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grass boots: it started as a hoot, but neglected toolamba reclaims its history

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
When the famous Bush coach Steve Daniel lived in turamba a few years ago, he could not believe that the town, 20 kilometres south of Shepparton, had no football club of its own.
\"At that stage, turambarco was the only town in the gulben Valley that had no club or club marks,\" recalls Craig Thompson, the current turamba resident.
Daniel and a number of locals, including Ken Lund Reagan and Warwick Gregory, often think about the issue at local bars.
Interestingly, they decided to buy some polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, which were produced at a mysterious Toolamba footy club.
The club is called \"owl\" and the mascot is Owl.
\"They made five or six shirts,\" Thompson said . \"
\"Then a whole bunch of other people said, \'Get me one, \'and all of a sudden, all these people in turamba shirts came around.
They look professional.
They have sponsors and all similar equipment.
\"I think there are at least 70 or 80 shirts going around.
\"The popularity of shirts has sparked further discussion in the community.
\"If so many people are going to wear T-
\"For a club that doesn\'t exist, shirts, maybe the town needs a real club,\" Thompson said . \".
They then looked into the history of football in their town, including Landrigan and Gregory.
It turns out that Toolamba, with a population of about 900, owned its own food club in the first half of the 20 th century.
But the clubs that played in different regional leagues were in trouble and eventually merged with the nearby Murchison.
The merged entity was originally called Murchison-
The evidence in this regard, in the form of a team photo, still hangs at the Junction Hotel in Toolamba.
However, when the club joined the Kyabram regional alliance in 1964, his name was canceled.
For the next 50 years, the club is simply called Murchison Grasshoppers.
\"I don\'t think it\'s surprising that they made a change,\" Thompson said . \".
\"At that time, the tool bar was disappearing.
\"For the toolbar locals, it is clear that changing the name of Murchison footy club is the best option for them to get recognized.
So they made the suggestion to rename the club Murchison --
Football-Netball Club.
To their delight, at a special general assembly on April 14, members of the grasper voted overwhelmingly for the change of name.
Thompson, who has been president of the club this season, plays a role behind the scenes to ensure that change goes smoothly.
\"This is certainly not my idea, but I am very much in favor of it,\" he said . \".
The name Toolamba is expected to promote the club\'s development prospects.
Tulanbarcan was once a declining town, but now it is the fastest --
The place of growth in the gulben Valley is mainly due to its proximity to Shepparton.
\"When you look at the food landscape right now, anything we can do can only be a good thing,\" Thompson said . \".
\"Toolamba\'s primary school will have 150 children next year, while Murchison will have 110 children.
There will be 15 children in Dhurringile, a small school among them.
\"This gives us a lot of room for our future players.
\"Thompson also hopes that the official addition to the tool bar and its growing community will enable the club to raise the funds needed to improve the home facilities in Murchison.
\"Our room was terrible,\" he said . \"
\"We really hope to get funding for new social rooms soon.
\"Renaming and embracing the tool bar happened in the context of a powerful period of the grasper people --field history.
At 2013 they broke 31
A 31-year-old drought in the Premier League
The final victory over Stanhope.
They entered the preliminary final on 2014 and were finally defeated by the final Prime Minister Nagambie.
Despite the shaky start, Thompson believes it will have an impact in September.
\"We think we have a team that can do well in the final,\" he said . \".
\"But so do many other clubs.
\"Murchison, no matter what happens this season
The future of turamba is bright.
Some credit for this must be attributed to those who have spent so much time putting Toolamba back on the food map.
\"In the future, turamba will be a very strong part of our club,\" Thompson said . \".
\"I\'m not saying we\'re going to play some home games in toolbar in the near future, but who knows what\'s going to happen in 20 to 30 years. \"MURCHISON-
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