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how to wear prints

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
This is official: The New plains are printed.
It\'s time to throw away monochrome and elegant shades and decorate your wardrobe with bright, bold, colorful patterns.
This spring, flower splashes, animal patterns and geometry of various patterns are expected to appear, designers such as Oscar de la lunta and Mark Jacobs look for exciting combinations of print inspiration in India and Africa.
If it sounds like an excuse to unwrap your 70-year-old sunbath suit, put on a leopard print and recycle the curtains, then note: It\'s not easy to wear a print.
Like most long-term trends, some rules must be followed.
Fortunately, there are a lot of coveted printed items on the commercial Street that, if matched properly, will keep your fashion status improving.
For printing virgins, start slowly, use a dark or neutral base and add color and design in small doses.
Start with the print you feel comfortable with and then incorporate it into your accessories with a scarf, belt, bag or shoes.
As your confidence grows, you start thinking about printed shirts or fine knitting.
Keep in mind that the darker the print background, the more flattering the look.
The small and petite figure should be consistent with the small and discreet print.
Larger ladies should also stay away from bold prints or wide stripes.
They just make you look bigger.
Stick together with floating soft shape but avoid excessivesizing.
Again, this will only increase the volume. An all-
Excessive patterns constantly shift the eyes to the body, disguise problem areas such as big hips, and remember that each silhouette has a print item.
Large floral or graphic prints in the lower half of the body look the best, with a solid color on the top.
If you have a boyish figure, you can leave a bright big impact pattern on it.
Again, there is a solid color team in the lower half.
The shape of the pears can also be printed on the top half of them, as this is a great way to remove the eyes from the hips.
The print is stylish but will catch your attention
Especially where you don\'t need it.
Only printed on your best part.
Remember, subtle fingerprints are more friendly to your body image. -
Large areas of print and horizontal stripes can make people fat. -An all-
The overdesign keeps the eyes moving and disguises the lump and lump. -
Petite, short-sized women are petite and short-sizedContrast Print-
Although the height is not wide, the body can have more contrast. -
If you\'re new to printing, take your time.
When restricted to an item and paired with a sturdy dress, dark plaids is suitable for everyone. -
The deeper the background of the print, the thinner the appearance. -
Print looks better on fluid style
Tea roses don\'t look very good on the well-off hips. -
Insist on a printing item for each dress. -
The large wreath at the bottom and bright geometry look better with solid color on the top (
This is a good disguise for those who have a Great Depression). -
Boyish characters can handle the busy patterns of the upper half, as long as they keep the shape simple and balance the effect with the solid --
Half color. Pear-
The shape can also be printed on the top to remove the eyes from the hips. -Fuller-
Think women look best in drapey fabric prints, but avoid too much volume as it adds volume. -
Only black leopard prints should be worn.
This bold pattern is best matched with gold or wooden accessories.
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