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i went undercover as a topless performer in times square

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
Picture: Helayne SeidmanA girl in pink T-
The shirt looked up at me as if staring at a princess.
\"You are so beautiful!
Can I take a selfie with you? ” she asks. “Of course!
\"I said, squat down, so my feather headdress and the stars --
The picture had a beautiful chest and her little brother squeezed in.
The girl, about seven years old, took a picture of the camera.
\"I sent it to my mom!
As soon as she shouted, she immediately sent a text message.
This is another happy customer for me, the obvious scourge of New York City.
According to some New Yorkers, the painted lady of Times Square has recently become the number one public enemy.
The governor of the state, Mark Cuomo, said they reminded him of the bad days of the past, and the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, created a working group to try to ban them. “It’s wrong.
This is not good.
I know I have to join them.
So on Monday night, I stopped one of the performers, Saira, 29, after work.
\"Are you a daren? ” I asked.
Calling her \"naked lady\" in Spanish is a bit too blunt.
\"We call ourselves a street painter,\" she replied . \"
Saira introduced me to Chris, who has been a \"manager\" of the painting Lady for four years \". A baby-
Chris is a combined artist and security guard in the face of rapper wannabe.
He told me to show up the next day at two o\'clock P. M. with red, white or blue thong and high heels.
He will provide headwear and robes.
Chris tells me how it works: Girls first (
Sarah and Chris\'s girlfriend Amanda, 23)
Go to Sephora and make up with free samples.
Then, in the middle of Times Square, they put on their robes and undressed under them.
Chris will color our bodies with brushes and nipples first so they don\'t get exposed for too long.
His cousin David will mind my bag and take pictures and he will be ready to raid if someone tries to touch me improperly.
In exchange, Chris will get my income.
I bought my dress that night: white wedge thong and blue G-
Rope, bikini wax, give yourself a red master-pedi. I woke up at 4.
My stomach is knotted in anxiety.
I always wanted to go to Broadway, but that\'s not the case. Showtime.
At three o\'clock P. M. on Wednesday, at the corner of West 44 Street and Broadway, I took a deep breath and opened my robe.
It is terrible, but it is also a liberation. Passers-
Sit still and take pictures.
Someone gave me $1. my first tip! —
When I was still painting
Chris drew a heart.
The American flag shape on my chest is designed with stripes on my legs and red and white letters \"NY\" on my ass \".
15 minutes feel like wearing clothes, very slow and very public.
I looked up and saw Miley Cyrus on a video screen at a loud highcut leotard.
I think if she could do half that
Naked in Times Square, I can.
\"It\'s not strange, strangely,\" I said to my painting companion Amanda. She nods.
\"It\'s really fun! ” she replies. And it is.
Once it\'s done, I start waving feathers and asking people if they want to paint with me and feel full of the power of girls.
Within seconds, some tall male tourists from Eastern Europe appeared.
I took a picture with my arm around his waist posing, and the other one was a picture of me flashing the loot to the camera.
They gave me $20.
Less than a minute of work! (
This must be a beginner\'s luck as $20 is the biggest tip I get all day long. )
Chris explained to me that asking for a fixed price is not legal for women in the upper body, but it is allowed to tip at will.
So when someone asks \"How much is a photo?
The girls said I should answer, \"thanks for a good tip.
\"If they don\'t ask for the price --
Don\'t reach out to get your wallet after that.
Then, a, \"Thank you, thanks for the tip\", usually gets people to hand over some dough.
I was surprised how many families and children were thrilled to see me as if I were a cheeky Minnie Mouse.
The mothers pushed their giggling teenage son to us.
The older wife pushed their smiling husband in our direction. Middle-
The older woman smiled and said, \"Oh my God!
And ask for a photo.
An old couple shot at me.
I asked if they wanted to take pictures with me, and the man began to laugh and replied in Spanish, \"No, what would the grandchildren think?
\"We just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look,\" said the woman . \"
\"Three New Yorker couples in their 60 s, dressed in beautiful clothes, attended a sumptuous dinner and asked me to stop and ask about the recent controversy.
\"What is the feeling of doing this?
Did the police bother you? ” they ask.
