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how student used chalk to expose male teacher

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
A woman revealed how she prevented the teacher from pressing her crotch on the student table with chalk in a creepy habit.
Twitter user @ JodiesJumpsuit shared on social media the clever tricks she performed in high school. The Toronto-
The writer revealed that one of her male teachers would regularly press his crotch on the table of female students.
She wrote on Twitter: \"So a long time ago, when I was in high school, a male teacher would walk around the class and put his garbage in his pants to rest, if you are a girl, on the edge of your desk.
She went on to write the story: \"He wore a kha cloth uniform, untied the buttons of the polo shirt, and his front chest was white and he had been playing chalk all the time.
\"He didn\'t like our class very much. we didn\'t like him very much before lunch.
The rest of the garbage will only aggravate it.
According to the Daily Mail, Judy revealed that the issue was not noticed by colleagues because the students were not sure how to deal with the embarrassing issue.
She continued: \"How to deal with this is a bit of a hassle because teens want to admit on their desk what is their teacher\'s B ** s?
Or someone else?
To the teacher?
Or other teachers?
\"Twitter users added that the problem became more complicated because a small number of male students did not believe the girls.
So Judy began to make sure that every student in the class was aware of the teacher\'s behavior.
She revealed: \"So, the day before the teacher walked into the classroom, I wiped the chalk in front of the desk.
\"To Judy\'s great delight, the plan worked, and her teacher turned red after his khaki cloth pants were marked in the crotch with chalk lines.
She added: \"Needless to say, he stopped rubbing our table with his crotch.
Oh, he said, we were the worst class he ever had.
\"But the damage has been done.
His real story
The kha cloth was told to spread throughout the school soon.
\"The children of the next semester know what to do if he starts again.
I don\'t think he has. The end.
Happy Halloween!
\"Jodie\'s twitter fans soon applauded her efforts and other users called her a\" hero \".
Say, \"girl. .
This thread makes my night pure genius, and many of us have had a similar situation. .
Unfortunately, MeToo (sic)
Another netizen agreed: \"playing very well. . .
You are a hero!
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