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here\'s your practical guide to festival dressing

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
When it comes to festival dress, we think it is better to ignore the word \"festival fashion.
So, if you\'re the kind of person who thinks packaging for festivals means more pac-a-
Macs and wellies travel through a field full of tassels, glitter and Corolla and you come to the right place.
Because we believe that what you need in a festival is a lot of practical fashion, in which you may have to face all the four seasons in one day.
Here are some tips for our experienced camping style. . .
Layers will be your best friend in this field.
Packed with a large number of plaid shirts and lightweight knitted fabrics
Scones that can be tied to the waist or shoulders when the weather is warm.
A scarf and a light scarf will also be a close partner against the cold.
On the third day, when your hair doesn\'t look so fresh, you can cover up the grease with said\' kerchief.
Product Selection: MakeASOS and J. Crew your go-
Go to the store to buy a wallet
Friendly Band.
This is an obvious question, but you\'ll be surprised to see how many people don\'t bring one and end up wearing a bin liner made of a temporary poncho.
If you\'re going to invest in anything, make it a lightweight pac-a-
The Mac can comfortably match the jacket of your choice. French brand K-
The way to fold it into a hip bag does a great job, so if it doesn\'t fit your bag, you don\'t have to worry about bringing it all day long.
Having a mac on you also means that even if it doesn\'t rain, you always have something clean and dry to sit on the product pick: worth splashing out on the color --The popular songs of Baek
75 pounds, stand out from the crowd.
It is tempting to wear slippers or summer sandals when the holiday weather is hot, but think carefully.
Usually, the festival involves a lot of walking from the stage to the stage, or a situation where you may be trampled (
Let\'s not mention the danger of toilets)
Therefore, it is more practical to stick to something stronger, such as a pair of Converse shoes, skate shoes, rain shoes or sneakers.
Product Selection: Hunter wellington boots have a lot of glossy colors.
You will find us in the field wearing Matt navy or black trad pairs, which will be well combined with everything.
They may take 110 out of your holiday budget, but buy it once and you\'ll never have to buy it again.
Yes, they still make you look like a tourist, but they are very practical and that\'s the name of the game if you haven\'t gathered yet.
You want to be hands
Free during the festival.
You will most likely keep your drinks and/or your hands in the air like you don\'t care, so they are perfect for bills.
Also, unlike a backpack, your bag is always in front of you, so annoying pickpockets don\'t have a chance.
If you really don\'t want to wear one, then wear one.
But keep it fairly compact and make sure it has a secure fastening.
Product Selection: brands such as HypeandHerschelstock multi-pocket bags bag-
Ultimate pickpocket deterrent.
Alexa Chung and others may be swinging before the holiday season of designer clothing, but don\'t let that fool you.
They live in sacred, sterile back-office areas.
Leave your best clothes at home and the festival is not the place for your precious clothes --
Unless you have no problem with them drinking beer or sprinkling mud.
If you\'re worried about sitting on the ground in J-brand jeans, hooking your favorite cashmere jumper, or scratching your favorite leather, you won\'t be happy --
Designer handbags.
Product Selection: The Breton T-shirt from Uniqlo is 7. 90.
Stock up and pair with the above mentioned neckerchief for a relaxing day.
Leg out seems to be the default holiday look.
Even if it is expected to rain during the duration of the temperature is difficult to reach the high temperature
Teenagers, there is a festival that forces all of us, well, bare.
This is where tights are your best friends.
Easy to clean, fast to dry, small package, and extremely warm, is an indispensable secret weapon.
Wool or opaque packaging (40 to 70 Dan)
Wear shorts and summer clothes on cool days;
On warm days, when the cold at night starts to cause trouble, put a pair in your bag --Free, instantwarmer outfit.
Also, if there is really an Arctic, you can wear it under your pants.
Product Selection: The M & S packaging of the 3, 40-inch body sensor tights will not go wrong.
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