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How Arvind\'s demerger will play out

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Chairman and managing director and executive director of Arvind, a textile and apparel company, explained why Arvind had to split its branded apparel and engineering business.
: Financial independence will help unlock the full potential of these businesses.
Demerger will release our resources to enable us to re-focus our textile business.
In the next three to four years, we will invest 1,500 rupees in the textile industry to transform it.
: Whenever Diwali is advanced, you often lose in the north.
If you compare Diwali to Diwali, the numbers will be reduced.
But organized players should do well now.
Unorganized players who avoid tax will face challenges.
Although the speed slowed temporarily, it soon returned to normal.
In fact, we do like it. to-
Just like the growth rate in the second quarter of this fiscal year.
We have become the preferred supply chain partner for many global brands.
For example, we are associated with PVH in Ethiopia. ().
We offer innovative and sustainable products with complete solutions.
We want to move in this direction.
: Between countervailing duties (), countervailing duties are imposed on MRP.
This deprived eight to nine of the profits.
As CVD is lagging behind us, we expect a positive gap in operating income next year and some growth.
Nautica is doing a good job.
This is a great business opportunity.
We have started it in the USA polo and flying machine.
Women\'s clothing is also growing.
About half of the Unlimited () items are women\'s clothing.
: The number of shopping centers was not high earlier.
But when we plan to open the store for the next three to four years, we see enough supply.
In the newer shopping center, we got a reasonable rent. : Omni-
If we customize the solution for our customers, channel will help to get more share of the wallet.
For example, our app can tell them that GAP has a discount on clothing and they can access them.
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