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high-stakes lifestyle where big bets buy the most luxury

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
As we all know, Stephen Paddock sat for hours, played slot machines and video poker, gambled with tens of thousands of dollars, gained VIP status, and the luxury of casinos in their regular high-rise shower\"
Let them continue to play.
Get the most out of these offers in a limo, buy Swarovski crystal jewelry at the casino gift shop for free, and stay in the free hotel rooms and suites.
His family said he thought the casino was the second home and gambling was a retirement career.
Many things are not clear about Paddock\'s gambling history, but it is clear that a large part of his life is in casinos in various cities.
These are the core parts of his last act: he launched the deadliest shooting in modern America. S.
History of luxury suites on the 32 th floor of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where he shot and killed dozens and wounded more than 500 people on Sunday.
When the police approached his room, he shot himself with one of the 23 guns he carried with him.
He died in his suite.
High in Las Vegas Avenue and Casino
Surrounded by guns, shells and blood.
Those who knew the paddock were confused by the extreme violence, but not because he was at Las Vegas casino that night.
Dealers, waitresses, security guards, bartenders, drivers and family all said Paddock was a loyal gambler who spent most of his time in the casino playing their slot machines and video poker games, sometimes staying at the hotel for a few months at a time.
A man familiar with the history of the Paddock Gambling, who declined to be named, said the paddock was considered a mid-range gambler with gains and losses of tens of thousands of dollars.
Put him in the middle of the VIP program for loyal gamblers.
\"This is obviously a person who likes to gamble.
He is a man who has won and lost over the years.
He paid all his bills on time. . .
\"Nothing has ever happened,\" the man said . \".
\"He has the image of a responsible gambler.
Paddock frequently visits casinos in Reno, Nevada, where he recently bought a house in a new retirement district.
When his girlfriend Marilou Danley worked a few years ago, he met her
Ultimate hostess at Club paradise known as the tallest Atlanta Casino Resort & Spa-
Eric Paddock, Paddock\'s brother, said it was the last casino in Renault.
The two used to gamble side by side.
Renault\'s casino staff are used to seeing the paddock and coach come to Atlanta in a limousine before the game.
She is more friendly;
He was more silent.
Sometimes they get together, sometimes individually, and the employees who work at the Renault casino say they ask for anonymity because the casino manager orders them not to discuss the paddock publicly.
Groupon arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday after returning from a trip to the Philippines.
She spoke with FBI agents there and issued a statement through her attorney saying she knew Paddock was the \"kind, caring, quiet person\" she loved \".
She said she knew nothing about his plan to \"violence against anyone.
A woman who worked with Fernando in Renault Atlanta said Paddock had won the highest loyalty in the casino --
Program Status, offering a range of privileges for gamblers, including premium seating for private casino hosts, concerts and events, and free car wash
He also ordered food from the restaurant menu and sent them to him while gambling.
Eric Paddock said his brother moved into the casino for months at a time.
The company, which owns Atlanta, said in a statement that it \"does not have the latest information about Stephen Paddock and Marilou Danley\", noting that Danley stopped working there a few years ago
\"We are working with law enforcement to support their efforts to investigate and resolve this tragedy.
Other Reno casinos also frequent the paddock.
He has earned a reputation in big Sierra Leone and has been found working at Silver heritage in recent weeks, where a dealer said his bet on slot machines was $100.
A casino employee said the paddock appeared frequently during the air games at the September National Championships.
Public records show that Paddock, who owns two planes, is a licensed pilot.
Gambling is obviously profitable at times.
Paddock\'s brother said he showed a text message from Stephen Paddock to FBI investigators saying he won $250,000 at the casino.
\"It\'s like a job for him.
\"This is a job where you make money,\" said Eric Paddock . \" His brother could lose $1 million, he added, but there is still enough money to continue living.
Relatives say they believe the paddock is worth more than $2 million, making a small sum of money from real estate deals and businesses he and Eric Paddock sell.
