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if the suit fits, schock on ryan

by:QiMeng     2019-10-05
This is trivial, not just us.
Before Ryan\'s speech, many of his purposeful facts were inaccurate (
You know the lies our Lawrence said.
Paul Ryan did something else.
He has a lot of people who want to know if he will eventually wear a suitable dress.
Our curiosity about Ryan\'s physique and his choice of adaptation does not seem to be alone.
My weight and partner at snark, senior producer Nikki iGen (@negannyc)
I\'m waiting to see if this big event is big enough for someone to actually put Paul Ryan in a tailored suit.
I know, I know you might think, \"but he\'s a Republican deer hunter from Wisconsin, and a tailored suit doesn\'t fit the image of the lower class --to-
The Romney campaign is known as the \"ordinary man\" of the Earth \".
\"Who needs to customize when you have Costco? ?
Just this week, Ann Romney told reporters that she bought Mitt\'s shirt at the warehouse store and that the custom dress was damn.
Also, we see Paul Ryan, a very healthy person, the sport of wearing a polo shirt, probably from the Gordon gekke era, with sleeves to the elbows.
Still, we wanted the best and wanted a smaller lapels and a trim jacket.
It\'s an important night for him.
His suit does seem to fit better than the previous campaign, but when he goes on stage I can almost hear a word in my head: \"You\'ll love how you look \".
But maybe he shouldn\'t take the fashion advice of two producers wearing headphones, sitting in a crowded dark room with thousands of video monitors on the wall, our boss, msnbc executive, you know the job.
Maybe Ryan can take the advice of another young member of the House Republican caucus? Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Il)
There are a few words about TMZ. COM about Rep.
Ryan\'s closet is really a good suggestion.
So Aaron Schock did him a favor and I know it\'s crazy but maybe tell him?
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