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Golfing pair make the cut with flattering ladies\' gear

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
When the Irish Open opens later this month, many men participating in the tournament will wear plaid or striped polo wholesale t shirts wholesale at some stage.
Although men look good in such clothes, they don\'t always like women golfers.
It was the lack of women\'s golf clothes that prompted golfers Kathy Dillon and rose malinnan to build Irish people selling blue and green --
Women\'s Golf-
It was worn three years ago.
\"The golf outfit looks attractive-but it\'s not very flattering for women,\" Marrinan said . \".
\"No one sold Irish until we set up the blue and green --
Golf costumes for women are made here.
\"While Marrinan and Dillon are expected to export most of their golf apparel at the beginning of 2010, they have recently reached some agreements for some of the top five --
The golf resort includes the Juliet Hill in Kilkenny and the donparch Lodge in Clare.
\"We were surprised and happy to be in five.
\"Star resort,\" says Marrinan.
Blue and green for Ireland-
Make skirts, sweaters, jumpers and pants for ladies golfers, and traditional Hill costumes
Walk, fish, shoot and rugby using the free color of the landscape.
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