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how important is fashion to you?

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
Questions about the news of students aged 13 and over.
This is New York Fashion Week, many designers including Michael Coles and Mary --
Kate and Ashley Olsen are showing off their Fall Series.
How important is fashion to you?
Even if you can\'t afford the latest style of clothing, will you follow the trend?
What is your favorite dress? Why?
Cathy Huolin wrote in Beyond the iPhone lens: like media and entertainment, fashion is now unfolding on several platforms, with different levels of audience and taste.
Tory Birch\'s speech on Sunday was not a show in itself, but a series of continuous models that attracted top retailers and a large number of enthusiastic young people, many looking at clothes through cameras or mobile phones, attention is rarely guaranteed in their 70 s.
British style sportswear.
It is clear that what matters is their presence and enthusiasm and their recognition of the MS.
Burch as a fashion star, this feeling will be reflected by their image and what they say on the blog.
You can easily imagine the audience.
And bigger outside Lincoln Center tent)
Like people who like glee.
It\'s not a criticism, it\'s a comment that says a lot of people just want to digest the experience of fashion and not necessarily appreciate what makes fashion new or interesting.
Student: Tell us how important fashion is to you.
To what extent do you follow the trend?
Try different styles?
Who is your fashion idol?
What is your favorite dress? Why?
Students aged 13 and above are requested to comment below.
Please use only your name.
For privacy policy reasons, we will not post student reviews with last names.
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\"Style\" is a mixed expression of individualism and charm.
Fashion is the pursuit of fashion.
For me, fashion is the best representation of a person\'s feelings or actions in the social world in which we live today.
It\'s best to have your own unique fashion because you can express how you fell and you don\'t have to explain anything to anyone, it\'s just for yourself.
You will never try to imitate another person\'s fashion just because of who they are and how they behave.
You must venture into your life.
Live on a blank canvas and draw it in the color you desire inside;
Especially when they have clothes of the same color!
Fashion means little to me.
That\'s what I like. that\'s it.
It all depends on when fashion is important to me.
I really don\'t care about the fashion of the school, I hate the school, so I really don\'t care what I look like when I go to school.
After school, I took a shower, put all the clothes in order and looked good, went out to meet my boyfriend or \"go out with the girls\" and yes, fashion is very important to me!
Fashion doesn\'t matter to me because I won\'t really dress up unless I go out somewhere.
I usually only wear trousers and T-shirts.
I only wear beautiful clothes on dates and other occasions.
Fashion is not a big deal.
If I were a model or someone else.
Fashion is meaningless to me at least.
The best neighborhood you have looks good.
This is just another way for people to brag about their wealth.
I don\'t see the point of trying to impress people with clothing.
If you like what you look like, then this is the most important thing.
Because if someone can\'t afford the latest or the best clothes/suits it doesn\'t mean they don\'t look good.
My favorite clothes are casual pants. I wear them 2-3 days a week.
I will wear jeans and trousers the other day.
Wear a velvet shirt or something.
I like it because it is comfortable and I don\'t care what others think.
I agree with the view that fashion is our own representative.
We don\'t necessarily live in your own way at any time.
Fashion is, to some extent, a free means of representing what we feel.
You can follow the trend or swim against the tide.
Fashion is the only tool to enjoy life.
I agree with two points at this point.
Choose the color you liked at the time! not at all.
I prefer comfortable and comfortable people.
LolFashion is not that important at all.
Upscale things seem too exotic to really enjoy at all.
I love some Vans sneakers, some hot topics band t-
Shirt and some comfortable jeans.
I don\'t have to go out and buy the latest fashion and the most expensive apparell items.
My style is unique and I am not suitable for all kinds of different styles haha.
I like dark ones with lace, buttons and dark ones.
I don\'t care about the brand, I don\'t need to speak for someone else to make me.
It doesn\'t matter because the clothes I wear are like bands, skating shirts and jeans.
Fashion only pays attention to me if I can use it.
This includes parties, concerts and a variety of other social parties.
In essence, fashion is very important to me, and only in the sense of role-playing can I get personal benefits.
Fashion is not important to me in my daily life.
