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how to clean polo ralph lauren shoes

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
Polo Ralph Lauren shoes are canvas sneakers with rubber soles, usually lace
Up style with color decoration.
They are casual shoes and the sole of the Polo Lauren shoes is usually white.
These white soles and canvas are easier to get dirty and dirty than leather shoes and look sloppy.
It is easy to clean canvas shoes because they are durable and the more difficult stains are also easy to remove.
In this way, you can make your shoes look fresh and remove the smell.
Step 1 remove the laces from the shoes and discard them if they are seriously stained.
The laces are hard to clean and cheap to replace.
If they are a bit dirty, try washing them with your shoes.
Step 2, stick the shoes together outdoors to remove any loose dirt or mud.
Brush your shoes gently with a soft brush
Brush to remove excess dirt and scrub the sole until the sole is clean.
Step 3 fill the washing machine to its small load level with the cold water of colored canvas or the hot water of allwhite canvas.
Add the amount of laundry detergent recommended by the manufacturer for a small amount of clothing.
Add shoes and laces to allow the machine to run throughout the washing cycle, including the rotation and washing cycle.
Step 4 Remove the shoes from the washing machine immediately and check for any remaining stains.
If there are spots on the canvas or sole, spray a small amount of stain remover on the spot and scrub gently with a brush.
For tricky spots, let the stain remover put on the stain for the night and then re-wash it in the washing machine.
Step 5 fill the shoes with a clean tissue to help them keep the shape and let them sit in the well
Once all the stains are removed, the ventilated place should be completely dry.
If you decide to keep your old laces, hang them up and dry them before tying them to the shoes.
Step 6 re-clean the shoes and spray them with cloth covers once they are completely dry to protect them from future contamination.
This step is optional but may increase the life of your shoes.
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