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going to the game: the price is wrong?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
Sports are more common on television than ever before.
Sports is almost the only thing left on TV, live.
NBC Universal will even let Americans watch the live broadcast of the Olympics this year.
Nevertheless, despite the charm of television, last week the British family boy Andy Murray approached the Wimbledon final, and tickets for the actual central court seat are said to be swiped up to £ 32,000 a pair.
If you\'re not hanging out in the money exchange market, it\'s $50,000.
Two tickets. To a game.
But even if you don\'t want to mortgage your house with the \"cardboard\" we used to say, the price of sports tickets is still very expensive.
Now, people often come out to analyze the cost of a four-member race.
Sports tickets have actually become a big one. ticket item.
I believe the Supreme Court has ruled that it is constitutional how much it costs to buy a sports ticket.
Still, everyone is always complaining about the preferential cost of the game and I am always happy.
Sports fans always seem surprised that they have to cheer for victory in the game.
Overcome it, fans.
You go through the revolving door and you are a captive consumer.
You live.
This is part of what sports promoters call \"experience.
\"You see, as TV pictures get better and better, fans are more comfortable watching games at home, live broadcasts, and past ticket buyers have found that they don\'t have to live in the stadium to enjoy the game.
Maybe this will be the habit of only going to games once when you were a child, just like you only have to go to the Grand Canyon once or communicate for the first time.
Interestingly, for example, although the National Football League is more popular than ever before, the actual on-site attendance rate for NFL games has dropped every year since 2007.
So everyone knows that it\'s not enough to go to a game.
You need-
Called experience
It means constant noise, laser, noisy cheerleaders and mascots
Shirts and lots of scoreboard in the crowd tell you everything you need to know in addition to the price offer.
But not only that, but sports promoters have to offer another feeling.
In addition to giving you the experience at the stadium, they have to make you feel like you\'re still drinking cheap beer at home, watching games on TV, playback, analysis and highlights of other games.
But who needs to sell tickets as the TV network keeps paying for sports copyright?
Good for cardboard.
The fewer people participate in the competition, the better the sports ratings, and the more people watch advertisements on TV.
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