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here come the lobsters

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
Next week, there will be a lot of viewers in Dublin who will be willing to listen to the three-hour political debate and finally have the opportunity to ask some well-planned questions.
Events that are the same or relatively similar-
At present, large venues in the United States, Canada and across Europe are packed with like-minded protagonists.
If the event is held in the lecture hall on the university campus, there will be graduate students, some staff and some retirees (
Strategic location closest to export).
So why do these activities attract such a long attention? Why are people willing to pay 55 to 200 euros for activities elsewhere where they can attend free of charge to the speaker audience will include the most likely end of college education a few years ago or just entering the job market young people (
Although some viewers have become more diverse).
A lot of people wear t.
A shirt with a lobster pattern or logo that makes itself part of the tribe (
Ironically, a tribe that claims to hate tribalism or any form of group relationship).
It\'s right to have a history.
Internet activism continues, but it has calmed down and matured from fishing to debate.
Another group of people will be part of a disappointing left whose main role is to promote guilt in pointless and tiring twitter resentful matches and matches
They are looking for a more \"inspiring\" mindset.
Many of them will be well educated, but are unemployed, underemployed or caught in a job that is worse than expected.
Almost everyone could not afford to buy half.
Living conditions in Dublin are good.
Since she published her book (2017)
In her investigation
Wing Internet activists declare war on xxx
The extreme edge of the movement she investigated, known as the \"social justice warrior\", is no longer confined to the dark network.
Since Trump took office, these remarks have now been made in public and have been infiltrated into the mainstream.
In this response, the left has become more outspoken and defensive, especially in the United States.
In many campuses in the United States, the situation has become overheated.
See, for example).
There is a new alliance between conservatives, liberals, classical liberals and the protagonists of the moderate left who are expelled from the church, and they will not have much in common under normal circumstances.
Now they do this because they are united against their understanding of identity politics, feminism, and hatred for what they call new in a puzzling way
Post-modern Marxism
They also share a common interest in the wide debate about the small differences between their very, very consistent views now.
These are often used as a metaphor for military doctrine, such as in Dublin.
One should think that it makes sense if the person who is most affected by injustice at a particular level in the system or institution (
Such as gender inequality in reproductive rights or physical autonomy)
Become the main driver of change and convince others of the legitimacy of their cause in the process of changing policies.
Ideally, society as a whole benefits and therefore becomes more equitable.
As we have seen in Ireland\'s abortion referendum, discussions may become tense and people may feel distorted. But the process is very consistent with what most citizens believe is the essence of democratic political change.
This is not the case with this loose group of professors --in-
Exile, podcast hosts, journalists and hard science enthusiasts who are currently touring the world.
The Dublin show, hosted by Sam Harris, is known for podcasts, books and debates about free will, atheism and his \"non-spiritual\" guided meditation.
When he invited, he became a more controversial image. 1994)
To restore Murray\'s research, he showed the guests racial differences in intelligence distribution on the podcast.
Harris believes that although Murray\'s findings have been thoroughly reviewed by his peers, he has been avoided as a scholar.
He insisted on supporting Murray\'s findings (\"hard data\")
Always innocent, even if one can determine the average difference in the group, it will not have an impact on the members of the group-because they can be placed separately in any position of the bell curve.
Even if the scientific issue of this view is put on hold, Harris should still be blamed for not questioning the involvement of his guests in a think tank that opens up the political agenda.
This shows that Murray\'s research project is completely innocent. he himself used his findings to directly deteriorate the lives of some test subjects, and according to today\'s standards, let the wake-up call of the ethics committee.
Instead of challenging Murray, Harris fought a Twitter war with critics, accusing them of the reputational damage that Toby had caused by pointing this out.
While a percentage of criticism has obviously gone too far, even after long debates and follow-up podcasts, Harris\'s views on the matter have not changed.
The second Dublin guest was Douglas Murray, a British journalist.
He is one of the most influential critics of Angela Merkel, who has decided to welcome her.
In 2015, 2 million refugees came to Germany.
Murray claimed that the decision \"destroyed Germany\" and \"destroyed stability in Europe\", although Germany has achieved its most successful economic achievements since reunification for three consecutive years, even if many hate crimes were committed against asylum seekers.
