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how luxury clothier handvaerk reinvented the not-so-basic essentials

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
The guidelines for men\'s wear these days start with comfort.
Unfortunately, if a designer or manufacturer lacks technical knowledge
How to incorporate comfortable fabrics into it, their design aesthetic may be affected in the wearable sector, resulting in a decline in consumer satisfaction.
In a word, our consumers develop our desire for comfort and style around technical principles.
In the past, there always seemed to be a compromise between technical attributes and aesthetic considerations.
Now we are blessed to enjoy both.
For example, when I talk about comfort (
In my speech on successful dress)
I want to make it clear on an important topic of discussion;
Comfort should never be in line with haste.
Like most American men, I often find myself wearing washed T-shirts.
Feel free to meet a colleague\'s shirt or Jersey
Staff, travel, even small sometimes
Party with friends and family.
Compared to the traditional American style, I think everyone else seems comfortable in washing clothes --
No one really pays attention to what I wear on casual occasions.
Still, for a variety of reasons, I quickly realized that with many smartphone and social media channels, just one click at any given moment, it\'s really worth the time and investment to take care of my casual look.
I know you may be worried about putting too much energy into your casual appearance, but I assure you that you will be happy with the results once you start.
It\'s all about optimizing the ratio between looking decent or looking dirty or unclean.
Small adjustments to men\'s wardrobes can provide incremental improvements.
Recently, I attended a speech by the founder of the luxury lifestyle Foundation brand hnewcastle (Obvious handVark)
New York Players Club in Gramercy Park.
Founded in 2013, hnewcastle rk is a Craftsman brand offering a carefully curated collection of high-quality daily necessities.
The professional label uses the best quality natural materials and innovative fabrics to create the ultimate luxury leisure-wear classics.
The name of the brand refers to the word \"handmade\" or \"handmade\" in Denmark, reflecting the manual nature of each work and a firm commitment to quality;
The name really represents the soul of the label.
The series is produced in workshops owned by small families, and the technical expertise of these workshops is fully focused on quality craftsmanship.
Although cotton is from Peru, the central command office is located in South Hampton, New York.
The name is perfect for beautifully crafted basic, designed to cater for comfortable and modern needs.
After reviewing the collection, I was immediately attracted to the collection.
The sample shown is definitely male but soft as a feather.
I can easily imagine wearing an ahandaevark T-shirt under a sports jacket and it looks good --
Comfortable to wear.
I also thought about how men\'s wear consumers can wear Handaevark at any particular airport while traveling and look good on the fly.
Just as modern enterprise jets are now designed to fly further without refueling, the founder of Handaevark appreciates the ability to produce luxurious basic products such as underwear, casual wear, sweat, etc, provide the most comfortable modern and decent T-shirts for consumers;
After all, happy consumers are equal to brand loyalty.
In return, brand loyalty equals welcome income.
I have recently had the pleasure of talking to the founders and creative directors estban Saba and Petra brick Nawa about their day-to-day activities, the importance of Peruvian pima cotton and why the brand is the answer to extend travel and summer weeksends!
Joseph DeAcetis: talk to us about your daily activities
Brand development?
Estewan Saba and Petra Brichnacova (håndværk)
: Petra and I are wearing multiple hats because we are a small independent brand and the team is relatively small.
It is important for both of us to give priority to the day-to-day activities that will translate into carefully crafted products and deliver them to our customers.
My daily activities mainly include \"behind-the-
On-site \"tasks such as organizing production, managing our website and social media channels, general business management activities, wholesale and focusing on our marketing plans.
In addition, I focus on developing our team and overall brand influence;
For example, we are currently visiting potential dealers and showrooms in London.
The key to developing the hnewcastle brand is to think about it a few years later --
From the SS19 and FW19 series to recruiting a super talented team to lead our retail concept design.
JD: according to your estimate, why is the quality and quality of Peruvian manufacturing highgrade cotton?
Hnewcastle: Peru has everything it takes to create high value
Quality cotton coat: magical natural resources (Peruvian Pima)
Plus the best growth conditions leading to additional growth
Long fibers, a recent major investment in machinery, convert these luxury fibers into engineering yarns and fabrics, and an experienced genius hand who can make our garments.
Peru has a long history of cooperation with cotton, which can be traced back to the previous
The Colombian Inca people also have great pride in China and workers in the textile industry.
Nevertheless, everything that came out of Peru was not equal.
