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hip-hop was poised to conquer fashion. why did it stop short?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
B ubbles and fizz float on the surface of \"Fresh Dress\", a wonderful documentary about the history of the hiphop fashion.
Young black men in a vintage Ralph Lauren shirt swoon in worn-out neighborhoods;
Creative soul hand show
Denim coat; and street-
Fashion icons praise Lee jeans and Cazal sunglasses for their top spot on the cool-style clothing shortlist.
In the chapter of the history of style that began in the 1970 s and continued into the 21 st century, hip-hop culture —
Music, Art, geotribalism, and the attitude of bravala
It defines aesthetics for a generation of young men and women who grew up in cities.
Its influence spread and eventually changed the culture as it flowed into the middle class, mostly white
First-class suburban shopping center and stylish runway in Paris.
By the end of the 1990 s, even customers of premium custom clothing could wear trousers lower. Hip-
Jumping has changed music and fashion.
It creates millionaires, encourages entrepreneurs, and stars with influence and cash to kick-start trends and mobile products. But did hip-
Change the rules?
The power structure of Seventh Avenue?
Luxury companies?
The \"Fresh Dress\", which opens on Friday, comes as music fans discuss cultural grants and cultural grants.
When Kanye West condemned the reluctance of luxury fashion to welcome him as a designer --
Not just customers.
Its exclusive club. Meanwhile, hip-hop style —
Anyway, this is a clean version.
The work of some of the rising stars on Seventh Avenue is being notified, and many of them will be working on the New York runway next month. Hip-
Filmmaker Jenkins a Jenkins said that hop is now living in the conference room of the American company, and a tailored suit is \"the uniform you have to wear in that competition \". But hip-
Hop has not yet built its own ideal brand to wear on executive suites or red carpet.
Instead, it just created a group of wealthy entrepreneurs who can afford the label they have ever had
Expand your dreams.
Jenkins was born in Philadelphia and lived briefly in Silver Springs, Maryland. , Md.
He came to New York just as rap got traction.
As a child in his 1980 s, he is a fan of music and culture, and as an adult he has established a career as a journalist who records the influence of music. He likes fashion.
Hop\'s creativity and earliest fans treat their costumes in a proud and almost obsessive way --from-the-box crispness. Hip-
Hip hop fashion reflects the insecurities and ambitions of its instigators.
Jenkins, 43, said the key to all this at first was the desire for freedom: those early influencers were fighting for respect and independence.
\"What you feel about yourself is the main part of how you see yourself,\" he said . \".
In the film, West describes his desire for fashion and fashion. to be “fresh.
Efforts to pursue wealth
At least when he was young
Not the money itself, but the ability to keep him the most ideal fashion.
Jenkins interviewed a member of Lo Life gang, a group of retro Ralph Lauren enthusiasts who noted, \"I don\'t have furniture in my home, but I have Polo.
\"A sneakerhead is proud to stand in his extensive collection and kindly put in semi-transparent boxes one by one, pointing out that in the years to come he can wear a new pair of shoes every dayIn hip-
Public speech-
The respect it attractswas everything.
Hear the extra story
Shooting is refreshing without judgment
Just like listening once-
Children deprived of their rights are intoxicated with a new pile of toys.
But the effort on things and more heralds a shift in the hips --
Jenkins depicts the jumping fashion with melancholy notes. Hip-
Hop has brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Puma, and more, Jenkins said.
In their limited view of the world, young people are attracted by the label of wealth and privilege.
They help promote them through their music and their show-off hugs for the logo. As hip-
Hop has not only become a tool for creative expression, but also a source of revenue, with new millionaires creating their own clothing line and building a brand new branch driven by fashion for a while --hop aesthetic.
Their fashion designers
Do is a new department store category called \"city\" by accomplished hip-
Jumping artists, ethnic designers who hone in the street instead of art schools, and cunning entrepreneurs who see opportunities in oversized T-
Shirts and jeans
But these brands soon disappeared.
Jenkins believes that the most fashionable thing is
Jumping stars and moguls don\'t support their own brands
This is not the way to make these labels transformative and aspirational, as it has the opportunity to shine cool and live longer.
Whether Jay Z works together or not
Rocawear was founded.
When he was at the top of the game, he had sold his interest in street clothing brands and was clapping for Tom Ford\'s suit and the luxurious Hublot watch.
West\'s early style was defined by prep Ralph Lauren, but with the expansion of his fashion world, he was dressed in Rick Owens, sitting around Lanvin, creating
Maison Margiela avant-garde.
There\'s a stylish wall.
Hop cannot be removed.
Sean Combs opened a hole in it with his Sean John collection, which was launched in 1999 and sold with a wide variety of male models, dressed in sharp tailors
The brand has annual sales of $0. 45 billion and Combs has won the annual men\'s wear designer award from the American fashion designers Association --
The first black man to receive the flagship honor of the organization.
But Sean John is still a middleman.
The set sold at Macy\'s and the easy-to-buy sportswear set are priced.
The Women\'s Wear Daily still sees the need to clarify the racial breakdown of Sean John customers in a story from last year so as not to be seen as a label that is primarily aimed at black shoppers: \"The brand has a client population of over 40% white people and over 20% Latinos.
\"In discussions about brands such as Nautica or docker, this is not a necessary symbol.
Meanwhile, Combs himself is known for liking Versace suits and custom cuts.
With every step of the ladder of success, the desire will increase.
People clean up and wear clothes. Stars-turned-fashion-
Entrepreneurs left behind what they created.
Sometimes it will wither, but it will usually be seen as leftovers by fans. “I think hip-
\"Hop has a very one-off attitude because it has a very one-off feeling of self,\" said hop . \".
\"It goes back to lack of self. esteem.
\"When you\'re wearing fashionable clothes --
People are watching you.
There is a shame whether you are black or any background.
\"This is the energy of the slums,\" he added . \".
This energy is taboo and people will be attracted to it because it is very attractive.
\"People want some essence, some sprints.
But they don\'t want to take a shower inside because it feels like Funk won\'t leave you. ”Hip-
Jump fashion is now defined by collaboration and mixing.
Performers such as Jay Z, West and Farrell Williams have established relationships with luxury brands such as Barnes department store, Huibao department store, Adidas, Louis Vuitton and Chanel in New York
Trendy brand
Jumping once squandered their desire.
Luxury brands enjoy a few spritzes-hop;
Performers climb a little higher in the social hierarchy.
Ultimate beneficiaries of Hip
Hop\'s fashion heritage is likely to be a new generation of menswear brands such as Milan County, public schools, Off-
Tim Copen, white.
By definition, they are not fashionable. hop brands.
However, their advantages are exacerbated by the rigor of the street style and the trendy moves
A combination of luxury and understanding of technology.
Designers in public schools
For example, on Monday and Maxwell Osborne honed their craft while working at Sean John.
Coppens blends the exciting pace of New York with the emotions developed in Belgium. Hip-
As far as it is concerned, hop fashion has not been successful.
But it was very successful.
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