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\'guy talk\' part of the curriculum at all-boys school

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
On a wet spring afternoon, the only year in San Antonio --
The boys public school ended in the way it started, with 200 boys in grades four to six crammed into the cafeteria table and listening to President Derek Brown\'s \"Man Talk \".
In their uniform.
Casual pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale embroidered with the school emblem of the Young Men\'s Leadership College-
The boys watched the slides of the photos and videos of the year.
They see themselves playing sports, singing, doing math on the ipad, shouting at each other in group projects, overcoming fear on ropes, and dancing.
Outside the window of the cafeteria, the rain began to fall, but the boys did not notice and shouted at the projected image.
\"This moment will never come again,\" Brown told them . \".
\"Only the first time.
\"YMLA\'s education model is partly based on the claim that boys and girls learn different studies.
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