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how to stencil a t-shirt using bleach and a vinyl sticker

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
Creating custom T-there are many different waysshirt.
If you want to achieve a tough, painful look, bleach templates are a simple and relatively inexpensive way to do it.
You can create a template for this method using cardboard or heavy-duty craft paper (cheaper)
But for this Instructable, we will use the vinyl template.
About positive.
Negative Template: you have two templates when you crop the template
Positive template (
What you cut out)
And negative template (
The hole you left behind where you cut the front off).
For this template project I will use the front template as I want the \"background\" of my T-shirt to be bleached and the design itself keeps the original color of the T-shirtshirt.
When you design for your template, just make sure you know the parts you want to mask and the ones you want to bleach!
You can read more about positive and negative templates here. Why vinyl?
I use vinyl because I want to get clear lines on images that contain some thin lines and I want to get text without using \"template font (
All parts of the letters are connected together).
I also want to make multiple T-shirts, and vinyl seems to be the best way to repeat images over and over again.
What is the story behind the template image?
The conversation at a party turned to a discussion of a news article about Russian bears who were used to using empty jet fuel barrels (poor bears! ).
The conversation produced the word \"Russian kerosene bear\" which in turn led to a band/Candy/counter for the fictional product/cover
Theft device/motorcycle gang, etc. T-
The shirt with the above logo appears to be the obvious next step. Consumables: -Dark colored T-shirt (
I am using 100% cotton but the poly/cotton mixture can also be used)-
Vinyl formwork installed on transfer paper (Not pictured)-Bleach -
Peroxide tool :-
Sturdy board that can be installed on T-shirt (
To stabilize it and keep the bleach solution from soaking to the back)-Spray bottle -
Smaller spritz bottles (
If you want to fine-tune the distribution of bleach or get a finer mist)-Rubber gloves -
Soak a T-in a bowl big enough-shirt in -
A plastic card or something with firm but flexible edges (A less-
The important cards in the wallet will do a good job)-
A binder or something like that (
And to stabilize T-shirt)-
Sink or water source.
Slide the Stable Plate into t-
Shirt, let it be relatively centered inside the shirt (
The seam of the shoulder is a good registration point for this one). 2.
Use a binder (
Or a similar clip. y)
Hold the front of t-
The shirt around the stable plate is tightened.
The goal here is to create a less
An elastic surface must try to transfer vinyl to and t-
The shirt is elastic! If the t-
The shirt has been stretched tight and you may not need to do so.
Note: I realize there is no last-step binder for this image.
It was taken away before I realized I needed them! 1.
Put your vinyl template on the shirt and on the T-shirtshirt.
I believe there is a novel way to find the center of the shirt in math, but I just looked at my location. 2.
Press your template firmly, especially the edge)
Down to t-
Shirt by transfer paper.
I found that using fingers/nails in this step seems to work best.
I tried using a plastic card in the same steps but it seems to make it harder to press vinyl on transfer paper which makes it harder to stick to t-
Replace paper with a shirt.
This is the easiest time
Throughout the instructions, consuming and tricky steps could be the biggest deterrent to using vinyl for this template work.
But you will get very good results!
Vinyl is not used to stick to the fabric, so you really have to be sweet --
Convince it to do so, but this can be done!
The trick here is patience and slowness.
When you do this, you may want to put in an audiobook or podcast because you will be here for a while.
I found the best way to slowly roll the transfer paper back away from vinyl and t-shirt .
Vinyl will want to roll up with transfer paper, so, you will have to use the roll transfer paper of the black glue piece on the edge of the plastic or nail grip and stick to the t-shirt.
If the vinyl sheet starts to roll up with transfer paper without sticking to t-
Shirt, just roll the transfer paper back and tuck the vinyl hard into t-shirt.
Patience is the key.
Once vinyl is glued to t-
It usually holds T-shirts instead of transfer paper
Shirt, but when you keep pulling the transfer paper apart, you may have to hold down the vinyl with your finger or plastic card.
I found it very effective to hold down vinyl with a plastic card while stripping, especially for those places where there are thin lines attached together.
About where you started trying to start from (
Something about surface area and stress, I believe).
Starting from a corner of the vinyl shape, it\'s much easier than trying to peel the long edges parallel to the shape.
If you\'re moving from paper to t-
Shirt with one angle at a time, try another angle, it may be easier.
Also note where the shape on the template is connected so you don\'t accidentally pull the template apart while trying to get this magic to happen!
This is a slow process, so please be prepared to exercise your patience here. Phew!
You took the transfer paper down and it worked. Good job!
: High five: turning paper-so clingy!
At this stage you may want to press vinyl to t-
Use your plastic card to measure the shirt well just to make sure it doesn\'t fall off immediately in this adventure when the shirt inevitably wrinkles. Your t-
The shirt is ready to bleach now!
At this point, you start to deal with bleach. Remember -
Bleach is a toxic chemical, so you should look at it that way!
At this point, you\'ll want to make sure you don\'t wear anything you don\'t like to wear bleach, and it\'s time to wear rubber gloves.
Bleach t-the most effective bleach solution
The shirt is a water mixture made of 50/50 bleach.
Put 1 serving of bleach and 1 serving of water at your hand-dandy spray-bottle.
Depending on how many t-
The shirt you\'re making, you probably don\'t need that much, so don\'t feel like you need to mix a lot of stuff together.
