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\'I shall reign with righteousness\': Thailand crowns king in ornate ceremonies

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
BANGKOK (Reuters)-
Thai king Maha wajirachong completed the Buddhist and Brahmin ceremonies on Saturday, symbolically transforming him into a living God, and the Southeast Asian nation crowned its first monarch in nearly 70 years.
The coronation ceremony of the 66-year-old King wajilulong was held in the throne hall of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, following his official mourning for the respected father, King Bhumibol adude, who died on October 2016, 70 years in office.
The King sat on the golden throne under the age of nine.
Royal umbrella including Gold
Diamond enameled wire
At a ceremony where the glittering pomp and solemn religious ceremonies are mixed together.
Three days before the coronation, the new Queen Suita unexpectedly announced that the Queen had joined
The divorced monarch has been married for the fourth time.
His coronation comes amid uncertainty about the unresolved electoral struggle between the current junta leader and the \"Democratic Front\" who tried to drive the army out of politics.
In his first royal order, the King said: \"I will continue, preserve and consolidate the royal heritage, and will rule justice for the benefit and happiness of the people forever . \".
Traditionally, after the king was crowned, the King\'s first order was to capture the essence of his rule.
The command of the King is similar to that of his father.
Later in the afternoon, the king was carried in a parade from the Grand Palace to the Emerald Buddha temple, where the yellow-
The dressed Thais repeatedly shouted \"Long Live the King\" and waited for his arrival.
After 80 Buddhist monks chanted, the King declared himself a royal patron of Buddhism: \"I will always protect Buddhism . \"
\"Later, King vajilulong and Queen suhida will hold a private housewarming ceremony at the royal residence of the Grand Palace, and they will spend the night like the former king, ending the first of the three
Coronation ceremony.
In his first speech to members of the royal family, the Privy Council and senior government officials earlier Saturday, the King called for national unity.
\"I invite everyone here and all the people of Thailand to share my determination and work together, and everyone is based on their status and duties, in the end, he said, the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.
Junta leader Prayuth
Department of Humanitarian Coordination, military spokesman-
Appointed President of Parliament and Supreme Court
Three branches representing the government
And \"thank you\" to the King \".
Prayuth is seeking to remain elected prime minister after the first election since the military seized power five years ago.
The final result of the March 24 vote will be announced after the coronation.
Thailand\'s coronation is a mix of Buddhist and Hindu Brahmin traditions dating back centuries.
One of the many official titles that King vajilulong will receive is Rama X, or the tenth king of the chackery dynasty, established in 1782.
Saturday\'s ceremony was to turn him into a \"devaraja\" or an avatar of god.
The king received the royal gold plaque with his name and title, the royal constellation and the royal seal, which was made in three words
An hour ceremony last week
He also received and published five Royal regalia articles from the Brahman chief. The high-
Reach the Crown, weighing 7. 3 kg (16 lb)
Symbolizing the peak of Mount Muru, the Paradise residence of Hindu god Indra, its weight represents the royal burden of the monarch.
With the help of court officials, King vajlarong personally put on the crown and adjusted it several times during the ceremony.
Before the coronation, he appeared in a white robe, when he was carrying out a purification ceremony, sitting under a canopy fountain, which poured holy water on his head.
The country\'s Buddhist Supreme Patriarch also dumped holy water on the king, followed by Brahmin priests and royal family members.
At the ceremony, the king gave alms to the saffron.
Barefoot monks.
The Queen also awarded the Royal title of Suida da, former Thai airline flight attendant and head of the private bodyguard group.
Outside the walls of the palace, people wearing yellow polo wholesale t shirts wholesale sat on the side of the road, holding a portrait of King 19 and the flag --
In order to announce the new rule, the century artillery started.
According to Thai culture, yellow is the color of Monday, the day the King was born, the color of the sun, representing the monarch in the universe.
Kanjana Malaithong, a bystander, told local media that she started her trip at 1 in the morning. m.
Watch the ceremony on a large screen from northern Thailand to outside the palace.
\"I\'m so happy. . .
There will never be such a chance again. this is one time. in-a-
She said: \"big things for life.
So far, in the 18 months of his rule, King vajilulong has begun to consolidate the authority of the monarchy, including with the help of Thailand\'s military government, the royal family\'s huge wealth has been more directly controlled.
Thailand ended the absolute rule of the King in 1932, but the monarchy is still regarded as the holy symbol and protector of the country and Buddhism.
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