet is modernized every year and old models are abandoned.
Like many children across the country, our cunning plan is to ask Santy for a few of the latest tractors and then have our parents throw them a \"surprise\" baler or plow.
After all, if the tractor is not put into work to win good memories, what is the benefit of it? In fact, we were lucky to have parents who provided us with such a good service, which didn\'t make me feel lost.
Machine enthusiasts of all shapes, ages and sizes are here;
This is not something you simply lost after childhood.
With that in mind, I decided to take a look at some ideas for Christmas gifts that might fit into the mechanical nuts of your home this holiday season.
As in my own case, many mechanical enthusiasts are beginning to be fascinated by the best agricultural toys from the UK, which is a manufacturer of farm and construction toys.
Earlier this year, the UK partnered with Irish manufacturer Keenan to launch an exciting new 365 die-cast replica model mixer.
With nearly 100 experience, the series is constantly updated to provide a range of 1: 32 copy models.
Thanks to the accuracy and high detail of each replica, the UK has attracted children over the age of three as well as farm role-playing, as well as collectors.
The British have worked closely with Keenan to develop the mechfiberdie die-casting replica model to ensure that its accuracy attracts consumers.
The price is 26 euros. 99.
After a quick glance through their website, I returned to my childhood and the detailed selection of tractor models was fantastic.
All major brands are catered.
Although they are not the cheapest, they are usually durable and long lasting.
If you really want to push the ship out, why not combine the trip to Paris with the machinery that provides a great deal for heavy metal lovers in your life? This huge international machinery exhibition lasts for one week from February 24.
28 2019 in Paris, give time to explore the city and show yourself to Sima.
The best plan to visit this large exhibition is to fly to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, from livestock to machinery.
From there you can take a taxi for about 10 minutes or rer B (to Paris)
Get off at the first stop called \"Expo Park.
If ordered online before the show, the cost of tickets for SIMA is 30 euros, or 40 euros at the door.
Aer Lingus currently has flights from Cork to Paris for 83 euros per person, but book as soon as possible as these prices will definitely rise rapidly.
While the UK\'s heritage range may appeal to children aged 70 or 80, the next generation may not just push tractors along the floor.
Don\'t worry, because there is a video game called farming simulator that is driving hundreds of thousands of agricultural enthusiasts barmy.
The latest products include all leading tractor brands with over 300 cars and tools available for use.
John Deere, case xi, New Holland, Challenger, fint, Messi Ferguson, waltella, Krone and Germany --
Fahr is in there.
As an operator, it depends on how you develop and expand your farm from one of three unique start situations.
Start with no property, but have enough money to build your dream farm, or go to a small farm with limited resources to find a more noble game style.
The choice is yours, what crops are selected, what animals are selected, and what tasks are selected.
Some stock holders offer the agricultural simulator 2019, the price of the Xbox 360 and PS3 is 30 euros, and the price of the Xbox One and PS4 is 40 euros.
Children are inevitably attracted to machinery and need to be taught from an early age to respect the dangers inherent in machinery.
The kidkids website emphasizes farm safety through illustrated children\'s books.
Story of Riverside Farm
The Red Tractor, the third in the book series, focuses on tractor safety.
Sarah and Tom starred in the series.
Tom climbed up the tractor in this book.
With so many buttons and levers, he doesn\'t know which one to press first.
The series hero, Mr. blambles, must come to the rescue.
These educational books make farm safety information interesting.
The book is sold for 6 euros in the previous version. 99 each.
Readers can currently get all three titles for the Riverside Farm series and DayGlo Bean series for 24 euros. 99.
Another option for children under the age of 10 is tractor travel, the latest book in The Farmer\'s Christmas series.
On Christmas Eve, farmers visited farms around the world to transport gifts with tractors and trailers he trusted.
The book is interesting and educational and costs € 10, written by Catherine Badley, who lives on a family farm with her husband and two little boys.
Inspired by her childhood growing up in rural England, Catherine is keen to get her children to read and promote the importance of education in educating their children about rural areas, agriculture and food production.
Brand goods are now a big money-making game for machinery companies, and children have been targeted since childhood (
A baby bib will surprise you. 50)
To encourage brand loyalty.
