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ifrock: before the iphone \'80s apple fanbois wore their brand loyalty on their sleeves

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
The logo of the Apple 1986 fashion catalog, which includes the \"Apple series\" of the Apple brand belt \".
Source: supplying the iPhone may be the ultimate fashion accessory for a decade, but as early as 1980s, before the phone came out, Apple fans had to wear their love on their sleeves.
An American fashion blogger found a catalogue on the back of Apple\'s branded clothing, and the results were not beautiful.
The \"Apple series\" on \"The Trad\" is far from today\'s stylish, trendy phones, computers and tablets.
From loose jerseys to Apple hats, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, and nautical outfits, there is almost no stylish imitation.
Pas that the company has not tried.
Most of the catalogue is focused on casual wear, but it does have some smarter options-mainly navy pants and skirts --
Maybe it\'s Apple\'s office dress.
One commenter wrote: \"Most Apple outfits are fun.
Ironically, jobs and the-
Stylish fake turtle neck and jeans look.
\"Throw an Apple-branded scrunchie and you already have enough time to shoot a movie montage in your 80 s.
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