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gucci releases a special collection for chinese new year

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Gucci is about to celebrate the Chinese New Year
Starting in February. 16 —
By releasing a collection of capsules specially prepared for the year of the dog.
The collection consists of 63 items that highlight two Boston terriers Bosco and Orso from the brand\'s creative director, Alessandro.
These illustrations are copies of the illustrations on the pillows given to Michelle by artist Helen Downey, who is known as unskilled workers.
The collaboration between the designer and the British artist dates back to 2015, when Michelle discovered Donnie\'s work on Instagram and invited her to an art exhibition at the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.
In October, Gucci teamed up with the artist to launch a capsule series featuring her illustrations, a relationship that was consolidated.
The new series continues the dog design of unskilled workers, including women and men readyto-
Wear items, shoes, handbags, luggage, small leather goods and accessories.
Women\'s colorful knitted sweaters and denim jackets stand out, as well as men\'s polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, hoodies and pilot jackets with dog patterns.
In addition to color leather hand bags, wallets, scarves, sneakers and jewelry, these also dominate backpacks and handbags made from Gucci\'s iconic logoed Supreme fabric.
Currently available in all markets including Gucci store and e-commerce store of the brandcommerce —
Including online stores recently launched in China
The capsule series will be further promoted through the house\'s digital channels and specialized marketing initiatives.
The home of fashion explores photographer Petra Collins and models Areya Sophia Cokins, Niya Pakhomova, Gao Jie, Dylan Xue, Tex Santos --
Xiao, Xie Chenglin, ensang, Ruoyang and other collections he wore.
The rich interior decoration, gorgeous gardens and different breeds of dogs complement the products in the editorial.
In the store, the windows will be redesigned with mini-decorated walls, floors and matching grids
Bench seats for display items, and large images of each dog on the back wall.
A special package was also developed.
By retaining and offering special interactive content on Gucci apps for iPhone X users, digital promotion will be enhanced.
This feature enables users to animate Orso and Bosco dogs with special face recognition technology and record videos that can be shared from the app.
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