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$hopGirl: Chic for cheap

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
These days, it\'s hard to go anywhere without hearing about the three R.
Reduce, recycle and reuse.
Located between McCullough Street and San Pedro Avenue, a fab Avenue on Theo Moss Avenue allows you to easily complete these three tasks, provide everything you need, and decorate your house
Friendly environment and wallet.
This is great, family.
Run a used store at 248 W (a mother and her two daughters)
Olmos Drive specializes in retro style and unique styles of clothing, furniture, etc.
Each owner has a favorite item
Mother\'s book, one sister\'s lamp, another sister\'s antique jewelry
Good choice.
There are also great old juicer and glasses, a gorgeous set of five original bowls and a container full of metal cookie cutters.
There are record albums, plates, old kitchen tools, trays of plastic drinks and snacks, and embroidered tea towels.
Fashionable clothes, vintage handbags and sunglasses abound.
Vintage patterns cost 50 cents each.
Nice to know: The store only accepts cash and checks.
The infinite possibilities are celebrating its one-
For the first anniversary, hopGirl hopes it will be the first of many.
Located at 204 W.
Olmos Drive on my rocking chair blends home decor, furniture and lighting.
When you can find a modern bed in the back of Santa Fe style chair, an old wicker recliner has an Ottoman opposite the chair with an Asian chair next to the chair with mom on the chairof-
Pearl Inlay, you know you\'re in a fun shop.
$ HopGirl still not sure how she came home without an actor
Iron Bird cageSo, if you like jade cups, turquoise small vases of French porcelain, and Mexican pottery monkeys, come here. It\'s fun to stroll through a new room-
This sweet shop is located in every corner.
$ HopGirl loves beautiful old pine doors with mail slots and door rings, old walnut bassinet and BBQ platter and mug.
Here\'s the answer for each woman to how to wear all the best brands without paying outrageous prices associated with them.
Otra Vez, 134 W. Olmos Drive.
, Carrying new items (mainly items with high inventory backlog)
Clothing, footwear and accessories.
Brands range from designers like Chanel to professional retailers like this.
There are also interesting antiques in the store
HopGirl especially likes trendy night bags.
On the day HopGirl was there, the choice of shoes included Chanel, and so on.
The new fall shelf features a black Dolce & Gabbana jacket, an Elie Tahari set and Alberto Makali Blackand-white jacket.
$ HopGirl love the bright patchwork colors of Trina Turk and Tibi short dresses and long dresses from Buskvadum.
If you buy a cocktail or formal dress on the market, Otra Vez has a great choice.
There are vintage, Todd\'s, handbags, funny scarves and belts. This ultra-
Fashion chain store, 145 W.
Olmos Drive is very interesting and you can spend hours browsing the shelves.
It has current fashions, plus vintage and vintage finds.
Brands from Target to Gucci-seriously.
The price will make you smile.
It carries men\'s and women\'s, accessories and lovely shoes that don\'t look sad.
$ HopGirl looked at some jeans brands and saw paper Cowboys and fabrics from real religion, Joe\'s, women\'s missing me and Gap to Burberry, Levi\'s and men.
HopGirl has fallen due to men\'s vintage T-shirts (including Nirvana and poison) and cannot believe the prices of men, Lacoste and Le Tigre polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
There are a few pairs, a pair of cute female coach snow boots (if it snows ). A. !
) And some cool guys Nike.
Another cool thing about this store is that you can sell your item or sell 30% of the price or get 50% of the store credit.
Recycle your items and save money by buying more. . .
Is there anything better about this 307 W thrift store?
Olmos Drive has a fantastic project where the money you spend is good for the disadvantaged youth.
So now you are helping the environment while also helping others and getting something great in the process!
It carries everything from the clothing of the whole family to household items and furniture.
If you\'re looking for a big TV, someone might recycle a premium flat-screen TV that has several in the range of $89 to $149.
It also has a couple of sofas, old tongue twister beads (some people remember those gems after the 80 s) and a variety of wedding dresses.
$ HopGirl thinks sixpiece silver-
Antique tea service set for $229.
99, is quite a discovery.
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