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hollywood joins chorus demanding team usa uniforms be made in usa

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
Los angeles-Last week, when Ralph Lauren designed American clothingS.
Olympic uniforms for the London Olympics were made in China, and political leaders on both sides of the aisle expressed their displeasure.
Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nevada)
The move was disturbing and suggested that \"they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile, burn them and start over.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)
\"You think they know better,\" he said.
\"Lawmakers are now expected to roll out the US manufacturing Act of 2012 to ensure this does not happen again.
Many Hollywood people we interviewed agreed.
DJ Ashba, lead guitarist of gun Rose Band, all-American-
Making the label ASHBA Swag told us he was shocked by Ralph Lauren\'s \"going to cut the cost of something as sacred as America as possible\"S. Olympics.
\"You get what you give, and Americans won\'t be disappointed,\" he said . \".
\"At ASHBA Swag, everything is for quality.
We never sacrifice quality, especially not saving a few dollars.
We are all made in the United States and we are very proud of it.
Star Carolyn Hennessy told fox411\'s pop pie column: \"It\'s undeniable that Ralph Lauren is still a design and fashion genius.
But there is no denying the lack of American pride and patriotism.
Charley Koontz of NBC\'s \"community\" responded to this frustration and questioned why we didn\'t get companies like Ralph Lauren to reach higher standards in the US marketS. job creation.
\"I want to see America. S.
The Olympic team is wearing American-made uniforms. S.
\"This year, but I would definitely like to see more factories packed with Americans making polo wholesale t shirts wholesale every day with that crazy giant horse,\" he said . \". The U. S.
Olympic CommitteeUSOC)
Admit anger, but defend the price.
He pointed out that \"Unlike most Olympic teams in the world, the United StatesS.
The Olympic team is privately funded.
\"We take seriously the concerns we have heard from members of Congress and the American public about the United States. S.
\"Uniform for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games,\" said usoc ceo Scott Blackburn . \".
\"We are absolutely committed;
However, work with our sponsors to ensure that the concerns expressed are addressed.
In the meantime, we ask for the support of the American people.
Our country should be proud of the athletes who represent them in London, and I hope everyone is united around the US team.
A survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal this week found that 52% of respondents believed that the uniforms of the US team should be made here, but he said that the current uniforms should be thrown away, starting from scratch can be much more troublesome than it is worth.
\"Ralph Lauren learned the lesson and threw away the current inventory and made uniforms in the US, which would be a great gesture.
But it could be seen as overreacting and causing a bigger international impact, \"warned crisis manager Glenn Selig.
\"This will definitely allow the awkward chapter to last longer. \"China\'s state-
The Xinhua news agency has criticized the propaganda of American politicians on the issue. S.
It refers to \"narrow nationalism and ignorance \".
Com wrote that this is \"ridiculous for the United StatesS.
Politicians who politicize the Games aim to bring countries together.
Ralph Lauren did not respond to requests for further comment, but in a statement released earlier this week he vowed to provide uniform for the United States
At 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the U. S. team labeled \"Made in America.
While labels may be heating up right now, if we really want to make a difference, each of us should keep an eye on all of our clothing labels, Selig said.
\"Most people do think it\'s a slap in the face to make Team USA uniforms in China.
This means a bigger problem than the Olympic Games.
\"It\'s clear that uniforms are best made in the US, and Ralph Lauren should think so,\" Selig added . \".
\"But because a lot of companies do the same thing and almost everyone is wearing and buying goods made in China, we all feel guilty about the same thing. Daniel Jones
Wesley contributed to the report.
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