If mammy or dad runs a John Deere or Fendt tractor on the farm, it is likely that they will want their children to wear a Deere or Fendt item.
All of this brings huge marketing to the machinery manufacturers who invest at this time of year.
Walking into any modern tractor dealer premises, there will be a dedicated brand and merchandise area to show everything from work clothes to hats, mugs to t-
Shirt and hat for PJs.
For example, Fendt is just one of many manufacturers who make money in this area.
There\'s a new Fendt brand fashion T-
The price of shirts on the website is between 20 euros and 35 euros.
The goal is the whole family.
They create fashion collections for men, women and children that can compete with any leading fashion brand.
Not all of them.
The Lady handbag costs 65 euros, the necklace pendant costs 65 euros, or the \"feel fendt\" children\'s pajamas costs 28 euros.
An adult male suit for Massey Ferguson\'s overalls will bring you back around 60 euros.
All other large tractor brands have similar products, and a quick internet search will take you to the preferred brand of your loved one or loved one in your home.
FTMTA Farm Machinery Exhibition 2019 will be held on next February, 8 and 9 at the Punchestown Racecourse near Co Kildare Naas.
This is Mecca for any mechanical enthusiast in your life as it offers unparalleled opportunities to get the latest mechanical releases.
Products such as tractors, harvesters, sprayers, pulp spreading equipment, silage harvesting machinery and farming kits will be on display.
The event is known for being accessible in Naas, and for many, the best part is that it is held under the roof, so it does not depend on the weather.
The show lasted three days as described above, and for farmers or contractors who take the machine seriously, tickets must be a good idea to replenish inventory, or for young punters who want to see the latest kit in the market.
According to FMTA\'s special online ticket offer, 20 euros per adult, 10 euros per teenager and 10 euros per senior (65+).
Online tickets for the show were officially available on it last week and will certainly be a welcome Christmas gift for mechanical enthusiasts as it will be held six weeks after the new year.
For those who want to do something made in Ireland in front of the model and are willing to pay a little more for a custom manufacturing machine that may be close to the heart, check out the perfect ciaran Dunne-32 Farm Models.
The talented ciaran recently made a scale model of 1: 32 for the double row belts of Irish manufacturer Armer Salmon
Beet harvester.
Like all the Armer salmon harvesters, the double-row machines are named after animals.
In this example, a beaver, an Almer salmon Beaver model.
To create a perfect replica, although it was at 1: 32, ciaran spent hundreds of hours on the project.
The results are incredible and the level of detail is amazing.
Just like the full size version, the beets can prompt to unload into the trailer.
Lift rails and plows, lift and fall during work and off work.
The hydraulic tie rod moves to align the lifting device in the beet drill bit.
The yellow lid can be removed to show the details below.
Ciaran can be customized
Build most machines to match the customer\'s own full version if needed.
Just give him a photo of the required details/changes and he will be happy to do what is possible.
Looking for ciaran Dunne
Another popular gift for Christmas 2018 is the new version DVD called Agri, which is our very successful culture.
In recent years, videos of contractors and farmers at work have become a phenomenon, and grass workers are now market leaders.
They have nearly 185,000 \"likes\" Facebook pages that confirm their popularity.
The introduction price of the DVD is about 22 euros, enough to make yourself
\"Leap Year, the Olympic Games and the World Cup\", this sentence makes the mechanical enthusiasts mouth-watering.
\"These things happen every four years.
There are a lot of things to change during this time, and since filming westbound in 2014, the same has been true of the grass Man, which reminds us of the first time in that DVD
The team is equipped with a new truck and a demo car of 630 crowns and they want to call back and re-examine the contract between the Kiren brothers and mcconagee to see what\'s going on with them
The DVD had to quote Bob \"Gaffer\" McConachy, who wisely pointed out that \"it\'s perfect to have no machine.
\"The DVD also introduced the audience to Wallace contract, one of the largest agricultural contractors in Northern Ireland, and spoke to green during the busy corn season.
Hard work and dedication to the client are the key messages for all the contractors in this DVD.
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