His main argument against Merkel is that, although he has been in Turkey since the end of 1960 and the beginning of 1970, German citizens with a Turkish background have not fully integrated into the country, the failure of these policies half a century ago proved that Muslim immigrants are generally incompatible with Western values.
Ignoring the fact that Germans with Turkish background are now found in all social classes and occupations --
And the federal house.
Murray maintains that migration from Turkey and new migration movements from Syria, Morocco and Namibia have resulted in a disruptive competition for resources and state funding between low-skilled indigenous and new populations.
While it is correct that less affluent city residents are priced from their apartments, this is due to AirBnB-
The embodiment of living space, rather than competing for limited space with new immigrants.
Like almost everywhere else, Germany has seen an influx of unregulated and unlimited foreign investment into the real estate market, due to simple space constraints and the disappearance of rural jobs, the real estate market will never grow with demand, which leads to more concentration of cities
Of course, there are challenges in domestic violence, suppression of women, homophobia, turning young men into toxic male images in Islam, and the refugee center\'s inadequate treatment for mental illness.
However, if the affected person is sent to another country, the problems will not disappear (
Especially poor countries)-
It is also not appropriate to assess the causes of conflict and flight without taking into account broader geographical factors
Political influence.
Harris rejected Islam from the perspective of atheists, and Murray\'s assessment of Europe and the \"West\" was the main \"Jewish-The space of Christianity.
This also does not know the cognitive dissonance Murray should feel when acknowledging the origins of European Culture and Democracy in Ancient Greece and Rome --
These two societies are clearly diverse.
However, the main attraction of the Dublin show is Jordan Peterson, who claims to behelp author ()
He has been a conservative professor of clinical psychology since 2016.
Despite his new
\"Post-modernity of Marxism\" and \"feminist type\", they took over the academic and mainstream media, he and Chao
The original religious propaganda network, he himself is a bit unconscious of post-modern.
Petersonanswers questions such as \"Do you believe in God\", \"it depends on what you mean by\" believe \"and\" God \", so as to admit in building meaning
He is also a well-defined master of Assembly: He creatively combines social Darwin, biological fatalism, Jungian prototypes, highly selective quotations from Nietzsche, personal anecdotes, Bible reading (
Inspired by Russian formalism, but not Russian Formalism)
The Disney movie \"The Clippers\" calculated his father\'s frown as a whole
Contains a theoretical grid.
This is mainly used to show women their traditional places, by motivating them to get up in the morning, to make young depressed men feel better about themselves, to clean the room, to be better for the family (
However, it\'s a bit bad for people they don\'t agree with on the Internet).
While his mainstream popularity has risen and his efforts to become a father have recently attracted a female audience, Peterson\'s theoretical and contextual framework, in addition to working as a mother for women or as a nursing worker, there is not much help for women.
If women adapt to their social rules (such as hyper-
Peterson claims that in future life they will either regret having no children themselves or ignore their children.
If women are ambitious and successful, they will \"speak from the shadow of men\", which makes them hostile and aggressive.
Peterson believes that when women work together and build networks to change policy and challenge a working culture that does not allow them to combine parents with work, they are new members
The Marxist violent forces that poison campuses and companies have penetrated into human resources and administration and will eventually lead to Gulag.
Peterson noted that some of the injustices and exploitation that women have experienced personally have caused their careers to stagnate, and that their victim mentality is too comfortable and can only lead to further loss of power and respect.
Considering how hostile this theory is to women and seeing how Peterson finds a way to question the fact that he was protested (
Because every time a protest video is uploaded, it will increase the number of his Patreon supporters)
It seems a wise strategy to ignore a cult before it loses momentum.
I\'m afraid we can\'t. we should have a dialogue.
While I strongly oppose most of Peterson\'s analysis
More importantly, the radical attitude of many of his devotees --
The central vacuum of male depression that he has found and tried to solve is worth investigating.
Irish men are four times more likely to die of suicide than women.
They are more likely to die of suicide when young and single, while women are more likely to die of suicide when they are old, married or live togetherhabiting.
The pain of young single men is very real and perhaps not enough work is done to solve the problem.
It also needs to be discussed by left.
Otherwise, suppress the man\'s self
Hatred, anger, contempt and immersion in the happy trap of addictive substances and media (as calledit)
Used by right-wing and conservative movements.
By doing so, these movements because men perform better than women in education, their livelihoods are threatened by affirmative action and immigration, or are disadvantaged in the maintenance war.
