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How to Keep Your Blog Traffic

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
So you finally figured out how to get these visitors to your site, right?
Partner, it\'s not over yet.
Now, if you want your blog to work, you have to leave them there and bring in new people as well.
How do you keep your blog traffic?
I knew you \'d ask. . . 1.
You pay more attention to your audience than your search engine rankings.
Who knows how the wind will blow in the years to come.
One day you may not be able to use Google traffic
Just like you don\'t have traffic for Hotbot right now.
However, you can never do it without your customers and prospects.
You wouldn\'t be doing business if you could, would you?
So pay attention to what your audience wants to hear.
If you configure your blog correctly in the first place, you don\'t have to worry about ranking so well. 2.
Shut up if you don\'t have much fun.
When you keep your lips tight, find something very interesting to say.
Of course, I believe there has never been anything to say.
But I\'m a writer. Not everyone thinks so.
After the first six to eight weeks, Post daily if it\'s right for you and you\'re interested.
But if you can feel that your post does not have a strong wine body and a home brewed wine body, it is OK for a few of us not to drink. We\'ll live.
We don\'t think so, but believe us, we will.
Just make sure you have something nearby.
We will share earth shattering things when you come back, so we will all sit up and pay attention. . .
Realize we miss you. 3.
When you speak, say it loudly and proudly (
Even if you find out later that you\'re loud and wrong)
When you are having a business dinner, even if you are a rock star, it is considered impolite. But guess what?
You didn\'t attend a business dinner when you were blogging.
That\'s not to say you have to be a rock star.
You don\'t even need to be a star.
But you definitely want to be noticed, maybe referenced, hopefully linked.
A good way to do this is to be different.
The most unique thing about you is you.
Inject your personality into everything you do online.
So, share it if you have news.
Heck, if you have Gossip sharing, just always, link to your doubts or sources.
On rare occasions, a high
The information of the personal data blogger is completely false.
They printed a retraction.
So don\'t be afraid to assume.
Let us know that you are sharing rumors, intuition, facts, or opinions. 4.
Do a blog and make it easy for them to do it to you when I have credible sources, I have a connection with them.
Even if I read something from Google blog, but now when I first saw it on micro-persuasion, I still link to micro-persuasion.
This is all about it. (
Let me tell you.
It\'s a huge deal when Steve Rubel links to an article you wrote, even if it\'s not posted on your site --
Next time you don\'t want to link out because \"they have enough traffic\", think about it. \")
I realize that this situation may never be taken into account for most people.
Most people reading this article have nothing to do with search engines, public relations, or Internet marketing.
Well, I\'m here to tell you to link to your source even if your business is Timeshare resale.
You never know who is reading and who will link back.
Especially if you\'re in a business area, 20 visitors end up meaning at least one sale, see what it looks like near your blog circle, look around and play well with other kids. 5.
Blog like you said
But if you say \"fun\" and let someone else blog with you, there\'s nothing to scare away your visitors faster than accidentally landing on babbabble.
I landed on a friend\'s website about search engines and the first paragraph I saw said something about (a+n)
Before I think about why I went there, how many times the square root of my pi and I was.
Don\'t get me wrong-
If you speak like this, stay true.
But if this is not the language your client speaks, you may want to have an employee represent your company in a blog or write a team blog that represents all the prominent voices. 6.
So far, people who pay online will use their credit or debit cards in the most sunny situations.
You would say, well, how crazy it is that 90% of people use credit cards, but it\'s too bad.
If they want my telescope, their only option is to send me $20 via PayPal on Tuesday morning.
Again, refusing to open your site feed because most people are still following you via email makes no sense at all.
Refusing to start an email list via email or offering a subscription to a blog title, summary, or post is equally crazy, especially now that there is a tool to translate the feed into email.
Not doing what you can to serve your audience is to refuse money, simple and clear.
Hopefully these tips will help visitors continue to visit your blog.
As the old saying goes, it\'s easier (and cheaper)
It\'s more important to keep your current customers than to keep looking for new ones.
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