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hong kong\'s fashion bargains

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
1991 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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All the logos suitable for printing are printed on a white cotton shirt: George Armani, Karl Lagerfield, Claude Montana, Calvin Klein, Valentino, Chanel
It is for sale in Hong Kong and at Granville Road, Kowloon for $12-
In addition to the $8 limited Label denim shirt, the $6 Ralph Lauren polo shirt and the Gap T-shirtshirts at $4.
Hong Kong is the place where the designer\'s price has bottomed out.
In this city, buying from factory stores is such a serious business that the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has published a list of addresses and the tourist stores have sold books on where to go.
But whatever the sign is
Shirts may suggest that this is a skill and opportunity game to find cheap and trendy.
When looking for a \"bargain\", the first thing to decide about is to analyze what that means.
Is it a package with a status initials or T-
The shirt with the designer logo is only sold for a small part of the real thing, and will inevitably be fake?
If that\'s the case, go to the Stanley Market.
Take a taxi for an hour from the city center, where you may find real designer jeans, but \"knock off\" has become a system where vendors have been placed on tourist maps.
If you are looking for a leather coat or cashmere sweater close to the wholesale price, it is wise not to look for a designer dress that will be sold at a premium, but to find a serious supplier with air
Conditional showroom and acceptance of main credit card.
They may be in central or more likely in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (
Cross by picturesque Star Ferry or quick and convenient Metroharbor railway).
A large sweater shop in the Oriental Pacific, Star House (
In Hankou Road)
Or Dorfit in the Ocean Center is a cashmere hunting ground.
For men\'s and women\'s leather jackets, SangYu, located in the rotary industrial building on South West Street, has basic things and sometimes designer labels.
Shopping is divided into three geographical areas.
The first is the central area, where the glossy boutique is, and you can check out the full retail price of the designer collection.
Then there is The Pedder Street Tour, where washed silk sells thick touch silk as a popular fashion item.
Tac Pac retail in Walker Building (
Also in Harbor City and Nathan Road, Kowloon)
Sale of second line Anne Klein II
Although not bargainBasement price
Shirt stand for sale in Pedder Building Yves Saint Laurent shirt, Safari-
The world of shoppers is a holy land in the United States. S.
Local authorized designers: private labels for Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Adrienne vitatini and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Then advertise in other parts of Hong Kong Island.
The Wanchai street market, especially near Spring Garden Street, has Brand jeans.
There is another stop in Causeway Bay (
Close to Excelsior Hotel)
Mushrooms grow in a factory store in Li Garden Lane.
Serious bargainers may have the courage to come to Quarry Bay through heavy traffic, where Lee Yijun sells ski suits on King\'s Road.
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon is the happiest hunting place for shoppers, whether it is silk (
$15 vest and good shirt for $25 to $30)
And the designer\'s label.
Inevitably, these are all random and you find that the real designer is bargaining more for luck than judgment.
Top of Hankou Road lantern pants is an outlet on the lower level
Pricing routes for Italian designers Armani, Krizia and Valentino.
How far are you ready to struggle in your eyes
Haze and sauna
On the hot Street between the rickety factories, the air was filled with greasy water beads
Air conditioning equipment depends on your brave spirit
This ability to be disappointed when a hot tip turns out to be just another factory outlet selling cheap sportswear.
Before the new Hong Kong airport is built, you may also have to endure the roar of the aircraft engine in Kowloon City. lion Rock Road is the center of cheap sportswear, and Angus International specializes in silk.
Good silk from China can also be found in the airport area of Citi clothing and other stores in slummy San Po Kong.
Is it really worth the hard work of taking a taxi or even an efficient subway?
If you go to Red hom (
Travel beat about designer label now)
Do you promise to find something to justify this trip?
Outlets at Kaiser Manor include K International (
Liz Clay and the Wrangler)
Popular pattern polyester dress for Diane fries.
Although the Seventh Avenue fashion may not satisfy this boasting, there are some practical professional clothes, such as smart silk pioneers.
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The key to fashion bargains is that they need not only the luck of delivery and inventory, but also the eagle eye.
Even on Granville Road, each store is an open-air market full of opportunities and you will find shirts with two left sleeves, scorched marks on the iron, or (especially)
A small hole in the label \"scratched. \"(
This is the sop that the factory pays to the dignity of the designer, by tearing off the label to indicate inferior quality or that the dress is the end of the run. )
Wise shoppers check every item very carefully, including lifting it to the Sun to check what they get.
In the end, you may decide, your own keen eye for a good dress gives you better than looking for the elusive Ralph Lauren polo shirt or Alan Tracy skirt of the right size and color
Local sportswear
For example, the appearance of Lacoste-
Crocodile signis well-
Reasonable price, wearable.
Tons of washed silk clothes (
Fabric even sold by meter)all over town.
You may decide soon that you would rather slip into one of many air than knock on the wet, suffocating streets of Kowloon
A shopping center and a comfortable choice.
The advantage of Hong Kong is that it makes customers happy.
This is probably the biggest deal.
Ads keep rising, spot checks, hot spots-
Tip factory outlets still exist.
They sprout like mushrooms and soon wither.
Check not to buy anything without checking, check in good light for bugs or faults.
Be sure to be prepared for reconnaissance before you spend money.
Don\'t expect to automatically find designer labels in sales
Or ignore real bargains without identity names.
Write it down and ask your hotel to write a name and address in Chinese characters, especially in Kowloon City or peripheral stores.
Keep in mind that fashion bargains only fit the name if the color and size you wear is right.
A version of the article was published in the International Herald Tribune on October 11, 1991.
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