However, there should be different explanations for their diagnosis of alienation by petersong.
It is true that we no longer have clear social norms, clear career paths, reliable values or prestige indicators.
Even the \"good reason\" of our past has been distorted and distorted by the signals of money and green washing --
Make machines to the extent that charities claim to be suspicious.
Our entire human habitat has been quantified.
The top scholars in academia are thinkers who have the most opinions on ideas, and they have become \"opinion leaders \".
When their products \"can be used by people with exponential growth\", the profession is the most successful and the highest paid.
The time we spend working as a mechanism to assess its value has depreciated.
In the face of the employment market dominated by key performance indicators, micro-management and weak autonomy, through continuous internal competition and incentive structure, the target positions are constantly changing and the purpose is not clear, the income potential of millennials is not what they think.
They are often weakened by soaring rents, and in the foreseeable future, they are likely to be priced by the first buyer\'s market, and in many countries they also bear the burden of repaying student loans.
One can now ask, what is the difference between the pain of young white people and that of other white people (
Women, transgender people or people with darker skin color)
College graduates, they\'re not-
Only one exception.
For a group of people who will occupy most of the 3 major arenas, there is a bigger difference between their expectations for the future and the way they are implemented now.
Although they often experience similar societies
The economic environment, like other well-educated millennials, is alienated from instability and generations (
Especially compared to their dad)
By contrast, those who are already emotionally prepared for a chaotic biography, overcoming obstacles and constantly facing prejudice are even greater.
What Peterson is trying to do is to make individuals feel more confident and ready to face the world and solve any problems that lead them to despair.
In his view, this is the social and economic hierarchy developed in the West.
While not perfect, they are by far the best of all systems, and every attempt to change or even adjust them is considered dangerous.
His 12 life rules are a mix of advice on how to better play the dominant game, how to adapt yourself to the routine in times of crisis, and how to improve personal relationships.
For many people, this is much better than doing nothing.
But it is based on the idea that there is a fixed hierarchy.
Peterson, by studying the level of 5-5 in lobster and its relationship with the superior order status, assumes that the hierarchy predates capitalist and post-structural oppression theories, their existence is determined by biology or, in the words of Jung, a prototype.
Since 5-amino is an anti-depression drug in lobster and humans, the higher its level, the corresponding goal is to occupy a higher position in the hierarchy, and the social hierarchy is inevitable.
In addition, the flattening of the hierarchy (more equality)
Lead to depression and loss of upward trajectory.
Even if I pretend to be a social Darwin, it is not very convincing.
Human beings have developed language as a tool for organizing social dynamics.
Many species are very similar to humans, and they can even communicate with us, such as cats, dogs, dolphins, chimpanzees or bon chimpanzees.
However, all of these species have different social dynamics and hierarchies, and therefore, even biodeterminists need to admit that social hierarchies flow much more than lobsters crawl each other.
Many anthropologist believe that the development of human language is parallel to the resistance to the dominant structure.
Human beings are open to other groups and organize their own abilities in units larger than the size of the natural group, while balancing complex social dynamics, which is why humans are distinguished from other species.
If Peterson believes that he claims the primary status of the individual, this is directly in contradiction with the view that humans are happy to obey the hierarchy of domination.
One view that combines these two views is that the personalisation of humanity is the result of the constant struggle between submission and resistance.
If the way we now organize time, opportunity, work, life arrangements, and distribution of relationships creates this discontent and despair.
Cover up rather than face the vacuum, withdraw the micro-world of your home and immediate family, individualism, and the revival of Christian values, what is the benefit of possibly blowing some new wine into old wine. Markus 2,22).
Best of all, it may keep things together for a while, but this may delay the process of finding a solution to the pressing problem at hand: long-term wealth distribution, artificial intelligence for climate change, how to deal with our xenophobia as global citizens, or our dependence on fossil fuels.
It also shows that equality of opportunity has been achieved.
As for Peterson\'s audience: straight back shoulder, lobster t-
The shirt may temporarily release some of the melatonin and allow you to take a step up in the hierarchy you are currently in over time.
When we are all lizards or shellfish, your brain will feel good.
But it doesn\'t make alienation disappear or make your work suddenly meaningful.
Don\'t you want to be a little higher than a competitive self?
If so, don\'t be manipulated.
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