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how to dress like an italian man

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
This is a perfect outfit for dressing up Italian men.
They are tailors from small to large, so they know their fashion very well.
They know the way to fit, cut, make, and subtly match.
Women seek guidance from Parisians on how to fashion.
Italian people want to imitate American men.
So your point isby-
It looks like a local guide from Milan or Naples.
First of all, you have to lose your mother\'s jeans.
Then the pleated khaki pants of the waist balloon.
When you are there, the short-sleeved plaid button shaped like a kite must also go.
Save the World from the ugly vision of the cell phone belt clip.
I believe President Obama has given up his plan.
It\'s time to get rid of you.
Now we begin our transformation of Italy.
Start at the right location.
The Italians are proud to wear clothes that suit their shoulders and sharp trousers.
The seams that connect the shirt or suit jacket shoulders and sleeves should end where the shoulders and arms are connected.
Something lower than this is sick. fitting.
The shirt should be close to the body but not too tight and the buttons pop up.
By adding darts to the back, the shirt can be changed easily.
A good way to find out if the shirt is right is to tuck it into your pants.
If the fabric is gathered in the back, or the extra shirt material is loosely hung in the front, you must reduce the next size.
As for the pants, there is nothing more ugly than a messy rest.
Men often make mistakes in wearing inappropriate pants.
The modernist would say that pants should not touch the top of the shoe, nor should they be an inch high to reveal their ankles.
Wrap up your pants and cover your ankles for a more conservative approach.
It should be a clean look.
The best thing to do is to customize the shirts, suits and pants for you.
It may be expensive, but it will be worth the investment because you will end up buying less in the long run.
Learn to embrace color.
Of course, it\'s hard to take off salmon-colored pants or crumpled sweaters, especially if you don\'t have a shake from the Milanese.
But you can color your clothes in small doses.
Orange belts with jeans and white shirts, or purple driving shoes with kha pants and navy coats, will instantly lift your look.
But if you\'re hot and sour, wear white jeans and a pink suit.
Learn the art of pocket square.
When it comes to men\'s accessories, there is not much room for maneuver (
Watch, wedding ring, tie and tiepolished shoes)
That\'s why you should let them take it seriously.
The most basic pocket square is the white square with a colored border.
It is OK to match the color of your pocket square with your tie, but since it is a small piece of fabric, you are free to go to the wild and pick something with patterns or bright colors.
Folding pocket square is a tricky exercise, especially if you go to the triangular peaks.
The easiest way is to lay a square pocket, pick it out from the middle and put it in the jacket pocket.
Pick up the accessories that grow up.
Trade a cap for a Panama hat unless you\'re going to the gym or a ball game (in the summer)
Or a fedora or a newsboy hat.
You\'re a man now.
Especially on casual Fridays or weekends, try to make casual shoes without socks.
With the tapered pants for a clean rest, this looks particularly stylish.
But if you can\'t have no socks, put on bright colored socks such as red, green or even orange.
Expelled those slogans.
Shirt in wardrobeNo self-
Respecting Italians will never get caught in a shirt that says \"I\'m with stupid people.
Milan know that a pure white or gray T-shirt is one of the most versatile products you can have.
If you like cargo pants, buy a pair of pants with tapered legs.
Put them on, put down the buttons, and put on sand-colored desert boots, as would not have been done in Brunello kutchelli\'s house.
You can\'t eat Italian anymore.
Following these clothing nuggets, you may end up being snapped up by Sartorialist.
For more stories about fashion dress, please read the ten wardrobe staples each man should have.
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