Given the long history of my home in the Peruvian apparel industry, we were able to create a process from sourcing our own cotton to small cotton
Our garments are produced in bulk with superior quality.
For example, we only purchase cotton from several suppliers and therefore only ensure the highest quality.
This cotton is handmade.
Select, reduce any machine impurities such as oil and keep the best fiber length-
Industrial Machine pickup reduces fiber length compared to fiber length
A gentle manual picking process, carefully picking cotton balls.
We work with our family factory to produce high quality yarn
Fold 80/2 yarn, burn and silk to handle for our t-shirts.
In addition, small workshops on a human scale allow us to carefully produce our work and focus on details.
JD: how do you start your business (
Distribution, daily operation)
At the highest center in the world
Destination location: Southampton.
Petra and I love Southampton.
We all worked in New York for years.
A few years ago, moving to Southampton gave people an idea.
Set the shift and make things a little slower.
Our warehouse and work space are only about a mile from our house, which makes things very easy.
I commute to town several times a week (
Never on Friday)
Our marketing and wholesale team is based in New York for business meetings.
We also visit dealers and our manufacturing partners frequently in Japan, EU/UK and South America.
We can run a small but global business outside Southampton.
A large part of our sales in Japan, we also with Mr. Porter.
Today, we are so connected with technology that you can really work from anywhere and engage with the world.
Closer to home, we have recently had the privilege of working with Henry Le.
Henry and his team are excellent and have built an incredible set of stores and customer base over the years to truly understand the quality.
When we moved to Southampton full time for the first time, Hahn devuk was really small, Petra and I would have these gray garden moments, we even adopted a wildcat, also make sure the squirrels in our backyard eat well.
JD: What is the comparative advantage of your brand?
Who makes your brand different?
Our label is specially made for highend basics —
The special focus sets the hnewcastle é rk apart.
We do everything at home.
Have workshops dedicated to craftsmanship and share our strong commitment to quality excellence.
We celebrate \"artisans\" and are proud to share the understanding that making high quality clothing is a humble and tedious endeavor, far from the hype of the fashion world.
The key point is to create well-made simple works that are compatible with our leisure lifestyle --
Multi-functional parts-
For example, a carefully crafted pique polo shirt can be worn at work or at a business meeting or at a weekend brunch.
If the work is too casual, the transition from work to entertainment is not seamless.
Another good example is a black T-shirt. perfect day-to-
Daily office supplies for tech CEOs and supplies for walking dogs or drinking at night.
The clean and simple methods in our products are important to compliment your style.
I mean, we\'re not trying to tell you what to wear, we just want to offer timeless styles that look good for many years to come.
Our customer base is global, but mainly in cities like New York, Tokyo, London, Copenhagen, Los Angeles.
Urban professionals from their 30 s to their 50 s
The pursuit of real quality and low-key people is like a quiet luxury --
Has nothing to do with the logo.
Our lifestyle is comparable to that of our clients, because before we started hnewcastle érk, I worked in the investment bank for nearly 20 years: working in the city, travel around the world for meetings and fled to Southampton on weekends.
From a design point of view, we feel like we know our market.
JD: talk to us about the current collection and why is this brand great for travel or summer weekends?
Petra and I define this series based on our way of life.
We counted our wardrobe and asked: what are we really wearing? The day-to-
No day you can\'t live?
We pride ourselves on making very soft and comfortable jerseys and underwear that are perfect for traveling --
In our daily life, we put our work in the test.
JD: where do you look at the brand in the next five years?
What is your strategy to get there?
We are working hard to expand our network of retail partners-
Our wholesale business is an important part of our growth strategy as our products need to be touched and felt to truly understand the difference.
We are currently working to expand our global dealer network, working with an experienced local partner with a keen knowledge of local players to replicate products we have done so well in Japan.
In view of the nature of our products and the convenience to our customers, we will directly expand to online consumers --
This channel is a good medium for telling our brand stories and reaching customers around the world.
We are also committed to the retail of hnewcastle brands-a few right-
Large retail stores or flagship stores in major markets such as New York, Malibu and Newport Beach.
We will cooperate at the international level.
Work with local partners to bring a similar brand retail experience.
We plan to open the first hnewcastle brand store in Japan in 2019-
A good way to tell our story intuitively.
Over the next five years, the brand needs to be thoughtfully expanded in markets that really make sense to us.
Our vision is to approach our selective customer base through our retail partners, online and limited branded stores.
The key part of strategy is to find like-
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