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h&m in factory horror as workers endure ‘outrageous sweatshop conditions’ making clothes which include beyonce’s own line

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
According to a grim report, workers who make clothes for high street giant H & M endure the conditions of sweatshops.
They receive poor wages, often faint in choking conditions, and are refused to rest.
It is reported that since 2010, nearly 8,000 Cambodian workers have collapsed while manufacturing inventory for H & M, and H & M has worked with Beyonce and David Beckham on a special scale.
Collapse has to do with malnutrition, overheating, long hours of work and stiff targets.
M & V International factory in Kampong Chhnang
H & M-gold rating
Workers say they receive a basic salary of £ 104 a month, below the national minimum wage.
The future of Norwegian human rights organizations is in our hands.
The report was written.
It said: \"The workers described the outrageous practices.
\"Earlier this year, H & M\'s four most rated factories interviewed employees, and a report released this month said: \"There is a blur in the \'platinum \'and \'gold\' [of H & M]rated]suppliers -
Considered one of the \"best\"
Class\' factories . . . . . . \"There is a reason to ask, in the H & M supply chain, the factories that do not score very well, and elsewhere in the clothing industry, what will cause fainting.
Of the 3,500 workers at a \"platinum\" factory in Phnom Penh, the capital, called Eastex clothing, some claim they were forced into illegal short-term work.
There is no regular contract for sick pay.
They claim that if they are more than five minutes late for work, their wages will be cut.
Workers at the Vanco and Seduno fashion factories also made similar requests, while Vanco\'s staff said that the \"platinum\" factory owners limited the number of times they could use the toilet.
H & M promised to ensure that workers at its supplier\'s factory were paid \"living wages\", but the researchers found that their income was lower than that of workers producing clothing for competing brands.
The workers at all four factories also said that the manager told them not to report any grievances to external safety inspectors and feared that they would be hurt if they joined the Union.
Sweden\'s H & M has more than 260 stores in the UK and has promised to become a moral retailer.
A spokesman said: \"We ask our business partners to provide good working conditions for our employees.
The report raises important questions about our daily work.
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