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hells angels claim they are \'distressed\' because a hipster melbourne company used their \'death head\' logo on its t-shirts and vow to make them pay - in court

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
Hell Angel sued a Melbourne company, saying it was in T-
Shirts sold online without permission.
According to thecer Mail, a chapter of the illegal motorcycle group based in the brown plains of Queensland and its president Mark Niles appeared in Brisbane\'s Federal Court on Friday.
The organization told the court that its logo had been in T-
Redbubble shirt printed.
The lawsuit is based on the use of the \"head of Death\" sign of the Hell Angel.
Redbubble\'s lawyer asked the court to force the bikie branch to pay \"securities\" to fund the lawsuit because it was afraid that the illegal organization would go bankrupt and could not pay for the lawsuit.
\"There is no evidence of the asset base of the member (Hells Angels)club. . . (yet)
They are the beneficiaries of the lawsuit . . . . . . (and)
According to the newspaper, Redbubble\'s lawyer said there was no evidence of the status of the assets of the US entity.
The case continues.
The Queensland government declared the Hell Angels a criminal group on 2013.
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