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i dream of darcy

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
Starting a literary tribute to Jane Austen with the word \"this is a recognized truth\" is not an original idea, it is a truth that has not been fully absorbed.
There is no better illustration of this truth than a recent or forthcoming stack of books, drawing on the works of early nineteenth century novelist, not only as inspiration, it is also a fantasy ideal for women in the 21 st century ---
Especially single.
\"As we all know, a single girl with the right mind must want a decent man \". . .
\"This is an accepted truth, a 30-
Women who have a satisfying career and a wonderful style will certainly rarely want it \". . .
\"One accepted fact is that a young Austin heroine must have a husband, and you are no exception.
Austin\'s footprint-
Instruction manual and selection for women\'s literature-your-own-
Adventure Books-
It\'s all about bringing modern women back to two centuries. -
Up to August.
Miramax\'s release of Austin\'s imaginative \"biography\", \"become Jane\", and the September shooting adaptation of Karen Joy Fowler\'s \"Jane Austen Book Club\"
On January, PBS will air a new British adaptation of \"persuasion\", \"wisdom and emotion\", \"the park of Memphis\", \"nosanger Abbey\" and \"Miss Austin\'s regret\" Masterpiece Theater.
In addition to the companion volume of the Miramax film, \"become Jane: Jane Austen\'s wit and wisdom,\" and \"Dear Jane Austin: the heroine\'s guide to life and love,\" jane Austen Handbook: A wise and elegant guide to her world lost in Austin: creating your own Austin adventure, \"a novel by me and Sir\"
\"Just Jane\": A Novel of Jane Austen\'s life, \"the confession of addict on Jane Austin\", \"Cassandra\'s sister: the growth of Jane Austen and the gentle rules are superfluous to be called \"Pride and Prejudice\", in line with Bridget Jones\'s Diary.
At 2007, this is still the world of Jane Austen (
Or some chaotic approximation of it);
We live in it. How many 200-year-
Only the old authors of six novels play so much outside the Ivy League.
Despite complaints about the current celebrity culture, the walls of the college are covered and how manyclad half-
You can buy Austin\'s puppets, dolls and posters, as well as bumper stickers and tote bags with the words \"What will Jane weave\" and \"get ready for something very terrible \".
\"Part of the difference between this round of Austin consumption and the past dozens of fascinations is that the irony of Austin\'s work seems to have been consumed and replaced by 100-
Prove that the romance of extensive contact.
\"It\'s all about clothing,\" laughed Rachel Brownstein, an English professor at Brooklyn College and the New York City graduate school center, when I asked her about Jane\'s update --itis.
She\'s just half-joking.
\"Everyone wants to be Jane,\" she explains, meaning that they all want to \"wear long skirts, go dance and be elegant \", \"It\'s not that they want to live in an economic crisis in their early 40 s and die alone.
In addition to a dress, Bronstein argues, readers may want to borrow some perceived power from their favorite authors.
Read the books of Austin, which are bright, interesting, no. always-
Beautiful women tend to win the day, \"you will feel you can be sexy and self
\"Expressed in a way that women are not allowed,\" she said . \".
\"Despite all the restrictions, Jane Austinof her era]
Considered the greatest female writer, she succeeded in becoming her unique and brilliant self.
So no matter what obstacles you encounter, you can also be unique and talented.
\"This is not the first time in Austin\'s recent memory --
The frenzy swept the low of pop music.
Cultural landscape.
Just over 10 years ago, the BBC\'s Pride and prejuice starred Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth and Darcy) along with Colin Firth\'s \"nothing\" triggered a torrent of adaptations, including gwynys Paltrow\'s \"Emma\", \"Ang Lee\'s\" sanity and sensibility, and the persuasion of sadness.
Helen Fielding published her genre.
In 1996, \"Pride and Prejudice\" riff was defined in Bridget Jones Diary.