Fashion is so important to me that I have never been worried.
I never match or coordinate the colors.
I\'m happy as long as I\'m in legal clothes and comfortable.
Fashion is a thing for me that doesn\'t need to worry about.
For me, the price of clothes and the fact that they are made in the United States is more important.
Also, I love Wrangler jeans because Brett Favre is the face of them!
So fashion is not important to me.
Fashion and fashion have always been an important part of my life.
There are several different aspects of the fashion industry I like.
I like to go through magazines and see what designers have chosen for models.
Rachel Zoe\'s work, as she saw on the TV show on Bravo, is an example of my dream job.
I want to work for a magazine or designer and shoot the work and create the look.
I hope to realize my dream one day.
Ocsar de la Renta is one of my favorite designers because he created the timeless gown-I will wear all the clothes of his Spring Series 2011 in twenty years.
Oscar delalanta is a designer who knows his clients very well.
Sweaters are never outdated items.
This is a good way to add a normal V-neck.
Necklaces or scarves are great accessories.
For a college student running during recess, lunch and meetings, this look is great.
It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it from experience, it\'s a relaxed look, but it\'s our secret!
Encourage citizens around the world to adjust their way of life and live \"low\"
\"Carbon\" lifestyle.
Fashion is not important for people who love natural harmony.
What I like most is fashion!
I dress up for school every day.
I like to follow the trend, such as a shoulder shirt.
Although I like to have my own style.
I like boots and necklaces.
I have about 50 different necklaces and 3 pairs of boots.
I like my white boots.
They went to my knee and tied it to the back.
I don\'t have the fahion icon because I like to be different than to copy cats.
I like to experience different outfits in the wardrobe, I try different color vests with different shirts etc.
I don\'t like to look like a fool.
Dear those who put down the importance of fashion and fashion, you all seem to be over
Fashion is not just part of the surface of life.
This is a form of self.
Expression can even change your mood.
When you look good, you will feel good and dressing in a way that makes you feel good has actually proven to improve people\'s mood.
I believe that if you want to criticize fashion, then maybe you should try to immerse yourself in the actual life of fashion;
Art, instead of criticizing it just because it involves material projects, thinks it\'s not worth your time.
Love forever, regay personally don\'t worry about what to wear and what new clothes to buy every hour, but I do think fashion is important because it is a form of personality.
It allows a person to give someone an impression of what he or she is without having to tell someone, such as how much a photo is worth a thousand words.
In addition, fashion can be expressed in many ways, whether through hair, clothes or accessories.
Fashion gives people an infinite way to show others what he or she is.
I really don\'t pay much attention to fashion . . . . . . I think it\'s annoying when people get po.
Because people don\'t think fashion matters.
This is their opinion and we should accept it.
People like them make our world so independent now.
I think fashion is very important, but it is not the most important.
The clothes I wear are comfortable for me and look good.
A lot of high-end designer clothes look too strange and uncomfortable.
It\'s too expensive.
I won\'t spend a lot of money on strange or uncomfortable clothes.
I think fashion is interesting, though.
Sometimes the models on the T-stand have cool costumes, but sometimes they are weird and I can\'t imagine someone wearing them.
I think people who really like fashion need to realize that your appearance is not your most important thing.
Fashion is very important.
The first thing people look at is fashion. they will judge me.
Many people say that it is wrong to judge a person by appearance. this is what most people do.
I don\'t buy many clothes, but I match them in different ways.
Fashion is very important to me.
I think it is interesting to read the magazine and see the new fashion.
I mean, if everyone has their own look.
I think fashion expresses who you are and what you like.
I like fashion, but fashion is not the most important thing for me.
I\'m fine as long as I don\'t wear dirty clothes.
The clothes I wear look good and comfortable.
I do have a lot of branded clothes, but I really don\'t think the clothes you wear are so important.
I think fasion is very important.
You can tell them a lot of things by wearing them alone.
I also think that people wear clothes to try and fit into others.
All I have to say is be yourself.
Fashion does not mean a lot.
A little interesting.
I love all the designers and like to look at things, but I don\'t understand why people pay so much because all they really pay for is the name.
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