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$hopgirl: some east side goodies

by:QiMeng     2019-10-02
We all know the east side is delicious.
It\'s time to learn that there\'s also good shopping there.
On the way to the kitchen of Ma Harper\'s Creole, 1830W. W. White Road (
Home of the most delicious okra in the city)
$ HopGirl found several interesting shops on the way.
You will like what we found.
Hope the girl saw it. O-
The \"unique gift\" and \"Yellow Box\" logo of Pep had to stop.
Is she glad she did this?
This shop in Rigsby 4542 is a treasure to be discovered.
A feed store with animal supplies from horses to birds.
About five years ago,O-
Pep starts selling Non
Animal gifts such as fruit-
Infusion pitcher, ice bucket and prep-and-
Sliced board and practical tray.
If hopGirl is going to college this fall, she will go here to buy shower curtains and toiletries (
Very Western fashion).
Speaking of the West, there are great sculptures of cowboys and horses, gift bags of wine, dear tops and tanks.
Willow trees are always popular, with Noah\'s Ark in the store and a scene of the birth of Jesus with a unique look.
Great aviary, gardening supplies, hopGirl\'s favorite girl and women\'s yellow box shoes.
Register on e-
The mailing list is the first person to know the shoes. of-the-
Month, more sales.
Discoteca mipuevrito did not.
Our shop is on Rigsby Avenue, 4525 month.
Your man needs to be a real Texas cowboy, including familiar brands like Justin and the Wrangler, as well as brands like Herencia and Los Altos that you may not know about.
Both men and boys have denim jackets, cd for Mexican music, golden belt buckles, wallets and denim shirts.
This store sells a small number of boots for women and perfumes and Cologne for children and adults, but don\'t forget: this is mainly a male store.
The market is in La Michoacana Meat Market in its 1814 S. W. W.
White Road sells many grocery brands you see in H-E-
B but there are many brands you don\'t like.
The meat market along the back wall also has fun seafood options such as the whole octopus of the day where hopGirl was there.
The choice of Mexican cheese, three flavors of tres leches cake, bolillos and white and chocolate flakes cake is amazing.
Pinatas hangs on the ceiling, paletas is sold separately, and $ hopGirl finds some fruits and vegetables in the produce department that she has never seen before.
The market sells bulk pinto and pervano beans and rice, bagged spices and dried peppers, and Mexican sweets to make you drool (
Lucas, obalas and Gloriayum! ).
There is also a delicious takriya, offering a variety of agus murals for $2.
49 goditas and $3. 59 burritos.
This is probably the first time $ hopGirl has visited 1800 of the shops. W. W.
But it won\'t be her last time.
The store sells home brands such as Phat Farm, Hanes and Carter\'s for an amazing price!
Especially for young people, things are really trendy: avant-garde polo --
Stylish shirt with epaulettes for $5. 99-$7. 99;
Basketball shorts, $3. 99-$5. 99; and, a soft T-
Superman S shirt for only $3. 99.
Kids will love Dora, \"car\" and SpongeBob shoes and you will love $3. 99-$9. 99 two-
Costume suit.
For children wearing school uniforms, the quality is $5. 99-$7.
Girl size 4-9916 (
Clothes, pants and shorts)and $3. 99-$9.
Boy size 4-9920 (
Shorts and pants).
Girls should snap up $3.
99 leggings, women will like $1. 99 tanks;
There are both colors.
There are also small toys and household items such as photo frames, candles and luggage in the store.
Linens in Anna 1872W. W.
White Road is another place where the price will surprise you.
This shop could be the ultimate destination for a bed in a bag.
The day HopGirl visited, there were 11-to 13-piece bed-in-a-
Double, XL double, full, queen bags are only $49. 99.
And the set is oh-so-cute!
We are talking about black and white dots with a green flavor.
The linen shop is interesting-
Color shag carpet with matching floor mats and bed racks for $19.
99 bed quilts of all sizes and stylish decorative pillows for $12. 99.
In addition, tableware, kitchenware, pillows, mattress mats, curtains, shower curtains, bathtub accessories, etc are provided.
$ HopGirl also likes 99-cent flower-
The shape of the mat.
Is a local freelance writer/researcher who likes to shop in his spare time.
$ HopGirl can be found in bizwriter @ gmail. com.
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