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how \'growing up military\' helped this florida entrepreneur grow a custom-design t-shirt company

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
As entrepreneurs, we can learn a lot from athletes and veterans.
However, today, I want to open an extra perspective with the help of Tina Bacon
DeFrece, president of Big Frog Custom T-
Dunedin, Florida shirt.
The big frog was founded in 2004 and is becoming a \"big dog\"
A growing franchise model
Technical provider of custom printed clothing and T-shirts.
The company has grown to $22.
Revenue was 2 million per cent in 2016, with 84 franchise locations in 25 states and an aim to expand to 300plus U. S.
Location before 2020.
Company leader, Leward Byne, Ron De Flores and Tina Bacon
DeFrece, a former engineering colleague, went all out to start an online company selling novelty items.
The big frogs were born with their idea of providing geek slogans on T-
Shirts, such as the first rule of chemistry;
Don\'t lick the spoon.
\"In the big frog model, the customer sits down with the artist to create a unique design, and the shirt is either printed on the spot or printed within 24 hours.
The company does not require a minimum quantity and does not increase the cost of installation or design.
Business models are reaching milestones such as 20.
Revenue growth of 4% and double 2016
Revenue has been growing every year since 2008.
I talked to bacon this week.
DeFrece, president of the big frog, talked about the impact of helping her succeed.
She thinks her PhDD.
Help her understand the chemical engineering of Business Science in a favorable way.
But more importantly, her childhood in the military family has influenced the way leadership and communication are conducted, which has driven her personal and corporate success in several important ways, as follows: corporate culture-tight-
Knit society feels rightBacon-
DeFrece: I jumped from a military base to the next, since my father was the commander of the United States. S. Coast Guard.
Being constantly surrounded by other military families in unfamiliar places has made shaping the character of my people today-discipline, strong work ethic, complex team --
The most important thing to develop skills is to adapt.
When my dad was working on various boats and bases, I was lucky enough to visit him.
These circumstances have exposed me to focus and effort.
Staff focused on completing the task at hand.
It is inspiring to me to witness the efficiency and productivity of my father\'s unit.
Every member knows that they have made a valuable contribution, which has made the whole team a success.
The culture of the big frog stems from these early experiences.
Encouraging franchisees and employees to follow discipline and systematize is a factor in our growth.
We encourage innovative, passionate customer service and reliability.
The ability to strike a balance between systematic agreements and community engagement has formed a close-
We always want to be a company and a community.
Team work-why is it better for a company member to be together
DeFrece: one of the best things to grow up in a military family is the pride and confidence you have in the American dream for your country.
I lived in a military base when I was a child, where you never worried about your own safety and the community awareness was always strong-everyone in the base was part of the team.
Even when we are children, we should represent our parents and our country very well.
I still believe today that this structure and pride make you want to live up to and exceed your expectations.
For example, when I lived in Galveston, a hurricane threatened our coast from the Gulf of Mexico.
At the time, we were in the military room with other Coast Guard families.
To avoid the storm, all crew members must drive their ships out of the port into the Gulf of Mexico.
This means that the hatch will be completed by the family.
While this is a very crazy and stressful situation, it is also one of the more poignant moments of my life.
Each family comes together to form a new collective family to prepare for a shortage of food and water.
Teamwork is critical to our safety and survival.
This is also true in our business culture.
I always hope that our franchisees and employees will feel safe and united as I have been growing up.
We engage everyone, from bottom to top, in strategy making and decision-making --making.
When we work together, we are always stronger and wiser in our belief to help us succeed from the beginning.
Communication skills-how to promote communication skills with different groups of people
Adaptability rece: Adaptability is one of the most decisive skills I have learned from an early age.
Unlike some kids, I think it\'s more stressful to move around in this country than to move around.
We have only been stationed in certain places for about a year, which means I have to learn to adapt to new people and new schools very quickly.
No matter where we go, people and cultures are different (
From New York City to New Orleans, for example)
In these places, adaptability is the key to my happiness.
In order to understand others and achieve the goal of mutual benefit, I naturally adjusted the way I communicate with others.
In the business world, companies are built on relationships with executives, employees and entrepreneurs, and develop with strong communication.
Being able to connect with a wide range of people is essential to the development and maintenance of the national franchise system.
It is also important to adapt to new communication lines.
By phone, social media, video chat and even surveys, employees can express their ideas through various channels and be as efficient as possible.
Strong communication skills not only depend on personable and open mind.
You must know how to listen, understand and serve your team.
Perseverance-knowing that there is nothing you can\'t achieve --
DeFrece: We are always immersed in the new city we live in, which has cultivated a sense of adventure and excitement that has affected how I look today.
Exposure to new food, scenery, culture, and still finding success in academic and interaction with classmates makes me feel that there is nothing I can\'t do.
When I ended my career as a scientist and colleague
I founded the Big Frog, and I never worry about whether it will succeed.
My idea is when it will work.
I have an inner motivation to adapt to unknown things and find a way to get things going.
In the process of creating big frogs, we have made some amazing progress and expensive mistakes when trying new methods, systems and equipment.
But you can\'t grow up if you\'re too scared to make those big decisions.
Moving can be terrible;
It may be even more frightening to start a new business.
What is holding back so many entrepreneurs is the fear of failure.
However, if you expect failure to happen sooner or later, you \'d better be prepared to deal with the problem when it comes up, rather than flinch and throw in the towel when things don\'t go as planned.
Sticking to and believing in yourself is the key to a \"successful mentality --
There is no real success without failure.
I will always encourage entrepreneurs to explore, travel, meet new people and delve into the new culture as getting out of the comfort zone is the best way to learn how to capture the life curve.
Williams: In general, there\'s a lot that people have said about the challenges of \"growing armies\" and moving from place to place as young people.
However, as Tina proves,
Close community culture, teamwork, adaptable communication and perseverance are all great advantages of military culture and are special challenges faced by military families over time.
At the end of the day, these are the ideal features each of us learns and uses as an entrepreneur.
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