After Patricia Rozema\'s 1999 movies of \"The Park of Manfield\" and 2001 of \"Bridget Jones\", the cycle seems to be going away for sure ---
Starring Colin Firth
But two years ago, with the release of Kayla Knightley\'s version of Pride and Prejudice and Bollywood musical Bride and Prejudice, the figure picked up.
Margaret C. said: \"We can put a lot of such things at the door of Colin Firth, good or bad . \"
Sullivan\'s phone.
Sullivan is the author of The Jane Austen Handbook, an editor of ognoboke, and a member of the Jane Austen Association of North America.
\"He\'s sexy, let\'s face it,\" she continued, noting that after 1995 \"P & P\" mini-dramas, JASNA\'s membership has increased, and thento-
Followers of the run realized that it was not the same as the Firth fan club.
In fact, at least in Austin this summer
The heroine of the inspired novel \"ogeland\" is not Austin\'s work, but the star of the BBC mini-drama.
In fact, Austin\'s worship was not a modern invention he planned. Firth\'s agent.
From troop to George Henry Lewis to F. R.
Levis told Lionel Trilling that it has been very stable for the past two centuries.
Her work does not have to be taken back by feminist scholars in her 70 s because it has never been out of date.
In addition to academic recognition, Austin has long attracted a large number of followers.
The word \"Janeite\" was created in the preface to \"Pride and Prejudice\" by George St tsbury in 1894, and Rudyard Kipling wrote a soldier named \"about World War I in 1924, through their shared love of Austin\'s novels, they spent the ugliness of the trench war.
\"You take it from me, brothers, and when you are in a tense place, no one can touch Jane,\" said one of the soldiers.
Bless her no matter who she is.
\"But there\'s something different in this year\'s wave of books and biographies.
Not acknowledging the enduring pleasure of Austin\'s satire, nor showing how well her centuries have gone --
The old observation applies to contemporary society, and this round of mania is more interested in returning to the past ---
Or just backwards. -to play dress-up in empire-
Waist Dress, suitable for fashionable suitor intoxicated.
\"Before, I thought [spinoff]
\"Whether it\'s a sequel or a forward, books and movies have more to do with the novel,\" Sullivan said . \".
\"Now, we see a lot of women who use Austin and her world as fantasy evaded girls.
Sullivan\'s own book, Social custom vocabulary and guide during the British Regent, shows a young woman in jeans seeing her cover illustration in the mirror --
She said that although the waist is glorious, it does not mean ambition.
Instead, she hopes the book will serve as a companion book to help readers understand the social cues and status symbols that are essential to Austin minute\'s social commentary.
\"It\'s important for me to go back to the novel forever,\" Sullivan said . \".
\"The movies are interesting, the books are interesting, but you have to go back to Jane.
\"Going Back\" is exactly what several Janeites compatriots of Sullivan seem to be aiming for more precisely.
There are currently three novels about women in the 21 st century, single and depressed, who return to the 19 th century of England and meet the perfect man (i. e.
Fitzwilliam Darcy in case someone is still vague about this).
In Laurie Vera liegler\'s \"The Confession of addict on Jane Austin\", the heroine Courtney Stone was drunk in Los Angeles, in the bedroom of another woman and another
She wants to know who these people are.
What\'s going on with those costumes in Alexandra Potter\'s \"Me and Sir\"
\"Darcy\" is about bookstore manager Emily Olmert, who avoided a damp one after a bad dateT-
Shirty Mexico is on vacation with girlfriends and loves to visit Austin\'s UK with a car of old ladies.
Although Potter didn\'t go in all the gorgeous times-
Wearing clothes, Emily does have a series of power outages, dreams and possible stone illusions in which she is attracted to the gentlemanD. \"Me and Mr.
Darcy in Pride and Prejudice
Proper surprise
Add light to a terrible chick-lit-by-
Digital coverage, which turns out to be one of the wit of the product this summer, not to mention sharp and sad in the observation of spinsterhood, in 2007 the identity and age of women looked like. Potter, a 37-year-
The old Briton, who currently lives in Los Angeles, admits that the illusion of the Regent of England is a bit distorted.