The bleach solution is not very well preserved, so it is better not to mix too much but to remove it.
If you use pure bleach it will go through your t-
Shirt fiber, I don\'t recommend it unless you really want it as part of the look, it will spoil your t-shirt faster.
You\'re ready to roll here, but now we\'re playing with bleach, something important :-
Make sure you don\'t wear any beloved clothes. -
Make sure you are in a well ventilated place (I chose outside. )-
When dealing with anything related to bleach, make sure you wear gloves. -
Make sure you don\'t have anything around you, and if you apply bleach on it, these things can cause you trouble.
To set up a bleaching station, you need :-T-shirt (
Remove the clip but leave the plate in t-shirt)-
Bleach/aqueous solution-Rubber gloves -
A bowl of peroxidePaper towels (
Convenience is always good because we handle liquid)-
The sun is ideal (
It seems to be helpful to the chemical process faster.
Test: If you have extra t-
The shirt and template bits can test the time you leave the bleach solution and you may just want to see if you want to try how much bleach you want to \"burn \".
I cut one more t.
Put the shirt into the sample, mix the bleach solution into a small spritz bottle, and test the process on a small scale before making a real deal.
If you decide to do some test bleaching, don\'t forget to tag your sample so you know which one is which!
About bleaching, you leave the bleach solution in t-
Shirt, it will take the color from t-shirt.
I want bleach, usually in black t-
Shirt, but you can get different shades depending on the time you leave it and the amount of bleach you use.
I think it can extend to gray white if you put it long enough, but I don\'t know what to do and haven\'t tried it this time.
My best time frame seems to be around 3 minutes after testing to get good orange.
In 5 minutes it starts to take a little less than the color I prefer, but you can decide what color you want to capture.
In order to stop the bleaching process, I read on the Internet that the peroxide stops the bleaching combustion process (Science! )
So I can control the bleach solution at t-shirt.
After I reached the color I wanted, I rinsed t-
A shirt made of peroxide, and then finally remove all the chemicals from the fabric in the water.
Step 1: Test the spray bottle to make sure you get the spray you want.
You don\'t want to spray t-
The shirt runs thin and you try to spray even on the vast surface.
Most spray bottles have an adjustable nozzle to control the width of the spray.
Just double check so you won\'t be at t-shirt.
Make sure you\'re testing to spray from anything you don\'t want to wear bleach.
Step 2: spray your t-shirt!
Keep the spray bottle at 8-
10 inch from T-
Shirt, T shirtshirt.
This reaction will appear right away, and you will have a few seconds to provide a broad or even spray for the shirt and spray any spots that you think need more color.
I found that the best way is to spray first at the center of the design, then spray a circle around the design to get the best results.
It\'s not a precise science, you get a different spray pattern every time, but you can still control it a little.
Additional things to note :-
If you have a large area of vinyl template, you may want to soak any additional bleach solution from a shiny surface with a tissue after spraying, just to keep the extra liquid from dripping onto you or your design the last time you started moving your shirt again-
If there is a breeze, you want to make sure you don\'t spray and don\'t miss t-
Shirt because of the wind.
This could lead to closure
Center spray pattern that may make you sad. -
Try to keep your spray bottle upright when you spray.
If you tilt it to the shirt, the tube in the bottle may start pulling up the air instead of the liquid, and you get uneven, spotty spray (
It looks cool, but it can be frustrating when you try to spray evenly)-
I filled a small spritz bottle I with bleach solution so that I could fill the spots that I felt needed more spray without having t-
The shirt will be handy if you want a finer bleach solution.
Once you have achieved the color and bleaching effect you want, you want to stop bleach from eating any more color, or weaken t-
The shirt fibers go further, so you want to go through the oxide and chemical process with your convenient bowl. Pull the t-
Take the shirt off the blackboard, take the t-
Put the shirt into a bowl of peroxide.
I put on gloves for safety and don\'t touch chemicals.
Don\'t be ashamed to dunk the whole t-
Put the shirt in and saturate the fiber.
As far as I know, the peroxide will not damage it in any way.
You\'ll want to screw it out afterwards though, so you can move t-
No shirt dripping on anything to the sink.
The peroxide could be messed up by an orange color. y tint.
This is normal, don\'t worry.
If you are making multiple shirts, you can use the same peroxide.
I did it anyway and it doesn\'t seem to have any adverse effects.
Move your damp peroxidesoaked t-
Shirt to the sink, rinse the T-shirt
Wear shirts several times in running water. At this point (or before)
Your template will definitely start from t-
The shirt should be like this-
Now is the time from your t-shirt anyway.
If you can help, try to make sure you don\'t lose any vinyl material in the sink! Your t-
The shirt should not smell like bleach at all at this point, but if it smells like bleach, please continue to rinse with water until it no longer smells like a chemical.
Once you get it fresh
Bleach thoroughly washed t-
Shirts you can hang them up and dry and you\'re done!
If you have more t-
Shirt to do, just repeat the process.
If you\'re done, put everything away and enjoy your sweet new game (
Once they dry)!
Because I will give you these as gifts, so I will also give t-
The shirt is cycled through a cold washing machine and a subtle dryer, so that anything left will be washed properly before entering anyone\'s laundry room.
This is a great way to create some kick t.
In an afternoon, the shirt does not have to wear silk
It was fun, easy and relatively cheap to be with friends and the results were very satisfactory. :}
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