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give h&m your old clothes, get a discount

by:QiMeng     2019-10-04
2,900 H & M clothing stores in Hennes and Moritz make it the first in Europe
2 Fashion clothing chain, by the public-
In 2010, when some unsold stocks were torn apart and left in a street in New York City to become rubbish, the relationship became black-eyed.
Today, H & M executives believe they have found a way to use clothing waste to boost the reputation of retailers.
A project that began in February encouraged consumers to recycle their castoff clothing by offering discounts on more clothing purchased in their stores.
It will be launched on an annual basis at all H & M stores --
As chain stores strive to increase revenue, it may attract shoppers.
By potentially easing the tight supply of cotton and reducing the build-up of old clothing to block the landfill, the recycling work may also enhance the company\'s image after the factory safety incident in Bangladesh, where H & M produces clothing.
\"This is a good thing for getting people into their stores,\" said Brian Roberts, an analyst at researcher Kantar Retail . \".
\"Green initiatives often go hand in hand with business goals. ”The Stockholm-
Headquarters retailers collect clothing from any brand and under any conditions in Whiteand-
The green box in the store.
I in Switzerland: Collect and purchase clothing and resell or give them new life on things such as clean cloth and plush toys according to quality.
\"We do not want clothes to be wasted;
\"We want them to be a resource,\" said Henrik Lampa, H & M sustainability manager . \".
\"We want to produce new commercial fibers in this way, new clothes and textiles.
\"For each plastic bag collected in Sweden, H & M will give the donor 50 Crowns ($7. 80)
Buy a discount of 300 crowns at the store.
Similar activities were carried out by other retailers.
Marks & Spencer in the United StatesK. -
Only efforts called Shwopping
But H & M said it would be the first fashion company to collect clothing worldwide.
While H & M \"does profit from selling and recycling unwanted clothes,\" says Kate Ormrod, \"these coupons help drive pedestrians into the store, encourage purchases, and promote sales, \"analyst at Verdict, a London Research Institute
Emma Eni Marsh, sustainability strategist at Myrorna, a chain of used stores under Salvation Army, warns that these coupons may make sense for H & M, but they limit the program
\"When rewards are linked to further purchases, the benefits to the environment are likely to disappear,\" she said \".
H & M\'s profit margin declined due to the increase in raw materials
In Asia, raw material costs and wages account for most of the product.
Store sales for at least 12 months of opening were down 4% and net income fell 11% to $691.
In the past three months, 4 million of analyst estimates have been missed.
Cotton prices were particularly volatile, up 13% this year after falling 18% in 2012.
\"One of the main challenges is the limited resources on our planet,\" said H & M chief executive Carl . \"Johan Persson.
Grow enough regular cotton to create a normal T-
According to H & M, the shirt needs water for up to 15 bathtubs.
Retailers selling T-
Shirts as low as $5.
95 is the world\'s largest organic cotton user, according to the Textile Exchange
Promote the sustainable development of the clothing industry profit.
H & M said that it is expected that by 2020 all its cotton will be available from more sustainable resources such as organic and recycled cotton, compared to 11.
4% last year.
H & M will use most of the proceeds from the sale of clothing to I: Collect for research on the recycling of textile fibers, although it declined to say what that would be.
Still, it will be a half
Lampa, head of sustainability, said there had been meaningful results a decade ago.
\"We can\'t sit still and wait for the development of technology,\" he said . \"
\"We believe we can make a difference.
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