\"Feminists are not struggling for us to sit in the bodice and make samples, are they? \" she said ? \".
But, she added, \"The fact is that everyone is tired of modern life --
Everyone is looking for a perfect person, even if he is a fantasy.
She explained: \"The men of Austin, especially Darcy, will love you forever.
He won\'t meet about 20-year-old in a bar.
He is a respectable, chivalrous, upright person and it will be a difficult problem to crack, but it will be forever once he falls in love with you. . .
He won\'t like internet porn.
He did not like the most beautiful girl in the room.
He likes Elizabeth Bennett, who is both witty and sharp.
\"Part of the reason Potter\'s book is surprisingly fascinating is that she understands that, in fact, Darcy\" does not exist \"and that he may be bored if he does exist.
\"If you date Darcy in real life, he will be very disappointed,\" she said . \".
He\'s proud, Austin wrote, and it actually means incredible sexism, and he\'ll be dumbfounded and rude.
In Shannon Hale\'s \"ogeland\", the author bypassed the ego of the dream sequence and went bankrupt
Immerse yourself in fantasy
Her heroine, Jane Hayes, tries to get rid of her first obsession once and for all by taking a vacation at Jane Austin theme park.
No, it\'s not a man if you don\'t marry a rich man when you\'re 25, you\'ll be labeled an old virgin and forced to rely on the kindness of the family for the rest of your life! (
Coming soon: Wolff
Wharton water park, where visitors wade in, has pockets full of rocks that can be washed away from the rivers of raucah! Wheee! )
No, ogeland in Hale is just a place for a lonely desperate woman. -
Failed to achieve the romantic opportunity, but after
The feminist universe-
You can dress up in beautiful clothes and play whist with handsome actors who simulate roguish grumpiness under orders.
Hale said over the phone that she had always liked Austin\'s novel, but \"I didn\'t totally fall in love with it until I watched the BBC mini-show with Colin Firth ---with him.
She added that she had friends who would watch the tape twice on Saturday, which interfered with their normal relationship.
\"I asked Hale, who is 33 years old and lives in Utah with her husband and children, but she called her book\" ode to my single self \", \"It would be strange if she felt that single women had such limited sexual fantasies about their freedom.
\"It makes no sense at all,\" she said . \"
\"As a feminist, I am still full of illusions about that era, which is completely ironic and disturbing to me.
Hale, who talks about her being single in her 20 s and who can\'t even afford a BBC video, suggested that class fantasies play a role in Austin\'s charm.
\"Especially for the Americans, the idea of living in the UK as part of the nobility, in the morning you wear clothes, let the maids do hair, put on the corset, and have this leisure life. . .
We fantasize! \" So . . .
Corset and strict class system.
At least to some extent, we have managed to get rid of all these backsliding bindings.
Who doesn\'t want to live back then anyway (
No plumbing either! )
\"It has to talk to some more primitive desires,\" Hale said . \".
\"It must tell us what is missing inside.
\"From this general inclination of Janeism, it seems that the devotees of Austin feel that what they lack is one person.
Even the film \"become Jane\" has created Anne Hathaway as a prototype of a mentally shaking ky.
Feminist Austin, who wants to instill in the author\'s life with a bodice, as far as we know, is the light of a man, and of course there is no marriage --Intense enthusiasm
The film suggests an introduction to Austin (
Of the few surviving letters Jane gave her sister Cassandra in 1795, the record was minimal
Flirting with lawyer Tom LeFroy is actually a passionate inspiration for Pride and Prejudice.
Austin may be interested in love.
She received at least a proposal from a kind person.
She accepted the invitation from her family friend and refused again the next morning.
But the surviving evidence does not suggest that her life is full of romantic farewell.
It is strange to extend the acquaintance with LeFroy to a passionate alliance, and in the absence of evidence, it is suggested that without his own Darcy, it is impossible for Austin to make up a love story.
