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Huntingdon Town boss lifts the lid on his shock departure - and chairman gives his response

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Jimmy Brattan claimed that after 24 hours of losing their Hinchingbrooke Cup final, he resigned as manager of Huntington town and was pushed down.
Brattan\'s departure from the United County League Division A seems to be the most unexpected as he has been talking passionately about next season the night before.
But in fact, the tension seems to have been going on for some time-although Brattan admits that the lack of a game budget for next season is a factor in his exit, he is also worried that he will be replaced.
He said: \"Is it related to the budget? Yes and No . \".
\"The planned college was supposed to bring in the budget, but that didn\'t happen.
In any case, I am ready to go again without money, but the players have different opinions.
\"Several key players decided to leave because they had already contacted other clubs but they refused because they thought we would have a budget-the players we lined up to come in depend on those key players staying
\"Although the budget is not all, everything is over and something feels wrong.
I think I\'m in line waiting to be replaced-my chat with another manager and one player has confirmed this in my mind-so I quit before things happen.
\"As far as I am concerned, I will continue next season, but I am not a promising person and will not always support the club.
I said that even if there is no budget, we need to give the players something that makes them feel like they want-pay a fine and pay for the polo shirt.
\"I\'m sad because it\'s a great group of players, but it didn\'t leave me from management and I\'ll review my first season at Manchester United with good memories.
Brattan also believes that part of the problem is that he feels that one of them is clearly in line to help him, and that former manager Bob WOBI is too experienced to just play a role.
\"Bob was so nice to not be able to come in and be a second place, and I don\'t want to be a second place either-and I don\'t think joint management will work,\" Brattan.
Meanwhile, club president Doug McLean admits he has been seeking help from Brattan and hopes to improve his 12 results this season.
\"I have four potential managers contacting me throughout the season-I have been honest with Jimmy and said there are options,\" he said . \".
\"We have done 12 times in the first division and without a huge budget, Jimmy has no plan to strengthen.
\"We said there would be a budget if we had a college, but not this year.
Three players said they were leaving and Jimmy thought the team was being destroyed.
Now we have to rebuild with a new manager.
\"There are players who want a game to get 100, but I always think that if you pay a player, you pay for all the players.
We \'ve bought leagues and cups in the past, but I don\'t want to go back to the past because what happens when the funds run out \"we want to be able to continue as a club, we still plan to achieve this through a college.
I love Jimmy and I\'m frustrated with his departure, but we gave him the chance at this level and his goal this season will be much higher than on the 12 th.
\"I was in touch with most of the old managers and gave Jimmy the choice of someone who could help him, but it was not an option for him.
I also have to address the rumor that he has another job and I don\'t want this club to be a stepping stone.
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