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helping children with special needs achieve their potential

by:QiMeng     2019-10-01
Children with special needs are teachable, and \"green girls\" will help each child reach their full potential.
A house in Jalan Balik Pulau in Itan, Penang, can often hear laughter and sweet songs from children.
It\'s like the Star Children\'s Learning Center, serving children with special needs such as autism, Angelman syndrome, attention deficit ADHD and learning difficulties.
From eight o\'clock P. M. to ten o\'clock P. M. every Thursday, a group of people wearing apple green polo T-
In order to make the children\'s study interesting, the shirt appears in the center.
There will be a meeting of singing and storytelling before the children are separated from classes.
Working with children is a rewarding experience for 26-year-old boutique owner Lin Jieying.
\"I registered as a volunteer and did not know in advance how to interact with children with special needs.
\"They may take some time to warm up to you and they will be very affectionate when they do,\" Lim said . \".
She recalled that she felt a little depressed at first when the children didn\'t notice her.
\"I\'m sure they will open up to me once they know me better.
Really, they slowly got used to my existence and finally liked me.
\"Now, whenever they see me, they hug me or hold my hand,\" said Lin, whose face lit up when she talked about her experience.
Ooi Ai Hoon, a 37-year-old bank manager who has been working in the center since day one, said she has always wanted to reach out to those who have no privileges and teach some children with special needs, help her relax after a busy day\'s work.
\"I feel that children with special needs are often ignored or ignored by their peers.
\"I had imagined that they were difficult to get along with, but it turned out that they could take instructions well and it was a pleasure to be with them,\" Ooi said . \".
Founded in last March, the 47-year-old linpinke Keane administrator said that the center is a community service agency established by the first God conference in Penang (
Mandarin part)
Due to the increasing need to help children and their parents with special needs.
Lin is a goldsmith who becomes a complete-in her choice to leave the lucrative industry-
She took part in the voluntary work six months ago.
\"The center aims to tap the potential of each child and help improve communication within the family,\" she said . \".
\"When we first started the center, we realized that many parents needed help to reach out to their children or to help their children learn.
\"In addition to children with special needs, we also accept their siblings because their parents sometimes ignore them because they are often busy taking care of children with special needs.
Sometimes it can cause behavior problems for other children.
\"Children with special needs often face community rejection and it is important for them to feel accepted.
\"At the moment, there are six children on our waiting list,\" Lin said . \".
Lee Mooi Sok, a 33-year-old volunteer, said she was seven. year-
The old son has autism and is slow to learn. after about a year of going to the center, he has shown progress.
\"Before that, his speech was very small and his attention was very short.
\"Now he learns more words, makes eye contact and becomes obviously sociable,\" Li said . \".
She added that she also learned additional skills in the process of helping children with special needs in the center.
\"I am encouraged when the children are more sensitive to us.
While helping other children, I can also learn more skills from other volunteers, which I can apply to my son at home.
Every point we do is helpful.
Whatever happens around, it will appear, \"Li added.
If you have any inquiries, please refer to the Star Light Children\'s Learning Center
Mail shinelikestar11 @ gmail. com.
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