In all these T-
Shirts available for sale, the most common one is shirts with the brand wearer as \"Lady\"
Darcy, the mistress of Pemberley, or Elizabeth in Darcy\"
\"Less World\" or \"Mr. property\"Darcy.
\"A shirt is printed with lines from many of Austin\'s male works, including Darcy\'s ejaculation,\" you must let me tell you how much I admire you and love you.
\"Find their Darcy in a crazy sprint (
And invent one for their favorite author)
Some readers and fans have forgotten that Austin sees the mushy female crush as a side --
The interesting thing is.
Although Austin\'s work was created during the Romantic period, although her plot is in line with the classic romantic plot, it is not romantic in style.
Her heroine is not as breathless as she is and truly, conquered by their emotions.
Elizabeth was never gay. ga over Darcy;
When Maryann Dashwood in \"wisdom and emotion\" became crazy because of the chic Willoughby, she was punished for the rain
A cold that almost killed her made her wet.
Austin\'s nosanger Abbey is a replica of the popular Gothic novel that her contemporaries are obsessed.
In January, Lehigh University professor of English, Fergus, said that readers looking for soulmates in the Austin text lacked part of the author\'s point of view.
\"Despite all these romantic novels written by Austin, it\'s easy to imagine her character living independently,\" said Fergus . \".
\"So they lose power, independence, and humor, which is actually the only way you can get through your life.
They missed the absolute fun of Madness and Obsession.
All these women think they have a connection with Jane Austin and they are actually guiding [
The kind but innocent pain of EmmaHarriet Smith!
\"Also, if Austin is not amused by her disciples, she may be reasonably amused.
Fergus described Austin\'s work as \"about the impossibility of a woman finding a home for herself alone, and the importance of the family to a woman.
\"During the British Regent, look
The right thing may have happened on the candle.
Lit balls and Wells-
But this is not a game.
As Austin wrote, \"single women have a terrible tendency to be poor.
\"The inheritance tax means that women cannot inherit from their fathers, that women live in real fear and that if they do not have a rich husband, their houses will be pulled out from under them, hopefully she won\'t die in the overseas army, the fate that Jane\'s sister, Cassandra\'s fiancé, suffered.
For example, nothing is safe even if a woman is married to a priest.
After retirement or death, his family will be kicked out of their home, just like the father of Austin when he gave up the Hampshire Parish.
It is these threats and fears that drive the protagonists of Austin.
A great pleasure in 21 st century women\'s life, especially if you are the class that Austin belongs to, and she bites a sharp tooth, it is possible to make a living and not have to make one survive financially, no longer need to wear your need for your husband on your sleeve. . .
Or handbag or bumper.
There is a particularly ugly shirt for sale with the image of Austin on it, her sister Cassandra (
Her fiancé has never been married since her death)
Above the Title, \"where is my gentleman?
As Austin did, Darcy \"insists on a deep bond that is to put your future ---
The future of your family-
There is no greater economic risk (
Maybe a smaller one)
Find Your Sir\'s guarantee.
Darcy has more singles than he is anxious today.
Fergus noted that Austin herself reminded her niece in a letter, \"there may be such creatures in the world, 1‰, as creatures that you and I should think are perfect.
In places where grace and spirit are combined with value, etiquette is equal to the heart and understanding, but such a person may not get in the way of you, or, if he gets in the way of you, he may not be the eldest son of the rich, the brother of your friend & a country of your own.
\"In short, said Fergus,\" Austin does not expect Darcy to appear, and she knows that he needs a lot of reform if he does.
\"But it\'s very troublesome to think about it all.
Didn\'t imagine Colin Firth being so funny in a drop of pants.
The key, Sullivan said over the phone, is to find a balance.
\"You can go too far\" in Austin\'s fantasy, she said \".
\"This is one of the lessons of \'nosanger abbi\': you can go too far with the book and get lost too far in the fantasy.
You need to keep the right point of view.
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