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how are the tories going after young people?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
With the support of the viral campaign video, grime MCs, and even a pirated Nike T-shirt -
Jeremy Corbyn\'s Labor Party was the undisputed winner of the youth vote in the general election.
British election studies
The most detailed of its kind --
Find 18-62%
25-year-old under investigation voted for Labor
By contrast, only 18% are conservative.
In fact, the study shows that Labor is more popular among all age groups until the age of 45.
Grassroots group Momentum-
This is due to Jeremy Corbyn\'s leadership campaign in 2015.
Helping youth turnout surge to its highest level in 25 years.
Although it is not officially part of the Labor Party.
Through its savvy social media campaigns and militant ground forces, momentum is essential to help the party break expectations in June.
How did the Conservative party react?
There must be a lot of souls-
Since the election results came out, some ideas have begun to form as the dust settles.
The Conservative Party has long had its wings.
Young conservatives had thousands of members and some outstanding alumni during their heyday.
William Hague, for example, became famous as 16year-
Delivered an exciting speech at 1977 Conservative Party Congress.
The group has been divided for decades, unpopular, causing trouble to the party, and it\'s William Hague --
The party leader at that time
In 1998, who decided to reshape it into a Conservative Future.
But two years ago, the Conservative Future itself fell into a scandal.
One of its activists, Elliot Johnson, committed suicide after complaining about bullying by Conservative supporters.
Among other things, this has led to the suspension of the Conservative Party\'s entire future leadership from the Conservative party headquarters.
Although no more than 20,000 members of the organization have been in recent years
They have been active in previous elections, running campaigns across the country.
This round-
There is a gap.
How bad is this for the party?
\"Its relationship with young people within the party is much weaker than it should be,\" said Stephen Cunningham, who served as the conservative future vice president when the state administration was dissolved.
\"There is no real incentive or message within the party to get young people up and shouting for the party like Labor.
\"There is no real concerted effort to get young people out to do things for the party, and there is nothing that real young people believe in,\" he said . \".
He admitted that when he was in charge, the Conservative Future missed a trick.
\"It took us too long to reform the organization and we didn\'t see what we should do . . . . . . It\'s like a big tech company --
We were basically disturbed by a young beginning.
This is momentum.
\"The Conservative Party is now drafting proposals to reform and restructure the future of the Conservative Party --
Focus on training young members in policy development, campaign and media skills.
A Conservative Party spokesman said the party would continue to support and work closely with a growing number of young party members and volunteers.
But there are a lot of people in the party who think that an organized youth group has had a day, and more organic, unrelated groups are the way forward.
Many of them are emerging.
Just this week, an organization called Activate declared itself a \"national grassroots movement organization seeking to actively engage young people in central political rights \".
Although it has been laughed at online
Membership fees that may exceed £ 500
25 s might be a little too eye-catching-
To get the exercise really started, water-
This does illustrate a trend.
Another organization formed last year was the conservative progressive organization, which aims to become a real grassroots organization.
\"We see that there is indeed a need for constructive dialogue between the grass-roots and parliamentary parties within the conservative family,\" said Nabil Najjar, one of the organization\'s co-members. founders.
\"We saw an opportunity there to play a leading role in training --and-
The upcoming activists provide a forum for conservative party volunteers to engage in political discussions, build networks, and try to develop counter-measures for all grass-roots activities that Labor is currently involved in.
\"But these new groups --
They are different though.
Do you really want to compete with Labor\'s militants? Ben Howlett -
He used to be chairman of the Conservative Future.
He was a Conservative MP for Bath since 2015, until this time he was fired by the Liberal Democratic Party.
He is now also turning his attention to the grassroots: \"I think there is an opportunity for a development movement. Not a right-
Wing momentum Avatar-
I think it\'s a ridiculous idea, and frankly no one will wear wheat T-
A shirt with a banner on Theresa May\'s face will not happen.
\"But there is an opportunity for young people to push a new direction within their own political parties.
\"This will tell us --
Whether these new groups can develop in a direction that really affects Conservatives
In the same vein, Momentum\'s support has helped consolidate Jeremy Corbyn\'s leadership and vision for the Labor Party.
Within the Conservative Party, it is now also recognized that the Conservative Party has long relied on the support of older voters and now needs policies that directly appeal to young people. Britain\'s exit from the EU has been largely dashed.
\"We need to look at the structure of tuition fees, interest rates --
\"There is also some policy work on housing,\" said Congressman George Freeman . \" He is the chairman of the Conservative Party policy forum and the prime minister\'s backseat policy committee.
\"I think there\'s a campaign ,[there are]
Some big problems.
We were beaten badly on social media.
I think the third message is about a new political spirit.
I think people don\'t believe in big machine politics, repeated mantra, the route to go, and I think they want a more real, personal form of political communication.
\"To be fair, the Conservative Party is struggling with image in terms of attracting young people.
Nor did this year\'s \"strong and stable\" campaign bring any benefit to the party.
George Freeman will hold the creative festival on September\"
He said he tried to inspire some \"new thinking\" and new ways of communication within the party.
In attacking how the Conservative Party should best deal with the huge mobilization of young voters --
The answer is unlikely to use the term \"conservative momentum\", even if Labor --
Inspiration comes from the support team.
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