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if big boys play, can they keep it up next day?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-10
Johannesburg: Indian cricket coach Gary Kirsten and training coach Paddy Upton\'s profile urges Indian cricketers to have more sex for better performance
On Wednesday, the performance of the game attracted more laughter and blushing from champion trophy contenders than any serious talk about testosterone --
Enhancement method.
The \"visionary\" document says, \"sex increases testosterone, leading to an increase in strength, aggression, and competition,\" which once again raises age --
The old debate about whether sex helps sports performance.
Although it took M. S. Dhoni and Co a day to rush from the media, the reactions of other players were free.
Australian and British cricketers have reportedly said they are happy to have Kirsten as a coach and have betrayed \"NFU\" for \"pampered Indian players \".
Graeme Swan, the English flying man, said: \"I want Gary Kirsten to coach England and I commend his file.
\"However, many athletes have long followed the theory that pre-competitive sex can consume energy.
For example, it is reported that Mohammed Ali will not have sex six weeks before the fight.
I don\'t know what he will do to the Indian team\'s documents.
Even Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Pereira once said Ronaldinho was \"late \".
Night activities before
The match day affected his chances with the team at 2006 World Cup.
In power sports such as boxing and football, the tradition of abstinence is particularly strong, but several studies over the years have tried to prove sex before competitive sports.
Coach Ajit Wadekar, former Indian captain, said: \"Kirsten has the right to do what he is doing.
It may be remembered that shortly after the 1992 trip to South Africa, when I was a coach, I introduced a code of conduct prohibiting players from doing whatever they want.
That\'s because I saw them out of control.
Even today, a little check is essential.
Coach Changdu Bode, a former Indian batsman, said: \"It\'s a whole new thing for me.
I have never encountered such a theory.
However, the Times have changed.
\"Former Bishan Singh Brady
The captain said: \"Both Kirsten and Upton should be awarded honorary positions in BCCI for their input.
Like everyone, when the players tour with the team, they also need to have a normal life, sex is a very important part.
But everything should be within a reasonable range.
It\'s a natural instinct that players have the right to get their space.
Dr. asashok Ahuja, Sports Medicine, National Institute of Physical Education in pattiara, said, \"there is no doubt that sex will increase your performance and if it does not interfere with the player\'s sleep, it will not negatively affect them.
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