Paddock told his neighbors that he was a professional gambler, but he did not show any decoration of wealth, drove a humble car and liked kha pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
Eric Paddock recalled that his brother had arranged to take over the top floor of Atlanta --
All parts of free rooms, dining, drinks, spa services, and other perks are available to lubricate cash-
Casino culture is filled in Las Vegas, Reno and other gambling paradise. \"RFB -
Food & Drink-room service
It\'s the most coveted comp, \"said David Schwartz, director of the Center for gambling studies at the University of Nevada.
The casino closely tracks the habits of all punters other than the most casual punters, monitoring the time they play the game and the amount of the bet.
They invest heavily in freebies and other temptations to keep them playing.
On average, comps accounts for almost one, Schwartz said.
This is the third cost of the Las Vegas casino.
In 2016, the average cost of the 24 largest Las Vegas casinos was $0. 145 billion, of which comps accounted for $65 million.
According to a report by Schwartz at the center of UNLV, it exceeds the sum of wages and taxes, which is equivalent to 29% of all game revenue.
In Mandalay Bay, a 1,450-square-foot, two-
According to the hotel\'s website, the bedroom suite can be rented for hundreds of dollars on the night of the week, and depending on the season and activities of the resort, it may be worth far more than that.
At high-
End up with casino restaurants, show tickets, limo, alcohol and points for gambling, comps can increase quickly.
\"You don\'t have to be the highest roller, they will still take care of you,\" said a Washington businessman who often travels to Las Vegas . \".
Analysts say that while the casino offers flashy and attractive looks, it allows the casino to boost and reward loyalty, mainly because casino officials know that the longer a person is gambling, the more frequent the house is, the more likely it is to win.
Comps plays a vital role in casinos, making players feel important and making them spend money on specific properties.
Free rooms can help players stay in the casino and gamble as long as possible there.
The overall feeling of being a VIP draws people back on a regular basis --
It feels like they get almost guaranteed returns.
\"If you put a lot of money into slot machines and you don\'t get any rewards, you stop doing that at some point,\" said Lia Nower, director of the university\'s gambling research center.
\"If they have free rooms and other things, that\'s right.
Nower says the reward system varies for each casino.
\"If you spend quite a bit of money and go a few times a year, you might get a private room, a meal, a show ticket,\" she said . \".
\"If you are a tall man, you will get the suite, you will get the transportation and you will bring people with you.
The casino has complex systems that track player habits, Schwartz said.
Even the rather casual gamblers are encouraged to sign up for the player card, which is essentially a loyalty club card, allow the casino to collect data about the time that gamblers spend on 21-point tables or slot machines, the amount of their typical bets, and their overall bonuses and losses.
Inserting cards into the machine or handing them over to the pit boss allows players to accumulate points that can be used in many ways.
Players who use enough loyalty cards become \"graded\" players and are generally eligible for personalized service from the casino, including \"VIP hosts\" who help arrange free giveaways such as rooms, meals and reservations.
It also allows direct Casino
Pitch to players most likely to return, offering coupons or discounts sent by mail and email as a temptation.
\"They know the person has a fixed gambling budget and they want to encourage loyalty,\" Schwartz said . \".
These cards work well in any casino owned by the same company.
For example, the MGM resort player cartoon is often good at casino chains, from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to MGM national port near Washington.
Different casinos allocate companies to different levels of consumption, Schwartz said.
People who gamble $500 at the top Las Vegas casino \"may not be noticed\" and they sometimes bet tens of thousands or more on one hand.
But in general, people like the Paddock, who are reportedly betting tens of thousands of dollars or more at a time, are eligible for high bonuses, he said. end comps.
The comp system encourages people to continue to return to their favorite places where they feel valuable, Nower said.
\"The whole element of gambling has nothing to do with money.
This is an important feeling. . .
This has to do with familiarity, \"says Nower.
\"The person who knows your name, the person who knows you are going into town. \"---
It is reported that Dwoskin from Reno, Nevada, and Zezima from Washington.
Barbara Liston, Orlando, Florida, contributed to the report.
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