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go back to school in style

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
The little guy back to school has a lot to consider.
One princess and frog backpack a Superman or a frog lunch kite, when it comes to making fashion statements, retailers are making it easy for girls and boys. At J. C.
Penney, the appearance of \"American Heritage. , J. C.
A Penney spokeswoman said the trend is more modern than the traditional red, white and blue Americas.
The embodiment of this classic trend is a striped cardigan, polo shirt and retro plaid shirt.
The retailer\'s private brand Arizona features Plaid rolls-
A $17 cuff shirt. 99.
The overall trend of Macy\'s is
College chic, translated into university jacket (
Yes, even small.
Striped Jersey. Graphic T-
Old shirt
School brands such as yadali and Star Wars are also popular.
The color of autumn is mainly green, mainly blue and gray. \"Back-to-
\"School shoppers want quality to be value for money without sacrificing style,\" said Messi\'s vice president of media relations . \".
\"Children are very active in school uniforms.
Parents will know that their students will look fashionable from the beginning of the school year to the summer vacation.
About 74% of the back-to-
According to the national market analysis company, school expenses in 2010 were for school supplies, 58% for clothing and 45% for footwear.
Shoppers plan to spend almost as much as last year, but will start shopping later --by Sept.
Not August. 1.
\"Consumers are still sticking to it, but it shows that consumers are still cautious about spending,\" said NPD chief industry analyst . \".
\"We have a clear sign that \'fashion style\' or \'influenced by Friends\' is shrinking and \'value\' is growing.
\"Fashion students know that without Cowboys, the school season is incomplete and Cowboys are the staple food for every back --to-school look.
This year\'s Cowboys are tight, horn, bright, bold colors.
For older girls, Madonna\'s Material Girl collection is launching a new beauty collection at Macy\'s, which includes body spray, lip gloss and nail polish. And J. C.
Penney\'s latest exclusive brand, Stardoll, will offer young girls a mix of fashion clothing and candy --
7-color top and bottom of size
16 with accessories.
Stardoll tutu skirt set (
Suitable for weekend play time)is $23. 99.
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