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If Price Tag Ensures Quality, Why Not?

by:QiMeng     2020-05-20
When we talk about the so called cost of quality, the most common misconception about it come landing. People would say that the word pertains to the price of creating quality merchandise but it is not. Cost of quality refers to the money spent above and beyond the expected production cost. It ensures that the product or service that the customer receives is a quality one. Factors such as labor, materials use, and equipment contribute a lot in the move of COQ. Apparel producers in particular, once they expect and the output was not able to satisfy their criteria regarding quality chance is that they will repeat the production and that is translated as an additional expense for the company passed among apparel purchasers. You may be surprise to encounter wholesale apparel stores selling their goods in a higher price in comparison to some, if the price tag ensures quality, then why not. I believe quality deserves the gravity. In most cases wholesale apparel purchasers expects a cheaper wholesale price, especially those who are involved in retailing business. Come to think of it, you cannot keep your customers by just offering cheap products. As a company you need to provide them with a very important signature and that is quality. Quality is attainable if every required material is used in production. Buying the needed materials is translated as an expense that's how the price tag gets higher. You may not be aware but cheaper products just don't ensure quality and if does not better not to purchase it anymore for it will be nothing but a waste of money and an addition to the laundry. I would not recommend buying expensive apparels considering that the world is facing a very big crisis but if you are looking for mere quality better be expensive rather than be wasteful.
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