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by:QiMeng     2019-09-29
The Vancouver White Hat team\'s Piao Lee fought with the Philadelphia League\'s Chandler Hoffman 12 because he took control of the ball in the first half of a major league football match at Chester PPL Park on March 31, 2012, Pennsylvania.
Photo of Ritchie Schulz Yang
Piao Lee signed his notebook and a loose sheet of paper.
He posed politely for several pictures.
He doesn\'t seem to like it and doesn\'t look angry.
He seems to have done it tens of thousands of times.
His response was automatic, with three young Korean boys leaving with a smile and story to spread the news of their good fortune on their smartphones.
This concern has not been common since Lee signed with Vancouver white hat and the big league in December (
Despite the excitement of the Saudi Arabs at Toronto Pearson Airport, white waves stopped on their way to Philadelphia, which was a bit surprising).
Sitting at the crossroads, Li said, \"I can walk down the street in Canada . \"
After recently practicing at the bennabee Lake Sports Center, plate your legs on the lawn.
\"I can\'t in Korea.
No matter where I go, at the airport, there are always fans on the street, but I am used to it.
\"For some, it\'s still confusing why Lee ended up playing for the white waves in Vancouver, Canada.
Yes, he will be 35 in April 23.
But Korean football legend-
Popularity after JiSung Park —
Not coming to MLS as a big man.
The money was designated as a player signing, and he was not washed away and unpopular elsewhere.
There are other offers-
He said, eight, nine
And beautiful.
Rumors Are True, Li said.
In fact, he refused.
In Saudi Arabia, 5 million euros, nearly $2 million, will be signed with the white card, which is expected to be about 1-tenth of that.
The hats were linked through former CEO Paul Barber and current coach Martin Rennie.
\"The white hat is actually the lowest paid,\" Li said in his quick note --
Improve your English
Then he laughs like a child and swings back and forth.
I will soon find that this is one of Li\'s most admirable qualities.
He is a deep-thinking person, but, like his game, he has a relaxed feeling.
He\'s a fool.
Is money no longer important? \" I ask.
\"Money is important,\" said Li. \"But I don\'t want to follow the money all the time.
This time, I need to make a decision for my life.
\"The pursuit of knowledge is learned here.
Of course, he will teach his teammates his rich experience.
Three World Cups, including the semi-finals in 2002.
The Champions League semi-final with Eindhoven in 2005.
Played in the Premier League with Tottenham Hotspur for three years.
But he is also seeking to absorb knowledge.
About how Whitecaps operate.
About how the MLS works.
About how to develop franchising from the beginning.
After he finished the competition, maybe before that, Li wanted to do an MBA in sports management.
He wants to be the head of a club or work for the Korean Football Association, which he feels is the best place to learn.
He is now speaking through my trusted translator, accounting Andrew.
\"If you can compare to the table,\" said Lee, \"all the food is there in Europe.
They know how to eat well and how to eat delicious.
\"But in North America, there is not much food on their table.
So, you have to create anything you want to eat.
\"I want to retire, not because I can\'t play football, but because if I play more, I will spend less time studying.
But with the choice of white hat, I can play football and at the same time, I can learn sports management.
\"At the moment, the study has to be done within the club.
Li made an impassioned suggestion as to why the university here should accept him, but he knew it needed to wait.
He started his English class this week.
While he\'s still playing, the stadium and locker room will be a classroom for those teammates who talk about Lee with reverence.
Midfielder Matt Watson said: \"He\'s quiet, not a big voice, but when he says something, it\'s like \'Yeah, that\'s right.
I don\'t know why I did it.
\"It\'s like, in the late part of the Philadelphia game, I was tired and I just smashed the ball to Ueno and he said, \'Look, it\'s little detail.
No matter at any point in the game, you have to keep the ball and keep the ball.
\"In the dressing room, John sorrington sat next to Lee, one of the veterans of the White Army.
\"Every time I get a chance to ask a question, I ask,\" he said . \"
Even the airport waiting room could be a place for Lee to teach wisdom, sorrington noted.
On a recent away trip, Lee was stuck in the middle seat, which is not the way to work with old players.
So he went to the counter and asked the woman on the table, \"Can I change it ? \"
\"No, I have nothing,\" she replied.
\"Can\'t you change it? \" said Lee.
\"No, I\'m sorry,\" she said.
He said, \"OK, then I will change my clothes . \"
\"I like the seats in the middle.
\"Then he left.
Spirit and wisdom are an important part of Li.
When the Italian team called Rome in 2006, it was rumored that religion played a role in Lee\'s decision to stay at Tottenham Hotspur in England.
He denied it at the time, although it could only help Reni as well as a man of faith.
After Lee arrived in Vancouver, he assured me that the topic of the Korean community was which church Lee would choose.
Although he lived in UBC, he settled in Surrey.
This is a good sign that the training center will end there --
When driving seems too hard, he worships near the campus.
However, Lee Kai-Fu\'s Life Class, in the Korean version of Zen, sometimes sounds a bit boring.
Although he studied politics in college, he was essentially philosophical (
\"I\'m interested in politics, but I can\'t talk about it! \")
A sample of Lee\'s Twitter account translated by Andrew reveals religious themes as well as existential themes.