Two of the women posed with me, and when I turned and flashed my New York ass, everyone giggled hysterically, and they received the message. They tip me $5.
Of course, many single male travelers want a photo.
They are almost always polite, free and good tip.
Many women stop and encourage themselves.
\"I just want to say that we support you!
\"People who love you, stick to it!
\"I have never received more praise in my life.
It\'s not like I\'m standing in the belt for 7 hours in 85 hours.
Temperature in Times Square.
Still, it\'s New York and not everyone is a fan. Zonked-
Commuters were apparently annoyed that they had to fight the crowd on their way to the subway.
Parents sometimes pull their children over. “That’s nasty!
Cried a little boy.
He asked for a picture 30 seconds later.
At six o\'clock P. M. , I sat 20-when commuters replaced tourists-
Take a minute off with the girls.
We walked to a garage three blocks away and it was the only place in the lounge where we could use it.
Wrapped in our robes, I felt more naked than I was standing.
It turns out that the hardest part of the day is not nudity.
Like other shows in New York, it\'s a constant hustle and bustle.
When I asked a lot of people if they wanted a picture, they looked at me disdainfully, but they were happy to take free pictures from a distance.
They don\'t seem to be too angry with my nudity compared to the idea of paying.
\"How much is a photo and a squeeze?
A young British backpacker asked me.
The other man put his arm around my waist and said, \"your chest is good.
It feels disgusting.
The worst is the creepy guys who just stand there and watch us for more than 30 minutes, shoot or take pictures, but refuse to talk to us or pay a tip.
\"Do you want to take a photo with me? ” I ask.
They shook their heads and smiled.
At eight o\'clock P. M. , a group of New York police officers appeared and distributed red cards in five languages with the words \"tips for street performers are optional \".
Chris pointed out an undercover police officer standing near us.
After all these years, he knew them very well.
Then I overheard the undercover man talking to a tourist.
\"There are so many beautiful women now!
Tourists said.
\"Don\'t you think this is an objective evaluation of them? ” asks the cop.
He\'s the only one complaining.
A group of teenage boys were clamoring for a picture by my side, and one of the boys casually rubbed my breasts with his hand. “Don’t f---
\"The King touched her,\" cried David.
The children took off.
David brought me a bottle of water and encouraged me to take a break.
These guys have been criticized for being pimps.
Last week, police asked if the girls were forced to perform.
But to be honest, they just feel like they\'re personal bodyguards.
The girls didn\'t believe me at first, but after about three hours they got enthusiastic and gave me advice and encouragement.
Saira told me that one or two painted ladies gave someone a bad name by shaking short boots, pretending to kiss and being aggressive.
Dressed up characters mobs ignorant tourists ask for tips in a way I \'ve never seen before
We have at least six people. do.
If the mayor wants to worry about Times Square activities, what about the short bald man who only walks around in private with black tape?
One of the girls around me, probably drug addicts, spent hours singing songs from Maria Carey and Beyonce, with her legs rolling over the ground in the air.
Painting Ladies is the least crazy thing on the block.
At ten o\'clock P. M. , the day was finally over.
We went to a nearby bank because the light was good and there was a camera and Chris counted the $286 I earned.
I\'m a newbie and I forgot to count the cash before giving it to David, so I can only assume this is everything I do.
Chris transferred it to $300 and gave me $210.
Seven hours later, I was exhausted, my head jumped straight from the headwear pounding, and my legs were sore from constant walking.
It is a consumption to keep trying to get in touch with strangers.
This is a very hard job.
Is that the civilization of desnudas? Hardly.
After walking a mile in their headwear, I realized that the struggle with painted ladies had deep sexism.
Naked Cowboy hanging out in Times Square in his clothes
Put the female visitor\'s hand on his ass to take a picture (
When I first went to the city nine years ago, I brought one myself)
He is considered a fascinating, typical New York experience.
But at the center of world capitalism, women exercise their legitimate rights, topless, and run for money --
Surrounded by sexy advertisingdressed women —
It is obviously shameful and inappropriate.
Of all the dedication task forces and the extra police, it seems that chasing the painted lady is naked politics.
Official: I\'m the naked team.
The story first appeared in The New York Post.
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