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by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
With the week-long Republican National Convention starting here on Monday, Sunday isgame pep rally.
The necessary red, white and blue flags welcome Congress delegates, taxis and Lincoln Town Cars to serve crowds of people in polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and pleated kha cloth. Women in patriotic costumes with stars
Striped scarf with pre-
Excited about the meeting.
There are enough TV celebrities to walk around and give most passers-by a \"big brother\" complex: walking down Arch Street, United columnist and ubiquitous TV expert Mark Shields stopped with delegates.
Henry Hyde, sitting in a forest-green town car, is riding a shotgun and waiting for the lights to change.
But behind the bungee jump lies a fear of which group of protesters will appear this week at an event in Philadelphia: Hope of the 10,000 responsible protest conference organizers, or the 100,000 fanatic activists they\'re worried about.
The biggest event should be the Unity2000 parade and rally in the city center on Sunday.
But Sunday\'s solidarity is shrouded in what seems to be a carnival atmosphere in the rest of the city.
Philadelphia police in uniform are everywhere.
But they joked with their colleagues, grabbed the corner of the park bench in the shade, lazily stood on the corner and pulled marl Road.
\"Is everyone performing there ? \" Before venturing into the heart of unity, I asked an officer.
\"Of course,\" said the officer, taking a big sip from the water bottle.
\"I had a good time there today.
\"This is indeed the case.
It\'s more like a lollipop festival with an extra fee. tight security.
At the first joint center, there are drum rings, food stalls and enough information about the cause of the left.
Dancers dancing for human rights at Maya headwear;
Information on Bali executions, animal trials, the plight of third farmers
Countries around the world are opposed to building baseball stadiums in Chinatown in Philadelphia because of the closure of American schools.
At the center of the event is two adjacent booths that seem to capture the event perfectly--
A stall selling steak with cheese and a petition for a new trial against Mumia Abu Jamar-
A real Philadelphia event.
\"Unity2000 is a safe demo,\" said Leon Oboler, a spokesman for the event . \".
\"This is where people can bring their children.
Although we all have different questions, people who want people to hear their voices can express their thoughts there.
People are here to unite with all groups on their issues.
\"But just because this event is a huge warm fuzzy event, Oboler says it doesn\'t necessarily mean that everything will remain calm in a week.
\"I know that a few groups and a few people will be involved in other actions later this week.
\"Others involved in the protest movement say there is a wrong tendency to tell stories about what will happen outside the conference hall.
They insist that a news media is interested in the police vs. And is covering the story.
The protesters staged a play with Billy\'s club, tear gas and the terrible children dragged into prison.
Of course, Oboler admits that some people on the streets of Philadelphia will be severely damaged this week.
When asked about the possibility of conflict, he said: \"There is always a chance . \".
\"We are trying to make sure that our information is not lost and we have been trying to do that.
\"Police say they are preparing for the worst and are optimistic that everything will remain in control.
Many community activists say fighting the threat of violence is part of the Republican convention challenge.
Many groups with the greatest responsibility for the Seattle and Washington protests are planning
Important events in Philadelphia, or simply not party.
Meghan Conklin, spokeswoman for the environmental group\'s ozone operation in Washington, whose activists were the first to be arrested by the World Bank during the Washington protests. C.
He said there were other events this summer that were more important than any major political conference.
Conklin said her organization is doing more secret activities in Philadelphia, which is being used throughout the presidential campaign season.
Early in the primary season, ozone action ensured that young people in the audience were asking candidates questions about global warming.
John Sellers, one of the leading participants of the California Ruckus Association, said that this kind of thing is exactly what sports need, if it can be called Sports.
\"There are still campaign groups and Mini, thank God
\"The climate protection movement pays attention to the awards of their particular sport and will not be caught in the trap of becoming a fan of protest,\" he said . \".
\"A lot of the time, when we lead with our tactics instead of our vision, we have problems.
\"But the main concern of sellers is to stop what he calls the spread of the global economy and the power of the company, and they say he has a compelling reason to come to Philadelphia this week.
\"We have one in this country.
Two-headed political party system
We are building a movement against a system that already exists in 500.
It will not fall in the evening.
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