Someone recently sent Li a picture of him they took from behind.
He thought that at that moment he didn\'t know that people were taking his picture, so he wrote about the truth.
\"The pictures taken from behind are very real,\" he said . \"
\"Someone in front can control it.
For example, someone can make up.
Look more honest from the back.
I think the most important thing is behind.
I want to look honest.
\"I try to think about what is important in life and what is not.
Li, who is close to 100,000 followers, said he used social media to try to help find a way out for the younger generation.
\"What they care about together is that they don\'t have a dream, they don\'t know what they like, they don\'t know what they are good at,\" he said . \".
Recently, he wrote: \"If you have any questions and are not sure if you are on the right path, then you are on the right path.
This is the first requirement of success.
In another post, Li responded to a fan who asked him how he could find something he was good.
I replied: \"There are people who, if they like something, will work hard and eventually become better.
But there are only a few people.
\"The other way is that no matter what you do, as long as you really work hard, you will become good at it, and if you are good at it, you will like what you do.
\"Paying bilsley\'s skills has always liked dribbling since he was a child, and he is very good at dribbling soon.
Looking at him on the ball, he saw him fool his opponent with one, two, and three steps --
It is a pleasure to slip out of trouble.
\"His balance,\" said sorrington, \"he can go left and right at any time.
You can\'t get close to him.
\"This is a vigorous footwork produced by natural abilities and also produced in a few hours of practice.
Li has been practicing dribbling on his own.
His idol is Maradona.
In the game, Li admitted that he had no motivation to dribble when a player attacked him.
He said: \"Two guys, or three guys are coming, and I started the drive to dribble.
\"The coach never liked the trait, although in Korea the crowd screamed when he held the ball and sighed when he passed the ball.
As football gets more serious and wins all the important matches, bringing the ball is the way Lee makes sure the game is still fun.
But now, he says, \"it\'s less important to feel your emotions than to pass on to the team and feel the same emotions as the team.
\"It was because of Maradona\'s heroic spirit in the Naples blue and white jersey that Lee wanted to go to Yanshi University very much, and even though he couldn\'t get in, his jersey was the same.
\"I \'ve been practicing in blue shirts and white pants,\" Lee said of his childhood.
\"Fall like this.
Then he rolled back with a big smile and said with a smile, \"Maradona!
\"When Lee talked about meeting Maradona, he was as excited as young Koreans.
It happened twice.
In high school, the Argentine legend visited South Korea with Boca Juniors.
Li waited outside the dressing room for Maradona and remembered the feeling of high five.
\"What is the feeling, what is the feeling,\" said Li, touching his hand together.
They met for the second time at 2010 World Cup because South Korea and Argentina were in the same group.
\"Maradona is a hero in my mind, not a coach,\" Lee said with a smile. \"Not by person.
Only for football players
After all, humility is the quality that Li admires in others.
This is also the first feature that most people identify with him.
\"He will do anything for the team, not for himself,\" said Marques Davidson, Japanese of caps in June.
Li\'s American midfielder has been admired for many years.
Li\'s humility is natural.
He was the youngest of the six children and grew up in a rural town of Hongchuan.
Only two buses passed by, he said, and when it snowed, \"No one was out of town and no one came in . \".
He recalled going to Seoul when he was young and was shocked to see people buying vegetables from the market.
\"I know you have to pick up vegetables from the ground to eat,\" he said . \".
When Li was about 11 years old, he was pulled out of the playground and brought to a football school. Time soon became tense.
On normal school days, two or three exercises a day.
Four times a day. school days.
\"Can you write this? \" he asks. \"Six to eight. \"Ten to 11:45. \"Three to five. \"Eight to nine.
\"Can you imagine it?
\"We have to wash our clothes ourselves and we don\'t even have time after a week.
When we run, no one will run because of the smell.
After two weeks of hard training, nothing could be heard!
\"Active meetings are welcome these days.
Li is 35 years old in a week.
He is not sure how much football he has left.
He feels good physically.
\"But I don\'t know tomorrow,\" he said.
So he only signed one-
Annual deals for the past three years.
Although his teammates don\'t seem to notice, he is preparing for the next chapter.
He looks like a 25-year-old. year-
Said sorrington.
Li is very concerned about these small things.
Stretch, rest, diet.
He wore a neck pillow on the plane.
Perfectly represents the theme of his practical and interesting side.
On the way, he will hang out in the room or pass the time with his mobile phone and play Sim City-type game.
\"It will take a long time to collect money,\" he said . \".
\"I need a pool!
Davidson, Li\'s roommate on the road, said: \"How he took care of himself, these small details determine who he is.
\"Who is he, is a big deal in his motherland.
When Lee signed with Vancouver, it was onNaver\'s top sporting event.
It\'s basically Google in Korea.
In Vancouver, his wife Bo-
Liu and their two daughters, 7-year-old Hael and 4-year-old Nael, seem destined to end his career in a relatively calm state, albeit a small South Korean
12 placards popped up at B. C. Place.
But when Lee prepares for the next stage of his life in the classroom and on the board, his influence here still makes sense.
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